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Someone who read auras said I didnt have one.They freakd out,not even gray,just nothing,anyone else have this?

Weird that one of you assumed it was a guy. It was. He’s not a professional, he was just a friend who happened to see auras most of his life. He was just confused by me, so I do wonder if I was so closed off that it was hard to read, or if it was too big. That time of my life would reflect the first. Thanks for the input. I just never had this explained as he couldn’t either.


  1. No, nobody has this.
    Everybody has an aura. It’s biochemicals or neurotransmitters or spirit energy or I don’t know what, but everybody has one.
    Did it occur to you that this person might be covering for crappy aura-reading skills?

  2. Tell him to broaden his vision.
    I ran into someone once who didn’t seem to have an aura. I watched him for several weeks before I realized that the reason I couldn’t see his aura was the same reason people standing on the Champs-Elysees can’t see France.
    I was right in the middle of it. I literally had to stand back ’bout a quarter of a mile and look for the glow.

  3. The color of your aura is determined by your emotions, physical surroundings, spiritual work you are doing, items in the room, such as crystals which can magnify or change the colors of any aura. Anything that can affect an electro magnetic field can affect a change in one’s aura. As everything that is in our reality is created from electro magnetic energy, everything has an aura (e.g. plants, animals, etc.). It can extend out very far or remain close to the body, which occurs when the person is protecting themselves from someone or something. Auras are in a constant state of flux. If an aura sways back and forth, the person has a chemical imbalance, due to drugs, medication, drinking, a chemical imbalance in the body. If a person has no aura or the aura appears black, then the person has crossed over (in part/totally) as their physical body no longer has an electro magnetic energy field.
    Love & Blessings

  4. Greetings!
    Everyone has an aura, in fact, there are 7 layers of the aura. My husband has had the same said about him, when in fact, his aura was either very expanded past where one might more easily see an aura, and when he is tired and drained of energy, his aura gets very close to his body.
    You are not the only one, and that man probably wasn’t looking in correct space- he might have been looking too far away from your body, or too close. Here is a couple clips from our Aura articles, taken from our course, Chakras & Auras, and Aura Viewing. :
    Taken from Aura Viewing, What is an Aura:
    Auric energy can appear as geometric shapes, points of light, spirals, webs of lines, sparks, clouds, and pulsations. When most people think of auras, they think of misty colors and light around the human form. This is a property of the aura, but it is far more than that. Is a blueprint for form and behavior, an invisible organizing field that is underneath physical reality. An aura can be found around the human form and can also be found around all other forms. Plants, animals, and minerals also have auras. Even man-made objects have auras.
    All matter emits a certain amount of light, and the size and structure of its aura seems to coincide with what its form is. For instance, the aura of a fork does not seem to be as complicated as that of a human, but it emits an aura nonetheless. I personally believe that the aura that is emitted by an inanimate object is coming from the sentience of the molecules and atoms that are making up the object. I believe that there is some kind of sentience in every atom and particle, and even the empty space in the universe. I can’t support this belief, but it seems to be true when you see the auras everywhere around you coming from everything, regardless of whether it is animate or inanimate. The only difference seems to be that some auras are more complicated than others, with more complex structures and layers.
    Taken From Aura Viewing, Seeing The aura:
    It may take some time before you see your first aura. Not everyone sees them right away. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see auras right away. It just takes practice, patience, and a little exercise. By practicing the various exercises that will be suggested in this course, you are strengthening your “magical muscles,” as some people call them, just the way you would your physical muscles. You must remain diligent if you want to attain a spiritual power (siddhi). So do not despair if it takes awhile. You will see an aura if you keep practicing. It is inevitable.
    You can definitely feel an aura without any training whatsoever and you will be surprised when you realize that you have always been feeling the auras of others but didn’t realize it. Use your sensing mechanisms rather than your visual system to begin perceiving the aura. Not everyone is a visually oriented person. It is more common to be a sensing person, so use your strongest mechanism first and the sight will develop later. Sensing energy is an extension of the physical sense of touch. You can literally and tangibly feel energy easier than you can see it, in the moment.
    Our courses are from The University of Metaphysical Sciences, an online school. http://www.umsonline.org
    I hope this helped!


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