Someone was convinced her sleep paralysis was demonic possession. Others supported her delusion. Helpful?

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Yesterday, a person described a classic case of sleep paralysis where the mind half-wakes during REM’s body-paralysis stage, becomes scared of the paralysis, and projects the fear as a real form based on one’s belief system. This is a well-known phenomenon and is treatable. Yet others were supporting her belief in demon possession, saying that she should do these religious rituals. Is it helpful to her to support her delusion? I’m really interested in whether this is harmful or helpful…

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Sugar Shack Sheryl

Here we go again. Is there another subject anywhere in our future?

Deism is Logical

That’s horrible. Let’s hope she’s smarter than she seemed.

The Dude

Having suffered from sleep paralysis myself, I can kind of understand how someone religious would come to that conclusion. It’s quite unnerving.
Of course, a benadryl goes a lot further than a priestly exorcism in helping me sleep.

Nathan S

Prove it was a delusion.


Yes, it can be caused by demonic influence.


She’s just astrally projecting. It’s very common and should be proud she’s doing it. Now she just needs to learn how to harness that power and consciously do it, or not do it.

royal racer

I have lived with this for over 35 years..I just flow with it.


i am convinced that sometimes paralysis can be demonic. that has happened to me before, but whether it was demonic or imagined or not, once i started praying (i had to think it because I couldnt talk) i slowly began to loosen up and be able to move again. whether God drove off demons or whether the praying helped me to relax it worked. but no, not all paralysis is demonic.

JellyBean is on vacation from YA

Some people just cannot be helped.
I suffer from sleep paralysis as well. In no way is this demonic possession… (demonic possession is just in the mind)


You should always consider illness to be natural before you jump to the supernatural. There are times when people are possessed and they will just get thrown across the room against a wall. There is no medical condition that causes that, but one should not be ignorant and assume any illness is possession. My dad sometimes stops breathing at night, and then wakes up gasping for breath. I know that is pretty common. So not everyone is so superstitious about common illnesses even if they do believe in the supernatural.


There is such thing as demonic possession. I’ve seen 6 year olds screem backwards in full latin and start shaking among other various things, or just somethings cant be explained.


Well, it’s obviously not demons, but…
It could be that the cause is an underlying phsychological issue, or a certain element of stress that is causing it. If this lady truly BELIEVES that she is possessed by a demon, and she gets an exorcism or whatever, and ends up truly BELIEVING that she is cured, she may stop having the symptoms.
Religion is clap-trap. Demons, Gods, Faeries and goblins are mythical creatures. Belief on the other hand, is a very powerful thing in the environment of the human mind.

Randy C

No, its dangerous to support such delusional ideas. It is never good to convince someone of anything that isn’t true. It would be best to get her medical treatment as soon as possible and let her thank God or whatever deity she may believe in for providing her with a cure. Although the “dreams” she may have in this semi-conscious state may be harmless, the fear she is experiencing is all too real and can cause serious damage. Not just emotionally either, I’m talking physical illness, mental collapse in the form of adaptive disorder (nervous breakdown).

Jesus M

you must stop those rituals. It will harm you physically. get the advikse of a doctor


I cannot suppose that supporting a delusion would be helpful under any circumstances whatever. But, I must admit to bias: I’m a scientist, and reject all irrational beliefs of whatever sort.


Wow, the true believers have spoken! No wonder the faith healer revivalists are so rich. Matbe, for a small fee I could pray for her, for a real decent chunk of change I could drive them demons out with a shout and a good solid wave of my jacket “a la Hinn”.


So many people who are demon possessed are call delusional.
Many many are put away and called crazy when actually they are truly demon possessed.
Maybe she is truly possessed and should be treated by someone who can help with that instead of filling her with medication that will only keep her quiet while still being possessed.
God Bless and have a safe and


These people on hear that keep useing the words crazzy or in denial of spiritual relm. Beware of them most likely very dangerouse they dont like truths being discused. New Word Order Sucks.


This is a belief that has existed for many many years. It was one believed that it was becuase a succubus was on top of them ( or in the case of a female an incubus). It also served to explain wet dreams ( it was the demons fault) and pregnancies ( knocked up by a demon ). A child of such a union was called a cambion.


You said that a person half wakes and THEN becomes scared of the paralysis, and THEN projects fear in a case of ‘classic sleep paralysis’.
Did her case go in that order?
It was not the same for me. In my experiences, I was attacked by demons in my sleep, it went on and my way to get out of it was to try to wake up, and I found myself immediately unable to do so. And it was after the demons were ‘taken away’ that I tried to get out of the dream. So the initial fear was gone before I tried to get out of it.
So I would NOT discount her side of the story, just because I might not believe in demons ( as some would not believe, I have reason to believe).
If you do not know how demons operate, I would try to get someone who did. Attempting to help someone who needed it, and not knowing how to proceed could be dangerous for her, and for yourself.
The truth is, that Jesus Christ gives power over those things, you just have to be covered by Him, and trust Him at the time of the attack, even in the dream.
I would like to hear from her, if possible. I can be E-mailed.

Landy E

Yes, very.


Well, it does not sound like demon possesion. There is a big debate if there is a thing called sleep paralysis or if it’s a spiritual thing. From my expierience I have to say that it was an spiritual attack. I could not get my body to move or talk, but I could move my eyes and yes I did see I guess you could call them demons. On one of these occasions Jesus appeared before me and I knew what to do. I rebuked them and renounced them in the name of Jesus. Granted, I couldn’t speak out loud so I had to say it in my head over and over again, and the demon left. Another time an angel of the Lord appeared before me and said “Praise the Lord” and when he said that the 5 demons that I saw were at bay, it was like he paused them and then the the other demon I just kept singing songs worship songs, and his whole face distorted and he looked as though he melted into the floor and I was free. So, no I don’t believe in sleep paralysis it’s like if people can’t understand it or don’t want to believe that it happens they label it with a name and say maybe it was stress induced, or you ate too much food before bed etc… And if there really is a thing called sleep paralysis how come people don’t see happy things, why do they only see scary things?


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