Someone took a picture of my aura and I need to know what it means.?





Someone took a picture of my aura and did not tell me what it means yet. The color was gold and a small stripe of white and it looked like silk spun curls in the shape of a halo on and around my head. What does this mean? Thanks for your help.


  1. For a start your Aura changes colour with your thoughts or health change so even if you had 1 photo taken every hour it may be a different colour or colours so there is no point in trying to tell you what the colours meant then it may not be that colour now
    Red is nature’s warning color. Red can indicate a high level of emotion, such as anger, impulsiveness, aggression or hate. I think of red as “heat” and it can also indicate pain, swelling, or injury on the physical body. Red on occasion can indicate a very strong willpower or energy being directed to achieve a goal. This is usually seen as red ball type shapes in the upper part of the aura.
    I always think of Orange as “outgoing”, warm, spontaneous, courage, joy and someone very “social”, they like to be around people. If a muddy shade of orange is seen on the body, nearing a brown color, this can mean a severe condition. Muddy shades elsewhere in the aura can indicate emotional imbalances, pride, vanity, worry, and around the head can mean “laziness”. Pastel shades of orange can indicate searching for new spiritual paths, aspirations.
    Yellow is a mental color in the aura. You will see this color around the head more often than probably any other color. It signifies concentration, thinking, learning, studying. It can also indicate spiritual development, usually on the very pale to white shades. The muddier shades of yellow can signify fussy, over analytical behavior. It can reflect being overly critical about others or life. It can also mean the need for attention, or feeling they need recognition.
    Nature’s GROWTH color. I always think of growth when I think of green. It’s the color of renewal, the color of healing. Many healers (doctors, psychiatrists, etc) have green in their auras. Most people with this color in their aura also have a balancing and calming effect on others. They are generally well balanced themselves, strong, straightforward and protective. They are generally concerned about the well being of everyone. The heart is the focus. The shades of bright green, almost a seafoam, that blends into an electric blue tend to be seen in those who have healing ability, healers who generally work with energy. I’ve also seen green in areas where people are healing from something, this can be on an emotional, physical or mental level.The muddier shades of green can indicate untrustworthiness, jealousy, and possessiveness.
    The lighter brighter shades of blue, as found in the throat chakra, generally reflect a good imagination, creativity and good intuition. It’s a calming and peaceful color. It can indicate the ability for clairaudience. The deeper shades of blue can indicate loneliness. The muddier shades can indicate blocked perceptions, worrying, over sensitivity, fearfulness. Royal Shades of blue indicate honesty, truth and good judgment.
    Indigo, Violet, Purple
    Spiritual Colors, associated with the Third Eye/Brow Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Basically spiritual knowledge put into action. these colors will be present in people who meditate a lot, channel, and work on spiritual purity. These colors I must note too are normally found around the head. Those who go from shades of violet into lavender and white have attained the highest spiritual path. The muddier shades can reflect erotic imaginations, overbearingness, needs for sympathy.
    Pink means compassion. It’s associated with the heart chakra on an emotional level. It indicates and reflects love and a strong sense of companionship.
    When white stands out in the aura, and I mean in a way that it is very apparent you are seeing an abundance of white, and not just white in the aura or a poor perception of the aura, this is indicating pure pranic energy, life force, truth and purity of spirit. This has been seen in yogis and gurus. It indicates that the energy of the individual is purifying and cleansing and of the greatest spiritual awakening. You may also witness white speckled lights around healers and mediums while they are healing or communicating. White speckled lights are a sign that spirit and healing energy are present. I’ve actually seen and witnessed this while at a John Edward seminar. It appeared as though someone had thrown glitter up around him with all of the little flashing sparkles of light around him. I’ve learned that I generally now see this when light beings or spirit is around, it’s always an indicator for me.
    First, I’d like to say, black does not always mean death or terminal illness. Yes, it most definitely can indicate illnesses, diseases, injuries, and can indicate emotional imbalances such as depression. Yes, it is a warning sign in most cases, however, it is not the end all. It can also show holes in the aura, when detected by and worked with by those who have experience, can be closed and healed. So please, if you see black in someone’s aura, please do not blurt out that they are going to die or they are terminally ill. I have seen spots or areas of darkness on individuals, it could be something as simple as a cold in the chest, or a spot where they’ve had their appendix out. Be careful how you represent this. If you see something that looks wrong, gently nudge them to see a doctor.
    Spiritual Strength, spiritual energy. A great protection color from negative energies too.
    Silver, much like white, is the color of the highest spiritual energies or spiritual forces. The highest realms of spirit. and angelic kingdoms. You’ll usually see this as twinkles or specks or flashes of light, similar to those I mentioned under “white”. I’ve actually seen gold, silver and white sparkles where energies are concerned and they all seem to be of the same cause. Now, one interesting thing to note here, pregnant women will have silver sparkles in their aura, that does not mean that all women with silver sparkles are pregnant, but you will notice, pregnant women will have silver sparkles.
    Love & Blessings

  2. My… So many naysayers! I’ve gotten my aura photographed on numerous occasions, each time with the same result. I even watched other people use the same machine to get completely different results. So what does that tell me? The machine was reading something that was indicative of “me.”
    Anyways, the world isn’t just a place that’s full of scams and out to get your or take your money… You just have to know when something is a fraud and when something is true… You have to feel it in your heart and trust that feeling!
    Now that that is out of the way, I can tell you that as far as I know, the colors of the aura correspond to their respective chakras. The color indicates which chakra you make the most of… Although I’ve heard that the yellow/golden chakra is the one of your stomach, the book I have now says that the 4th chakra, of the heart, is golden.
    According to this book, the 4th chakra relates to love, forgiveness, honesty, responsibilities, and diligence. A healthy 4th chakra creates a balanced and harmonious energy of love. etc etc… If you want to know more, just drop me a message.
    Hope this helps!

  3. sorry, but I got that done once.. complete waste of time and money.. Completely inaccurate, it was done by two different people on the same day, with wildly different results.. (only difference in location was which side of the room it was on.. and one side had a window the other didn’t).. I’d suggest finding someone who reads them and can describe what they see.. much better than the pics..

  4. It means that someone wants to sell you something, most likely crystals.
    Smile. ‘click’. Oh you have only gold and a small stripe of white you must get this and this to to improve your overall aura etc etc.

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