someone asked a question and he got me wondering what color is my aura?





i never think about it but how do i know


  1. It all depends on your personality and mood. Your personality will give it a base color. lets just say your aura is blue and you’re in a bad mood so your aura might turn into something darker like purple, but if you happy or excited it might be a baby blue.
    It’s probably your favorite color because just picking a favorite color says a lot about your personality.

  2. your aura is your soul emenating in a way of light
    it will come to you if you concentrate on your soul and bring it out and you will get it
    the colour usually depends on your family history like and theif family=red eco-freindly family=green ect… i hope this help
    hope i could help
    The Twilight Blast

  3. I can’t help but wonder what question would make you wonder what colour your ‘aura’ is besides “What colour is your aura?”
    Also from here I’m sensing blange. It’s a colour.

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