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Somebody help me please?

What is shamanism? Is it the same as voodoo? Do they worship deities or are non-believers in god? What are their rituals and what holidays do they celebrate?


  1. Just google it. Don’t know off the top of my head but I think they communicate with the “spirit world” (demons). Nothing to get involved in hon.

  2. The word “shaman” is Turkic and its exact meaning isn’t known. A shaman is typically someone who acts as a mediator between the human and spirit world. Shamans aren’t found in just one culture, but all over the world.
    So your questions are kinda dependent on which culture and people you’re asking. There isn’t one set of “shaman beliefs” or “shaman rituals”. It all depends on where you are and who you’re asking.

  3. Shamanism is a technique for achieving states of ecstasy in order to communicate with the spirit realm. It is found all over the world in a variety of religious contexts, so in order to answer your question in more detail I’d need to know WHICH area you’re referring to, and which religion.

  4. Shamanism is NOT devil worship! If you dont know about a thing, at least wiki or google it before making inane comments.
    Shaman were vital to tribal societies. They were healers, consellors and priests. Shamans ‘walked in both worlds’. They used meditation, music, herbs, etc. to receive intel from the spirit realm. Shamans would get intel from spirit guides like where the herds were for hunting or which herbs would heal certain illnesses.

  5. shamanism is not the same as voodoo unless you put it in a bad form. Native american had shamans to heal, tell the future, and do other spiritual things. voodoo is a negative form of shamanism. voodoo has to do with demons, ritually having sex with dead bodies(or maybe thats necrophilia) but anyway, yea shamnism is a good form and voodoo is the complete opposite


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