Some young man called me an old hag, can he get in trouble for that?






I live in Norfolk, VA, should I call the police now?


  1. there used to be someone on here named bo who could have helped you but he went to poop and the hogs ate him new avatar guys…..lmao

  2. Va Beach here (off Great Neck Rd/the Blvd)….Tell him you’re older and have better insurance and ram his car with yours. Then claim your leg spasmed because of your age.

  3. I loved “American” answer. But please do not be offended by the comment that person made to you. Those things hurt us, but the best thing to do is just walk away from the person. Be sure that this person does not follow you or cause you any harm. If he/she does, report it to the police, a store manager, or someone in authority if it happened in your apartment building. Some people are so cruel – just remember you should always be proud of yourself no matter who you are or what you look like.

  4. So you know where he lives?
    You didn’t say if he is still living with his parents.
    They may do something and make him apologize.
    If he is older, nothing you can do about it that time but be ready for the next time.
    Get yourself a loud horn like the ones that used to be on bikes.
    Carry it with you.
    Drag that thing out and blast him if he says anything unkind.
    This way you haven’t said anything, or done anything that could be used against you.
    But it should be enough of a irritant to show your displeasure.

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