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Some times i feel negative infulence/engery is it because of some bad spells applied over me?

I am a good human being & help others in their life’s but from some time i am feeling a negative influence/energy around me when often disturbs me…is it because some people are jealous & have applied some bad spells over me?How can i save my self from these bad influence & can find out why & who has applied these bad spells over me?Kindly help me out….


  1. I’ve heard crushed lavander under your pillow keeps away bad vibes and curses…
    **help me with my latest question if you can…please

  2. It just happens. Sometimes you feel insecure etc because of people around you and stuff. It’s a part of life, just keep doing what you think is right and hope for the best.

  3. you sound quite confused. no there are no spells on you – maybe you should seek a doctor or Pastor. It could be simple depression or your conscience bothering you. Start studying the bible if you think demons are around you that cause negative spelling binding feelings. good luck anyway.

  4. Bad spells? Are you serious?
    Your negative feelings are in your mind. You have a subconscience preconceived idea about how things should and will affect you which gives you this feeling.
    As always: Live well and do good deeds and you can’t go wrong.

  5. Continue to be the wonderful, caring and giving person that you are! Sadly, yes, there are people around you that are jealous of your positive, happy energy and their envious behaviour is draining you, please be strong towards them and show them all the kindness you can muster, for these are you closest friends. Finding out ” WHO” is a waste of your energies, and the WHY part is easy, they cannot hinder your attitude and goodwill, it’s that easy. I’m sad to say that you may need to deflect those negative energies with some different positive people in your life…….I’m not saying dissing your life long, trusted friends, I’m merely suggesting creating a new group of people into your life who match your positive growth and forward thinking. Killing the “?Spell?”,that you think that has been cast upon you……………………rise above it, succeed and maintain humbleness. Then, watch those who WERE your friends, crumble around you and with your giving heart, this will not make you happy to see their pain. Stay true to yourself and love everyone! Happy Easter!


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