Home Discussion Forum some questions about quitting smoking using hypnosis hypnotherapy?

some questions about quitting smoking using hypnosis hypnotherapy?

1. I’ve heard of some who go through one private session and never smoke again. I found one local therapist who does it, but at 5-8 sessions. Why would you need so many sessions?
2. Of course I want to quit smoking but the “want” is not there in my head (smokers should understand my meaning) If I am not mentally prepared, if the “want” is not there in my head, will hypnosis still be beneficial to quit smoking?


  1. Hello Misty
    As a hypnotherapist myself you have more chance of gaining your dream to be a non smoker with sessions, rather than a one off. One off’s can tend to fail for most as it does not always address all of the aspects that the individual has that keep them a smoker.
    Hypnosis & NLP can help you to create that ‘want’.
    I hope that you get on well with your chosen therapist & become a happy, healthy non smoker as a result – good luck.
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  2. I have read that hypnosis is a great aid to quitting smoking. Tried it. It didn’t work for me. Then I did a little reading on the subject, and it seems that some people are not as impressionable to hypnotic treatments as others. So it works for some, but not for all. As for just one treatment, no. It takes multiple treatments if it is going to work for you.
    As for the ‘want’…it’s a necessary part of the quitting process. To reinforce the ‘want’, make a list of all the reasons for quitting. Make copies of that list and post them in every area of your home that you smoke in. Make a small print copy to keep with you when you are away from home. Use the list as needed to keep those reasons fresh in your mind.
    The decision to quit is not a one time event, which is why it can be so difficult. Every time you get the urge to light up, you have to make the decision to skip that cigarette. It wasn’t your first cigarette that got you hooked, it was all the successive cigarettes you smoked that created the habit and the addiction. Likewise, it won’t be the first cigarette you say ‘no’ to that will make you an ex-smoker, it’s all the successive cigarettes you skip that slowly changes the habit and dissolves your body’s dependency.
    Smoking cessation is a challenge, but it is do-able. There are lots of ‘quit smoking’ websites that offer great suggestions as well as support.


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