Some people have visions of (or encounters with) "guardian angels": who or what are they?

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trance-induced, hypnogogic hallucinations; manifestations of spiritual enlightenment / cosmic consciousness; or something else?

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I believe there are angels all around us in several different forms some you may see most you just feel. You know late at night when you are driving home and you start to fall asleep and then something startles you. Just one little example.

Tom Joad

Guardian Angels are anti-crime lookout volunteers who patrol transit systems and some neighborhoods in areas and cities prone to crime. Curtis Sliwa founded the organization in NYC in the wake of the Son of Sam slayings (or was it the Bernie Getz shooting?). Though always well-intentioned, they were seen early on to be vigilantes in the eyes of law enforcement, but today they work closely with law enforcement and are essentially deputized in areas where they function.
I once saw some on the campus of Univ of Pennsylvania many years ago. Was very real, but a welcome vision too, as crime was rampant on that campus.


they are spiritual beings…the spirit world is more real and eternal than this one…


Mental illness

ong jon

“sad boy”it’s you !..long time no see.. cheer up!…anyway they,re just that, angels that are sent to you in time of need. you probably came across one or two yourself, they’re usually in camoflage… mine wore flannel shirts.. you just got to know what to look for… check out my responce to a question about miricals..its on pg 4-5 on my “home”… sorry but i’m not retelling it here.


I think the encounters do revolve around a past person. I believe that since our bodies are made up of energy that when we die the energy remains for some time. In my opinion this is why people have these encounters.

I believe in guardian angels. I believe it is a relative from the other side. Saved my life a couple of times


i believe in guardian angels. when i was 5 i had surgery on my legs, it was believed i would never walk again. in surgery they only numbed my legs, i was awake, i saw who i believed to be Jesus(we were not a christian family) telling the surgeon what to do. i told my mother of this and she asked the surgeon if it could have been a nurse and he said he was the only one in my view. my parents were told that the surgery failed and they purchased “my” wheel chair. to their sup rise i stood in my thigh high casts and took a few steps before they even got me out of the hospital and have been strong bodied and athletic ever since. now maybe it wasn’t Jesus, maybe it was an angel sent by him, but somebody was there and wouldn’t that be something if Jesus himself thought enough of little ol’ me to show up in person!! God bless you! good question, thanks for listening to my story.

Bill Mac

Angels are beings created by God to worship Him and to minister to mankind. He may send them to us in response to prayer, to guard us from evil, and to minister to our emotional and spiritual needs according to His will. They exist in the spiritual realm or dimension that we may sense, but rarely see. They have been know to somehow appear in a bodily form, if the need requires it. Demons are fallen angels, those who followed Satan and were banished to the earth. They are able to influence mankind in the same ways as angels. Both require God’s permission to affect mankind in any way. The battle for the souls of mankind is ever raging. God is ultimately in control of it all. He allows the use of our own free choice to determine the paths we will take in life, either for the good of ourselves and others, or to the detriment of all.


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