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some have said they are spiritually more evolved than others, or is this ego?

Can one really believe they are more spiritually evolved than others without having any ego about it? Does everyone being spiritually equal give us our rights to justice and some fair, ethical treatment by our peers and yet if a murderer is proved guilty does he maintain his spiritual equality?


  1. There are almost certainly those who are more spiritually evolved than others but the ironic thing is that if you declare that then you are losing points. A large part of the process is getting one’s ego under control and so declaring that one is spiritually evolved is counterproductive but doesn’t necessarily or automatically disqualify that person.
    To be fair and to give everyone the benefit of the doubt it is good and prudent to give people equal rights but that doesn’t mean that all people are indeed equal.
    There’s a saying from sports that may or may not apply to spirituality: ‘It’s not bragging if you can actually do it’.
    To be ‘enlightened’ one has to control one’s ego, that requires honesty, honesty requires courage and fearlessness is sometimes confused with arrogance. It’s a fine fine line and a delicate balancing act.

  2. For fear of being redundant (i.e. your other question)…..
    To me, hubris is the destroyer of spirituality

  3. If someone were making claims of spiritual superiority, or someone else was claiming that all levels of spirituality must be equal, then I would have to question both people about what objective or subjective measure they were using to make this determination.
    For example if someone is making the claim that all humans have the same level of spiritual equality, then how can someone know they are as spiritually equal to Jesus as they are to Adolf Hitler? What are the metrics they use to establish the spirituality of themselves and others?
    The same question can be asked of someone who makes a claim to a level of spiritual superiority. What objective or subjective metrics do they use to make that determination? Is it because they are a nicer and kinder person by their estimation, or does it have something to do with how much they make judgments about the actions of others.
    Finally, how does everyone even come to an agreement about whether spiritual equality or a path of spiritual progression is how spirituality should be viewed. I think that both points of view can be questioned due to an insistence on a actual “quality” that is implicit in spirituality yet undefined.
    I hope this helps.

  4. In terms of humanity, ego is a relatively new word for an ancient concept. The statement: “I am spiritually more evolved than others” is based upon Self and judgment of others. It is most likely always a false statement.
    Humans who tend to be called enlightened, self-actualized or who seem to have a greater sense of spirituality may or may not ever say more than “or so you say”.
    All humans are not spiritually equal (except at birth). Some of us are emotionally sick. Some of us have major flaws which prevent spiritual growth. Some of us do not even believe in anything other than the rational, logical part of the Universe which is composed of matter and energy in space and time. Some of us attempt to follow a path toward enlightenment. All of us are different, indeed, unique.
    Spirituality is what one makes of it. It can be the burning light at the center of our lives or a childish notion for the ignorant and uneducated. Either way, I do not believe in the justice of humanity. From childhood on, each of us is guilty, differing only by degree.
    Some might say that control of one’s ego is the issue. Perhaps the very word control does nothing more than bolster ego. Disciplining the mind and opening the heart tend to be methods in common with those considered spiritually evolved.

  5. Perhaps there may be some egotisticism involved. Spiritualism is open to interpretation. Silly ‘god’ religions aside, I admire the ways of the American Indian. They gained knowledge of the land, plants and animals, respected that knowledge and lived within their means. They believed that everything had a spirit and should be treated as such. (forgive me Indians if I misinterpret). But I have seen people that, judging by the things that they say and do, could not possibly have an original thought, let alone a spiritual one. Their wealth of knowledge was gained from the TV tower. They don’t seem to know about truth or virtuosity and don’t care about anything other than personal gain.


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