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some have said they are spiritually evolved, some have said this is ego, which do you think?

ok short version of all my questioning on this, seriously!
I have no judgment on these ideas, completely. That is, I find myself agreeing somewhat that one who realizes that hurting people is not okay and wanting to work towards peace and caring for mankind may be more aware of the spiritual part of their life (as well as a hundred other examples of people being more spiritually -aware, mature, evolved whatever) but that also ego is a hindrance in spiritual health.
To think your spirit could be more evolved, or your spirituality more evolved or anything about your self is more evolved than the person next to you is a dangerous thought on the spiritual journey.
Pride that you are more beautiful, spiritual, intelligent all of these things seem to trip people up into bad habits and so on.
We recognize one is more talented in something, more skilled, more practiced and experienced – these things are more tangible and measurable but the other things one could argue into groups of people being more valuable and others worthless.
When we recognize we are spiritually equal if nowhere else than we can rob some one of their worth. But if that person is a murderer than are they of the same worth spiritually? What can we say about their spirituality?
I go back and forth, help me with your thoughts please!


  1. There is a village on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, where the people believe Prince Philip of England is a god

  2. The question I ahve is, jsut because someone believes they are more evolved, what is their value judgment of this for themselves?
    It could be a statement based on experience on the jjourney only, and not “better” vs. “worse”.
    So, that is ultimately the answer from where I sit.

  3. No, if a person is a cold blooded murderer they are *not* the same spiritually, by any means. They are less than human. If they had a valid reason to kill, then I can not judge their spirit.
    It’s bad to have an ego…
    *But* we are *not* all equal. Some people are much better spirits than others.
    One is either bad or good. If you’re bad, you are probably less spiritually evolved, and it’s got nothing to do with god.
    Not that I am claiming to know anything at all for sure.

  4. It is not bad to have an ego. It is the part of our being that faces the world every day, with its advertising assaults, rude road rage, red lights, bad weather, grumpy co-workers and so on.
    What is bad is to be ruled by the ego. That is what is usually meant by killing the ego, that the ego has to be destroyed, killed, rendered non-existant, if only for an hour or a minute.
    But once killed, we have to rebuild that ego, deliberately, in order to have a public face to deal with the world.
    Some religions address this issue, others simply say it has to go and gives no advise on what to do once it is dead. Cults will kill the ego, and leave the leader’s ego in its place. That is plain out destructive. Sound religions should only encourage the death of Ego when they guide you through the process or at least give suggestions what to do with the corpse of the ego, onve you succeed.
    Judge not, lest you be judged. Why, oh Why, would you want to know if you are better or worse than someone else?? Do you doubt your own growth and judgement? Let it be! The only standard by which you can rightly judge yourself is your own experience. That is, are you better or worse than you were yesterday? last year? and so on.
    Compare to yourself only. Hold to your highest standards, and live the good life.

  5. To me; “spiritually evolved” means you are one with God.
    When you are “one with God”, there is no room for ‘ego’!
    God is infinite and His relationship with you is as individual as your DNA.
    Keep your “focus” only on God and you can soar as high as you choose to go! 😀
    Allow others the room to grow in their own time and leave the rest to God.

  6. I basically think I can not judge my own progress much less that of another. Everyone has an internal connection with Source/God within & the heart of a person will reveal much to them if they have the courage & determination to look. When I look outside myself for answers more often than not I get so much info & conflicting points of view I am left in confusion & doubt. It has been my experience I only find clarity within.

  7. We are all capable of great beauty, and we are all capable of great ugliness. The difference lies in the choices we make. Those who are more connected spiritually are more likely to make the right choices. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who makes the wrong choice is “less than” anyone else, it just means they are lacking the connection to their true selves. That disconnect may be momentary, or it may be long-term.
    Just like talents and skills aren’t real measures of the true Self, neither is the level of enlightenment. Spirit is simply what it is. Spiritually, we’re all the same. Personalities, egos, talents, skills….. these are the clothes we wear in our physical lives.

  8. .
    Another way to look at ego is . . .E.G.O. (Easing God Out).
    When any aspect of spirituality conveys form, motive or message of Easing God Out, or feeling primary focus on you rather than Love…then that’s ego.
    When spirituality is acknowledged as being of Light (God), enlightenment, valuing self and others . . .Then that’s celebrating the evolvement and reflection of spirituality.
    In that place…there is no ego.
    Each person is on varied and transitioning aspects and awareness’s of spirituality. No more, no less than the next…they simply are where they are on their journey.
    See people around you as neither good nor bad, higher or lower, etc. All is as it is.
    Embrace all in wholeness. . . .Simply Be.

  9. It seems there is more than one question being asked, so I will turn my brain around a bit, and maybe add to the confusion. First of all, these are my beliefs through spiritual work as I have perceived it.
    Spiritually evolved versus ego? I would believe that some are more spiritually evolved than others, just as a 1st grader is not as learned as a graduate from college. So that to me, is a yes.
    Someone who says, “I am spiritually evolved.” That is ego.
    Here is my reasoning: When someone graduates from college, they have finished something, but also have just begun another. Every moment is both a death and birth of something. Finishing college is the beginning of a career, which the graduate is new at. So no matter where you are, you are beginning something else. I feel we are never graduated from spiritual learning. We may be more learned than another, but also less learned than yet another. To say we are less or more than another on their path, to me is ego. We are on the path we are on. Whether one varies off the (right path), into terrible, nasty, selfish doings, are they varying? Or was that the path needed to learn? And is that the only one learning from that path? Or is this a path to show where one should not go? It raises many an eyebrow in the validity! I also believe that if a person is truly enlightened,(if there is such a thing), they never have to speak of it. For their actions in life will show it. It is the light you cast, not the words you boast, that make you known for who, and where you are in life. Did I help?

  10. No, we are not all equal spiritually, we are all on the same path, it all leads to the same place, but we all keep our own pace on the path and use different vehicles to approach the path, some are closer to the destination than others. In my own experience though, when one is attached to the idea that they are more “evolved” than everyone else around them, then that is pride and ego talking, someone who is really that far down on the path does not need others to stroke them that way.
    Ego, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing, though. We all have one. It’s a survival mechanism. It’s necessary to convey us through the lessons of the third dimension. I would not put murderers or saints in terms of spiritual “worth” they are not on the same part of the path, and if you believe in reincarnation, we all have been or will be murderers and saints at one point or another, in that respect all souls are “worth” the same, but just not at the same place…


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