some have said they are spiritually evolved, more evolved than others, or is this ego?

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I have asked other questions about this topic as I wrestle with this. Is it possible to really believe you are spiritually more evolved than others and have no ego about it? Also, when we are spiritually equal that is how all man deserves some justice and fairness yet does the murderer if proved guilty, retain spiritual equality?

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Mind is a phenomenon connoting the presence-activity of living ministry in addition to varied energy systems; and this is true on all levels of intelligence. In personality, mind ever intervenes between spirit and matter; therefore is the universe illuminated by three kinds of light: material light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity. Page 9-10
This spirit luminosity is like all light it has a greater impact on some more then others. We all are equal in spirit but not in capacity or capability. A pint can not hold a quart. Life is not fare, it is just for we will all be judged by our motives.

the old dog

The early fathers of Christianity called that Gnosticism. We still call it that today but a statement like that these days would come from someone like Benjamin Creme. A new ager. The so called “age of Aquarious” has the same caste system as those who would lie about their evolved spirit.
We are children of God. We are all knowledgeable to one degree or another but there isn’t one of us who can stand innocent before God and there isn’t one of us who can claim to hold a superior spirit than that of another.
We have our faith in the Salvation God gave us or we don’t. But we cannot win our position in God’s eyes by deeds or level of spirituality. We have God’s forgiveness by His grace and only by His grace we cannot earn it.
So … the Pope and his Cardinals and Bishops, the new agers and the cultish, the Pastors and evangelists all have the same spirit as Kubla Khan, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Joseph Stalin. The difference is that between the men I’ve mentioned is faith or a lack of faith.
That is what determines the spirits life. Not a superiority of knowledge nor is there one born with a superiority of status. We are seen righteously by God and His righteousness determines upon our death whether we are faithful enough for His kingdom or not.

Deja Vu!

…actually its their word against yours…although they do have a stronger belief than you…

Roger Houston

To me, hubris is the destroyer of spirituality


“Do not hold fast to shapes, but let
sensation flow into the world as a
river courses down to the sea. “

Singin' In The Rain

“And Buddha bowed to the flower and said
I am infinitely more evolved;
but not in any way superior,
and no greater in beauty
and brilliance of design”
OK I made the above up. Must it be ego that notices differences in evolution? Can’t it just be a neutral intellect?
Must a difference in evolution indicate superiority of any kind? I think not! By the way, I used Buddha as an example, as Buddhist philosophy is the heart of compassion.
And Buddha said, “I am indebted to the flower, for without her, I would not exist…” Also, higher thoughts come from lower ones. Evolving is a group process. Everyone contributes when some evolution exists. Why take sole responsibility for it?
Now, you went off on a different direction entirely as to whether a murderer retains spiritual equality. Let us suppose that that equality includes getting a good swift karmic kick in the butt. So in that way, yes.


I know there are spiritually evolved persons out there. I even run into them occasionally (rare though). I would like to be more spiritually evolved myself, but it takes more effort than I am willing to give (I used to be more evolved–backslider). Yet, there are those who are spiritually evolved,– and don’t know it. Where’s the ego there? In these people there is no judgment concerning spiritual differences. For them, it is more a condition of being rather than a desire to be different.
So, what does it mean to be spiritually evolved then? Albert Schweitzer was evolved in spirit. He held three PhD’s music, religion, and medical doctor. He was a vegetarian. He left society and volunteered his services where needed. If you were to ask him about his ego, he would have gestured out across the jungle where the poor trekked for days to receive medical treatment from his clinic and he would say, “There is my ego, there is my life, there is my spirit. If you asked him how he would respond to the question, “Are some people more spiritually evolved than others?” He would say, “The spirit and reverence for life are one and same.”


Looking at this as a topic involved with the “love of wisdom,” one might tend to reply that the wise do not label themselves as more, greater or even different than anyone else.
If others call me wise (or spiritually evolved), that is their opinion. If many others call me wise (or spiritually evolved), that is their opinion. If nobody calls me wise (or spiritually evolved), that also is their opinion. The same would be true if foolish (or spiritually less evolved) was used.
All humans are unique. This makes us equal at birth. Our personal experiences and choices makes each of us different as we age. In order to understand rational thought, we each build our own boundary about us. This separates the “I” from the rest of the Universe and is often called an ego boundary.
Those considered by others to be spiritually evolved tend to learn how to stop feeding and maintaining this boundary. Others continue to build and strengthen this barrier until the moment of their death. Each path is different.
In Christian terms, Jesus commanded “Love one another.” He did not add “…except for the sociopaths and mass murderers and other sinners.”
Siddhārtha Gautama taught knowing that “there will be those who will understand the Dharma (virtuous path).”


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