Home Discussion Forum some body has some literature on chakra activation?

some body has some literature on chakra activation?


  1. I’m currently reading Eastern body Western mind by Anodea Judith which is all about the chakra’s it is a good read, but if you go to chapters or any other book store they should have at least one or to books on this, also try just typing chakra activation into google, I’ve found some stuff on their before, good luck!

  2. Did you know that the five times prayer Muslims do use the same postures that are used in awakening Kundalini?
    In Kundalini practice it is necessary to reverse the procedure to return the energy to the quiescent state, which is not done in the Islamic prayer ritual. One therefore tends to be in an activated state.
    Most of these practices are not for the casual user, nor are they suited to most of common living.
    They have to be learned under an adept and involve an arduous training.
    Best not to go after these. They are irrelevant to true spiritual advancement and can even hinder it.
    At worst, it can cause serious mental derangement.


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