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Some beginner crystals and their properties?

I am a Reiki II practitioner and have become interested in using crystals as tools for Reiki 🙂 I was just wondering if anyone could give me some names of crystals that a beginner at crystal healing would work best with and their properties?
Thanks 🙂
Love Light and Peace 🙂


  1. I suggest you become familiar with the chakras and their colors. It’s not so much the type of crystals, but the color. Dense colors bring the negative energy or emotions out of the body. The more clear the crystals dispels it away. I suggest you start out with quartz, it can be used any where but is best at the crown chakra. Buy the crystals that you are attracted to. Read up on them, The crystal bible is good, and Love is in the earth by Melody is also good. Go find a rock shop and buy what feels right. Good luck!

  2. Stones and their uses – (just a few)
    Moss Agate- eases depression
    Amber- eases stress, enhances memory
    Obsidian- protection
    Bloodstone – Promotes mental balance
    Coral – Strengthens mental clarity
    Hematite – Self esteem
    Lapis Lasuli – Improves expression
    Jasper – Promotes endurance
    Jade – Brings peace and calm
    Emerald – Facilitates expression
    Diamond – Relieves insecurity
    Onyx – Soothes fear
    Pearl – Reduces over-sensitivity
    Opal – Promotes creativity
    Amethyst – Strengthens courage
    Turquoise – Aids communication
    Garnet – Improves imagination
    Pyrite – Eases frustration
    Lodestone – Relieves insomnia

  3. There are many books on this subject that you can read but I suggest that you just see what stones attract you and use your intuition to see how you feel they should be used.

  4. I have been teaching reiki for four years, and I incorporate crystals in my healings. I do agree with the color of the stones with the chakras. However I have read crystal books and they all do not do as they say. I experience before I do. I have given a list of stones to people I work with, and the extradinary healing properties they send off to a human or animals. I have narrowed down certain stones that are so extremely powerful, I have seen cancer reversed, colds diminished. eyes start to heal. Diabetes diminished by the use of stones. I wear a different type crystal ever day to what is needed for that day. Clear crystals and there are many is and all over powerful healer. Malachite is great for dizziness, there is citrine, that will open up the solar plexus your emotional center, many times that is terribly blocked and needs to be released. :I use amethyst alot as my main source of crystal healing incorporated with reiki. There are grounding stones of hematite and onyx. Carnelian is great for back pain. I could go on and on with the powerful property healing of stones.

  5. See if you can find Melody’s books.. Love is in the Earth has some details on the stones. Obsidian, snowlflake obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz are good for pulling out negativity.
    Each Culture has a different viewpoint on colors so it has something to do with the Colors of the chakra’s but not totally. I had a class with a Native American Lady who taught us the way they use crystals for healing and it is very different than the chakra idea. She liked to use crystals or stones that were fossils or that had fossils within them. (Quartz crystal had a small plant inside, she said that was the two worlds.. Earth mother and the green standing people.
    I generally teach the crystal heling as part of my Advanced Reiki Class. I have been teaching Reiki since 1995.


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