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Solve this mystery?

A conductor inside a neutrino accelerates at half the speed of light. It pulls a string of tachyon particles through a wormhole and elongates the anti matter until it snaps and ricochets off of a spectrum and explodes in a frenzy of photon particles. It unleashes an electromagnetic eruption that reverses the poles, slows the Earth’s rotation, and pulls the moon 50 miles closer to earth. If the conductor is still alive, what color is his shirt?


  1. It depends on your point of perspective. Is he moving away from you, or towards you?
    Oh… all anti-mater was destroyed at creation, according to some. Others insist anti-matter still exists but cannot answer why it has not been canceled out. They insist E=MCsquared is therefore wrong and should be, Esquared = Msquared times C to the fourth power.

  2. Well that depends on several factors.
    Did he read his Bible that morning, or did he waste his time making love to his wife before he went to work?
    Did he eat a good lunch?
    Does he give to charity?
    Was he wearing his regular uniform?
    How many angles were there on the gyroscope?
    See, you have to include all the pertinent details, or I can’t answer this question.
    Happy trails!!


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