Solar Plexus Chakra energy?

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Hey guys, I have been meditating for a while, and I often experience this fire/hot ball of energy in my solar plexus chakra. I know that the element of the solar plexus chakra is fire, but I am not quite sure that what I feel is good or bad. Anyone out there that has good experience with meditation and chakras can explain to me what this is please?
btw, this happens the first minute when I enter the meditation state.
thanx alot guys.
First of all, solar plexus is not located in the belly button area PatTexas.
My intuition doesn’t tell me it’s a bad thing, but I’m still curious. thnx for the answers guys…
Sam, I didn’t concentrate on any of the chakras.
I rarely concentrate on chakra while meditating. But i once awakened my heart chakra which really threw me off at first, then i experienced love and bliss.
That is exactly what I feel, the wheel of energy turning in my solar plexus.
Thnx bunch guys, you all have been really helpful
Love and Peace be with all.

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Duuuude. Chill…It’s probably a belly button infection.


Well, have you ever tried concentrating on the other chakras?
If you can expieriene all of them at once, you can then try astal travel/projection.
I believe the feeling is good, because you are in a sense ‘getting in touch with yourself’.


I like punching people in the solar plexus


Nothing that ever happens while meditating can ever be considered “bad”. I have also had the same sensation. It is more than likely good, as it could mean you are become more in tune with your chakras and aura.


I’m not an expert or anything, but you may have excess energy blocked there.
Maybe you should find an energy worker in your area and see what they think


it is good to enter a meditation with a goal. You are putting emphasis into right above your gut? there are other places to put that energy. Look it up get a book because most people cannot feel the connection.

Auntie Christ [stuporstar]

I think you might have opened your solar plexus chakra!
The best way that I can explain it, is when they begin to open, it almost feels like a wheel with spokes turning or whirling around, getting bigger and bigger as it opens. You might be able to feel energy flowing in/out/around. That particular chakra is easiest for me to open, albeit a little overpowering at times.
I’d work on the other ones if you haven’t already opened them or tried to. It might balance things out a bit, making what you’re experiencing more comfortable.


It is good that you feel the energy – you’re feeling and experiencing YOU!
Now the interpretation of that energy is another matter in the overall scheme of things. Get a book on the chakras that explains them. The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simson is an EXCELLENT starting book. The book will help you interpret what you’re feeling/experiencing and will give you a good idea of the other chakras as well.
Some of the experience is touched upon in Chapter 41 of The Anointed, The Elect, and The Damned!


Your Solar Plexus is situated at the bottom of your rib cage, it is the Sacrel that is near belly button.
What you feel will be relevant to the individual. It is a sign that your becoming aware of your subtle energy system – unless it is a nervous reaction to meditating?
Just go with the flow, go to the sensations you feel & ask them what ever you wish – clairvoyantly you may get some answers!


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