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Can someone give me some quick facts about socrates and does anyone know any movies that were based on him???

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He did say…”By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you`ll become happy; if you get a bad one you`ll become a philosopher.” Movie? Bob & Ted`s Excellent Adventure” lol


There were several that had socrates as a character but I can’t remember the titles. You could Google it.


just note that socrates never wrote any books…all that we know about him is known through plato’s books, like The Republic

his pandaness

socrates the teacher of plato (his work is documented in platos la republic as discussions amognst others) socrates was poosiably the greatest philsoopher in history in his approach to educating people and passing on his ideas to the masses of greek society. however some did not like this in society and he was convicted of currupting the minds of the youth and sentenced to death. he was offered a chance to be exciled but he refused stating that he was a part of soceity and owuld abide by its rules. he drank hemlock it hink which killed him. it is evident that the theory of the form as written about by plato was devleoped first by socrates and the theory of the form that a perfect world existets where there is a perfect form of everything beyond our mortal expereience but experienced by the immortal soul and what we see is merely a distortsion of this perfect relam of the forms – sounds a bit like the matrix to me??!


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