Socrates belief about what makes a human being?

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According to Socrates are men free moral agents? What does it mean to be a human being in the fullest sense?

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Killer Q

The being in human is an inner-self. This inner-self is divine, cannot die, and will dwell forever with the gods. Only human beings can distinguish virtue, which is knowledge, from ignorance, which is the root of moral evil. (Easton pp. 72 & 73)
The human being is so constituted that he “can” know the good. And, knowing it, he can follow it, for no one who truly knows the good would deliberately choose to follow the evil. This is a typically Greek notion, and is attractive to all rationalists. (Easton pp. 72 & 73) Only the human being has these capabilities.
From experience, it can be known that intellectually the human potential is infinitesimal. The mind of man is constantly reaching out for more and more knowledge, just as his will is desirous of more and more love. The search for knowledge varies with the individual, but the race of man has always carried on the quest in accordance with its nature and for the practical and speculative value that knowledge brings with it. (Noonan 1957)


Don’t you mean Socrates according to Plato???

Subcomandante Insurgente Steve

The ability to reason, and all of the great benefits and pleasures that come with it.


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