Socrates and Plato did Plato sell out by creating the academy?

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Ok Socrates worked for free, he never charged and spoke in front of building in Athens. Plato on the other hand used what Socrates gave in and started a school the academy charged students and made money. Is Plato true to Socrates or did Socrates miss out by not owning the franchise rights?

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lost and unfound

Socrates enjoyed what he did, teaching his philosophies to Plato was his payment. I beleive that Plato only gave back to the public what his mentor gave to him.
If your grand-father slaved away at his land for years to make an vineyard and finally passes away giving you the vineyard. with that vineyard, you make wine and sell it for 12$ per bottle putting the wine under your grand-father’s name, are you stealing his wine?


Although I highly disagree with Plato in general, I cannot fault him here. I’d tend to think is more a matter of personal preference than an ethical fault.


how much smarter this world would be if we had more people like Socrates to just teach for free due to the love of it!


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