So you dont believe in witches, well read this as it is my true experience.?

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In 1979 my mom was diagnosed as having terminal cancer, all the specialists informed me and the rest of our family that she had 3-6 months to live at the very most,well i will cut a long story short and tell you that i ended up in romsey,my intention was to meet a witch that might be able to help my mother.and i did,i was informed that my mother would live for 3 years.I was told that in june 1979 my mom died peacefully with all her friends and family around her in june 1982. This experience i had proves to me that there is more to life than many of us may think. And no i wasn’t on drugs,but can i ask why the so called witch kept on telling me that i had a very strong purple aura.

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Still don’t. Whoooo


even a total f-up can get it right every once in awhile.

Bill C

People may believe in all sorts of things…ghosts,UFOs,etc. Hillary Clinton believes in the Winter Solice instead of Christmas. She decorated her WH tree with “witchy” things.
BTW , I heard that about 20% of the Salem Witch trials were for MEN accused of being warlocks.
Also China came out with books of Harry Potter characters until they could counterfeit the actual Harr potter books. Anything for a sale on a phenom.

Crystal clear

Psychic abilities do not equate to witchcraft.
Did this witch DO anything, like cast a healing spell? (which still cannot cure a terminal disease, but it certainly can help in relieving pain and suffering which will help prolong the life of the patient – and of course in such cases witchcraft should never be used in place of conventional medicine, but rather in conjunction with.)
I appreciate that you believe you are trying to help here….but this is a Q&A forum and this post is not exactly a question. I have nothing to prove to anyone – skeptics have every right to be skeptic.
Perhaps the “witch” you consulted sees auras, so she told you what color yours was at the time – if she was going to do that, she should have explained further to you what aura colors can indicate.


it was a psychic that may have claimed to be a witch.

--the real chris redfield--

you have a very strong purple aura but a pretty messed up imagination.
first of all, im sorry for your mom.
second,your statement proves nothing, its your personal experience. everyone has these type of situations in which it seems that a divine or mystical force is involved.
i have seen my future in my dreams, but they are very short and nothing of importance is shown on them. i dont believe im a witch or anything, its like those people who believe they are vampires. they say “oh vampires are real” so i say prove it and this is what i get: ” … ”
hey, it was a weird coincidence, but if it is what you believe, then good for you. dont try to mess with other peoples minds like those hardcore vampire LARPers.


Sorry to hear this…but it doesn’t prove anything (nor should witchcraft be proven to those who choose not to see what’s right in front of them). Coincidences can seem like enormous things when one is faced with difficult times (like a family member dying of a terminal illness). This person could have perhaps made a “claim” that they were a Witch to put your mind at ease.
I would just focus more on the fact that your mother is in a better place, free of pain, rather than trying to prove Witches exist. Skeptics will (for the most part) remain skeptic, even when clear and concise evidence is provided for them.

Lady Winter Wolf

This is not really a question, just a personal story; just letting you know as it doesn’t follow the posting rules of Y!A.
However, just because a person may have a psychic ability does NOT make them a witch. Was this woman a hereditary witch? How many years had she dedicated to the study, and learning, of witchcraft? How strong were her abilities in spellcasting, herbalism and the metaphysical in general? Was she able to do any other forms of divination?
Don’t know the answers to these questions, then you cannot say absolutely that she was a witch.


tried to read the story. didn’t work. sorry!


I was raised in a witchcraft tradition. its not wicca.. it goes way back in my family..
i do believe that people exist that cast spells, tell fortunes, etc. but the type of witch thats in the movies is fantasy!


Spiritual healing actually can take place and auras surround everyone. It is inside everyone to heal, it’s up to you whether or not you use that ability, although it will take practice, but with practice comes perfect. There are cameras now that can detect them, believe it or not.
I am sorry to hear about your mum, I really am, but as you said there is more to life than meets the eye and what we are told to believe.
For more information I suggest that you and everyone else goes to the following sites:

star angel

first sorry about your mother.
i like to think that all the storys that we hear about vampires, witches, unicorn, fairy,….. must had exist, or in the real form or in something that would look like. Because if you think about how many culture belives in the same things?? how they bacame popular???
in the other hand i do belive in things such as energy , soul, seing the future….
in my opinion god put in some people gifhs that change the path of some people. Because when we meet another people we change part of this person puting a part of ourselfs in than. This happends with us too.
We all are made by energy that some people can control their flux. The chakras….
some people belive that the colour of our aura reflect the away that person is and also how long someone is gonna life.
But all this guessing make you see that destiney exist, because even if you try to change a vision of future you are just like gravity suck it for the path that its suposse you would take it.
I dont belive was the wich that make your mon life longer, i thik was god who did. He in my opinion, knows when you gonna died and its him that take and give life.
what happens to your mother happend yo my grandfather, he had 2 aortic aneurysm in less than one moth. In all medicine books tell that someon who had aortic aneurysm lifes just 1 year . He lived 8 years afther that. He died because other things. The doctor always use he case as example for their class.
for this god that made the things happen, i realy would like to belive in magic such as harry potter, but the god s power for me its big that any kind of magic.


your right witchcraft is a very powerfull thing and its real.its a great example of pure faith


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