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So why is wrong to put everything into serving Christ, But normal to put all your energy into material stuff?

People are always saying Christians are doing too much when they put every effort they have into serving Christ but if someone puts that same effort into a career or something thing they pat them on the back and root them on. I just want some feed back on why that is.


  • Because serving Christ may have no real benefit. Not in this life at least.

    You may think you are doing something great by serving him, but many people may think you are just wasting time because there are no material benefits from doing it.

    I respect your belief, but I personally think that serving Christ is often misunderstood. Many christians do no good at all. The only thing they do is go to church and say Jesus loves you. And yet, they say they are serving Christ. So, I wont say you should not serve Christ, it is your choice to do it or not, but I recommend you examine what “serving Christ” means to you an to other people in this life. Not in the afterlife.

  • yea, I’ve never heard that either. But I think its a waste of time to spend you life serving Christ AND to spend your life seeking out material possessions, careers etc. to quote Lynard Skynard
    “all that you need is in your soul” interpret anyway you see fit.

  • We must remember, as Christians, that our labor is not in vain. That is all that is going to matter in the big picture anyway is our souls. Unfortunately, people will justify being busy if it can make them an extra buck or two, but the treasures we have are up in heaven. Don’t worry about nay-sayers, because they will always seem to come around to try to bring discouragement. But, they will not win over good.

  • ‘Serving Christ’ isn’t going out with a Bible on a street corner and shouting for people to repent all day. Serving Christ is using the gifts and talents that God has given you tell people about Jesus and His salvation. It’s most certainly not wrong to get good material things in life, but it’s not good when that’s all a person focuses on. You can work really hard at your job and tell people about Christ around the water cooler or over your cubicle or whatever. Just use your gifts wisely and you are serving Christ.

  • People r so unsure of what is right and wrong any more that things that should be considered right r considered weird, people don’t like to think that all their actions r against their religon. So when people follow Christ and the Bible word for word and do right all the time people think it is weird since we r all prone to doing so much sin and feeling good about it. It is just the way of the world right now, all I say is if you follow Christ and your religon the way you feel comfortable then good for you and who cares what any one else thinks….

  • Most (not all) people put their energy toward their family and its well-being, and that often includes getting a good education to have a career that can provide for a family. Do you people not claim that the family is the cornerstone of society? Religion can have a place in this scenario, but when a person goes off the deep end and becomes a religious fanatic and goes off chasing rainbows because “god told me to,” that’s pretty scary. And how would you define ‘serving christ’?

  • 1 John 4:5
    They belong to the world, accordingly, their teaching belongs to the world, and the world listens to them.

    Good point, even my husband thinks I’m a fanatic, and yet, I know there is more I could do to serve God.

  • It is not wrong to put everything into serving Christ. And material stuff is only temporary, but your relationship with Christ will last for eternity. God bless.

  • Because for some reason they think they will never die and they live in denial about it. They think that their material possessions are the most important thing because it is all they have. They do not understand that they can not take their cars, houses and materials with them when they die.

  • Because when you put a lot of effort into your career, you become successful, and able to support your family. Not so when you put a ton of effort into religion.

  • “People are always saying Christians are doing too much when they put every effort they have into serving Christ”

    I can honestly say I’ve never heard that in my entire life or in two years here. Put as much as you want into anything you want as long as you’re not imposing on others.

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