Home Discussion Forum So who were you in a past life...or lives?

So who were you in a past life…or lives?

anything interesting happen?
1860..I was happier in the last one………that was before my fiance got eaten by a bear. or was it a fallen tree…I was taller too, and didn’t have kids till this life..ok I never found out what happened to him..Maybe I shoud do a past life regression, it could help me figure out some of my issues I have, and phobias…maybe I was the one eaten by a bear.
and Go ahead and get your claws out, and be all skeptic on me,,but you’ll pay with my wrath…and goodnight,,


  1. (Breathing heavily through a black mask at you, as I answer your question…)
    “In my past life…I was YOUR FATHER!”
    Doo Wah!

  2. I sense I was many things, i just can’t sort which goes in each life. I also feel like i was meant to become rich and live out my life to the fullest and become one with the gods, does this make sense? Are there ways that someone can tell me? There is just so much i am being told spiritually, i don’t know how to sort it all out. I even went through something strange last week, I was able to hear my Sister(lives in Sweden) and i am in Florida, speaking to me when i was semi awake in my bed. I was able to hear other people talking. I asked my sister and she stated that she was talking out loud to herself that she misses me and wishes she could be together again.

  3. Easy Kissy. I come in peace. I did have a past life regression and learned that one of my lives occurred around 1650. It was on the Eastern seaboard of the US (a whaling village?) I was dirt poor, shabbily dressed, and disliked wool coats as much in that life as I do in this. Later in the session, I was a toddler playing on a dirt floor and being watched by an old woman. Guess we can’t all be Napoleon or Cleopatra.

  4. I was my self essentially anyways. try dowsing your past lives. Past lives can be helpful for that best not to get cought up in who exctly we were its the lessons that are m0st important and we have all lived a thousand times.

  5. In the late 18 hundreds I was a womens right actavist. Thats why I chose Elizabeth Cady Stanton for my history report. She was my friend.

  6. I have the most memories about the life of being a sort of Ninja in feudal Japan, mostly about the last few minutes of my life. I think I feel like elaborating. I was primarily an assassin, but I did body guarding too. There was a war, not sure which one, but I was assigned to protect and escort a Geisha out of the castle to safety, not sure where exactly. Despite my loathing of mixing work and pleasure, I started to fall in love with her. I had been protecting her for about two weeks before this, and have known her in childhood. Anyway, I remember going through the castle, and having no trouble at all, until we came to the exit. It was way too easy and quiet. …until she started getting all stubborn. I said we needed to go outside immediately, and escape to the forest, where I could more easily protect her. The darkness was my ally, since my night vision was excellent, and I could easily sense others who were not experienced in stealth meditation. She disagreed, saying that she refused to go outside, and wanted to find a safe place indoors. Which is ridiculous. I said absolutely not, and had a horrible feeling about the hallway in front of us. I ordered her to go outside and always stay close to me. She got angry with me and said that I was just a servant to her, and had no right to tell her what to do. Then she stormed down the hallway and before I could do anything, four enemy assassins jumped through the paper doors on either side. Like clockwork, one of the experienced assassins beheaded her with a katana. I didn’t have time to react, because the situation demanded my immediate attention. I had three, soon to be four assassins running up to me, each with a different weapon. A kusari-gama, a pair of sai, and a pair of kama.
    Ah crap, I’ve ran out of time for now. If you want to hear the rest, add me as a contact, and ask.


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