So whets the deal – is there energy in the body or what?

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Qi, Prana, Meridians, chakras….what the hell actually exists here guys – I don’t know about you but im overwhelmed and must know what is going on here….Im extremely confused and am not sure what to do ( Im studying TCM – traditional chinese medicine) confused confused confused
I also have alot of other things such as NLP (neuro linguistic programing) I like that seems to be pulling me in a different direction….Have also had experiences with chakras reiki etc…..Have and always been so open, but now for some reason feel this skeptical ism, or doubt fullness unsureness of what is what and what is real- how do i know if im doing the right thing….how do i even know if what im feeling is a creationg of my own brain or energy infact- how do i know?
What do I do?

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Pheonix Wright

Well, there is energy in everything according to the laws of thermodynamics.


It is a natural progression – you start off open and trusting, then you realise it has no scientific basis, then you become skeptical when you realise that it is just mumbo jumbo – finally you become resentful that you’ve wasted so much time and effort, when you could have been doing something useful.
Ask for proof, then, if none is forthcoming, move on.

Voice of Insanity

Chinese medicine can work very well in many cases. But that doesn’t mean that the traditional explanations for these effects are scientifically correct. The physicians in ancient china didn’t know as much about biology and chemistry as is known today so their theories are bound to have errors in them. But that is no reason to give up on TCM. It can help a lot of patients.
However I believe that you should also have studied western medicine when you want to treat patients with TCM.


the idea that life needs energy, and thus there should be energy flowing through living bodies is a “pre-chemistry” idea of how life works. after all was said and done, after we’ve figured out the chemical processes in the body we didn’t find any lines of energy flow or anything like Qi, what we found is small chemical reactions that release energy by breaking down molecules, and store the energy in new molecules. this energy is not really useful for anything “new age” like the supposed telekinesis ability for instance.
being skeptical is not the same thing as being close minded, its not about weather you accept or reject a claim, its about how willing you are to contemplate being wrong. in this sense a person who is open minded needn’t automatically accept a claim, they just have to acknowledge the possibility of being wrong. can these things exist? sure but does what we know about reality today tell us that these things exist? certainly not.
plus the things you mention have a big effect on society. these people are claiming that medical conditions can be treated by these things, you must ask yourself: “how do they support their claims?” in modern medicine we use science to determine what works and what doesn’t, if you want to say that something treats cancer, you get a bunch of people with cancer at a similar stage, separate them into three groups. one group gets your treatment, one group gets a fake version of your treatment, another group isn’t treated. the group thats not treated shows you what you should see if the treatment doesn’t work, the group gettting the fake treatement shows you what you should see if the stress releif of being cared for is the only thing your treatment is doing. in order for your treatment to be considered useful the results must be better than the fake treatment and the no treatment groups.
now the reason i mention this is because these forms of treatment that you talk about either fail this basic test of “efficacy” or they have yet to be tested.
what is traditional Chinese medicine left with? ideas of tradition and country of origin, ask yourself is something true simply because a person of a specific nationality made the claim? is something true simply because the claim is sufficiently old? in medicine there can be no such thing as “Chinese medicine” or “European medicine” there can only be “real medicine” and “fake medicine” and the way we distinguish the two is through scientific testing, not looking at origins or age.

Rev. Lynn D.

The way I understand it is that everything, including inanimate objects are made up of energy. Utilizing Chinese medicine, Reiki etc. is simply learning to work with the energy of the body so that the body can heal itself. It is quite common to question your beliefs whatever they may be. If you feel confused, step back for a while and do nothing. Resume when you begin to feel pulled to a certain direction.
The type of modalities you have mentioned have been in existence for many years and have help many people often when Western medicine has failed. I believe that they all have their merits and should be used in conjuntion with one another for optimal result. It isn’t necessary to choose one only if you don’t sincerely and naturally feel that way.
I would suggest that you stop stressing about it and relax. Everything is in Divine order and will happen whent he time is right.


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