Home Discussion Forum So. . . what's the difference between magic and magick?

So. . . what's the difference between magic and magick?

I’ve seen a lot of newagey people spelling it “magick”, despite the fact that the actual word has no K, and has not had one since before standardized spelling reform in the early 1900s. Is there some difference?
@Octopus@ Yeah, that was kinda my point. Why are people using an archaic spelling?
@Just Plain Bob@ Who the hell is Alistair Crowley?


  1. When spelled with a K, it means ritual magick, such as spells performed by pagans.
    When spelled “magic”, it means stage magic, like card tricks or sawing someone in half.
    Pagans added the K to distinguish between the two.
    Hope this helps.

  2. magic without the ‘k’ is used to refer to stage magic, like David Copperfield. magick with a ‘k’ refers to ceremonial magick, like that performed by Alistair Crowley.

  3. “Magic” is what Penn & Teller do for money.
    “Magick” is how Wiccans, et al separate what they do from what Criss Angel does.
    It is also the preferred spelling of D&D nerds and the fat guy I buy incense from at the pagan store.

  4. Magic is fantasy kind of spells and stuff. Like magic missle and that kind of stuff
    Magick is the wiccan and other occultists form of prayer. They basically cast a “spell” which is a prayer to the goddess or a command.
    Edit: Alistair Crowley was an occultist who basically birthed the modern occult movement.

  5. It’s purely esthetics. There is not practical reason for spelling it with a “K”. Many novices think it’s the “proper” way to spell magic, the type that Pagans and other magic users use, but this is untrue. It’s merely a fad that caught on not long after Aleister Crowley started spelling it that way. It is said that it is to determine the difference between stage magic and actual magic.
    Either way you spell it, magic, magick, majic, majick, majik, whatever, it means the same thing.

  6. 93,
    Aleister Crowley began to using K’s to describe his system of occultism; to distinguish it from the Golden Dawn’s style. It’s a system that relies much more on breaking comfort zones, as well as liberal use of Tantra and Yoga.
    In modern times, people, for some reason, think the K is for all traditions [It’s really for Thelema] and was to distinguish it from sleight of hand.
    Aleister Crowley is the Prophet of Thelema, as well as the most famous/infamous occultist in the 20th century http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley
    93 93/93


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