HomeDiscussion ForumSo what is the next evolution step we human beings should take?

So what is the next evolution step we human beings should take?

Some cool ideas would be: ESP, photoelectric / photosynthetic skin, rapid / spontaneous regeneration, telepathy, super strength
Have fun with this one!


  1. Evolution as it is known in the classical sense is no longer a large factor with Human Beings.
    “Natural Selection” has been replaced with “Human Selection”
    And many of those things you listed are Science Fiction, they will not and can not happen, sorry.
    Generally we will see more of a cultural and economical evolution, rather than physical.
    As people with the same beliefs tend to stay together, so do people of the same financial class.

  2. i highly doubt those are possible.
    but i believe evolution is a myth its pretty much saying fish turned into humans, i do have another theory tho. long ago there were probably millions more species than there are now. that explains all the weird skeletons beind found.thanks

  3. haha as cool as those examples would be, the next stage would almost certainly be either being born without wisdom teeth (I know of one person that never had them) or without a appendix…

  4. Further advancing the brain size, but thats not going to happen seeing as how no one even uses their brain anymore and also seeing as how the media makes being smart or having an IQ that isn’t 2 digits seem like a bad thing that people should made fun of or be burned on the stake for.

  5. The evolution of humans is limited by a long generation time and low selection intensity for most traits.
    However, I believe the next ‘step’ in our evolution will be an adapted metabolism to cope with our high sugar, high fat, high energy diets to reduce obesity and increase fertility under such circumstances.

  6. Evolution occurs as a result of environmental stress and beneficial mutations. Due to the fact that humans reproduction rate is extremely slow (9 months for Homo sapien vs 20mins for escherichia coli) as well as the fact that, as humans, we alter our environment to suit our needs rather than adapt to our environment based on environmental stressors, some argue that further evolution for humans not likely. However, some individuals have extraordinary capabilities, such as the case with individuals having “synesthesia”. Synesthesia is a condition in which one type of external stimulation evokes a sensation of another. For example, for some people having this condition or ‘ability’ different sounds allow them to see different colors, or, in more rare cases, specific tastes or smells cause the individual to see specific colors. How is this advantageous you ask? Well in an evolutionary sense it may not be. We do not need this ability to survive in our environment, and because of the society we’ve created it does not give us an advantage for life over another person who does not have this ‘ability’ but you’ve got to admit, it’s a cool ability and hard to fathom. Studies on individuals with synesthesia have shown some benefits to having synesthesia. When read a list of items and told to recall them, initially the synesthesia-capable individual does no better than the average person in recalling the items, but, when asked hours later they can recall the majority of the list; more than they initially remembered. They have the ability to not only associate the items they are hearing into the schemas for which they have created for them, but they also have colors associated to each word.
    It is a possibility that in the future we will be able to ‘induce evolution’ by manually applying specific genes to the genetic makeup of an individual. Not only will it be possible to select hair color, eye color, and even gender, but it is also possible to include genes such as the one(s) for synesthesia into the unborn individual – a true act of “playing god”; although it doesn’t seem at this point anybody is really “playing” anymore.

  7. Seeing as genetic information is either copied properly, lost, duplicated or misplaced.Some of Your options seem to come from missinformation…….(although common)

  8. Taller
    Smaller mouths
    Younger looking
    Bigger feet
    Less hairier
    Higher rates of Cancer
    All Europeans will be white again
    Half of Asia will be black
    The whole of Afirca will be blck
    Central and northern South America and southern and west USA will also be black. The north will resemble Asian skin tones
    More muscular
    Bigger heads
    May not have toes
    Longer and more separated independent fingers

  9. Even thought I dont bleive in evolution i am going to look at the facts and answer this simple question. The only thing that is happing is our genome is degrading and it is getting worse by the decade and if it keeps up there will be no more human race if evolution is true we will all die from diseases

  10. Sorry, but evolution is not directed toward a specific end, so, because of random mutations, the next step is unpredictable. That being said, regeneration would be the coolest trait in my opinion.


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