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So, Theories on Regression, Past Lives, and the Collective Unconscious Anyone?

So, what are your thoughts, theories, and comments on regression(Form of hypnotism to remember memories clearer, both in this life and past lives.), Past Lives, and the Collective Unconscious(the theory provided by Carl Jung that all humans have a collective vault of memories, fears, and experiences that have built up over time.)
I personally believe that the Collective Unconscious theory is a great explanation for things such as Déjà vu and common phobias and could be an explanation for things such as Bigfoot. Maybe some kind of Primal fear of a Neanderthal passed on from ancestors who may have once competed with Neanderthals. The basic idea behind it is, if you can pass on traits, why can’t you pass on memories?


  1. With the laws of energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed, simply transferred) and new research, these theories have popped up a lot. I personally am unable to believe in Yeti and Déjá Vu, prophetic dreams, and whatnot. But please do not misunderstand, I am fascinated with the prospects these ideas propose. The idea of all of this, it’s very interesting.
    Passing on memories? Such as from mother to son, or from mind to mind? Your topic reminds me of a news article that followed a television show, about organ transplants and memories. The idea that the mind is not only in the brain, but spread throughout the body is brought up here. There have been people who not only received new organs, but old memories. Scientists and doctors chalk this up to medication, and post-surgery confusion. But neurons transmitters, axons, etc, are spread throughout the body, transferring physical discomfort and comfort. Could a kidney contain memories from a childhood?
    Sorry, I believe I am getting a bit of topic. Unconscious theory is very flawed, as studies have been conducted and dis-proven, even with twins, whom are suspected to be alike not only in mind, but body.
    The thing about phobias is that our thought processes during our developmental stages are a lot like those of primal humans. Survive, have food, have shelter. And anything that looks weird or different with weird or different characteristics and behaviors raise red flags. Danger, Will Robinson. Our reactions to things like spiders, and snakes (which later develop into phobias) are for survival. So I’d say its a pretty basic instinct. But you do raise good points, why do we have these instincts? Imprinted in our genes from our predecessors?

  2. in the same way that the cells in our body have their own rudimentary “consciousness”…and that when one of our cells dies, it must be replaced by an IDENTICAL cell…
    the consciousness that was associated with that cell RE-INCARNATES into the new cell. Where ELSE would it go? It’s most familiar with THAT cell and the role that cell plays.
    Same with us. We live our entire lives and if we don’t ascend to a higher level of consciousness (which is our ONLY real purpose of existence) then we have to live the same life ALL OVER AGAIN. Except, of course, all our memories are erased at the SHOCK of death.
    Some of them, however, are intense enough to bridge the gap between lives and it is these memories that make us remember that we lived this life before.

  3. There is no such thing as past lives… And a genetic connection to all of those family member that existed before you……………


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