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So no one here appreciates Chakras?

Chakras are Vortex in the human-body that have always been wormholes to other dimensions.
For eg: chakras one to 5 are 3rd dimensional.
The Third-Eye and Crown Chakra are Fourth Dimensional.
Starting with the 8th chakra (the Soul-Star)
all the way up to the 12th Central Sun Chakra…these are 5th dimensional.
Your thoughths?


  1. Chaka-Chakra-Chaka-Chakra…choo-choo
    Just kidding…I love Chakras and if prisoners learned more mediation and yoga rather than drugs and murder, the world would become a nicer place…

  2. I don’t, no. But that’s just the contrarian in me. Frankly I find the idea of chakras as silly as any religion. I’m happy for you. Truly.

  3. Chakras are fascinating but not many westerners know much about them. Every thing has chakras; they are the go between the physical and the spiritual, and even the Earth itself has chakras. I have a map of where the Earths Chakras are located, got it back in the 1970’s from a metaphysical bookstore, and I have visited some of the locations; they are very high energy centers; like Stonehenge. But there are people who do energy work on themselves by trying to balance all of their own chakras as we can have some that are more open then others and some that are closed. Things like Reki, Acupressure massage, and Acupuncture, work directly on the smaller chakras in the body. The larger chakras are affected by our attitude, what we say, think, and do. The subject of chakras is as old as the hills. When all of our chakras are open light shines forth thru the pours of our skin and our eyes, and when we look out into the world all we see is light in everything and everyone. It is a nonjudgmental reality.
    Peace and Good Journey


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