Home Discussion Forum so is practicing chakra meditation really against God and Christianity?

so is practicing chakra meditation really against God and Christianity?

God made us with chakra/aura/energy but is it harmful to use it when it comes to your connection with God? i need an honest answer please!!!!!
the main reason why i want to know is because i take ninjutsu which also has to do with chakra and being able to sense somebody behind you without even seeing or hearing them and thanks for the advice so far


  1. Of course not. It’s all part of the big picture. Chakra meditation is simply one means of realizing God i.e. one’s Self.
    There are hints of meditation practices in the Bible, but most of the knowledge has been censored or lost over the centuries.

  2. God is not against anything, he simply observes and is there to help. However, if you are looking for truth on chakra meditation, it is very good for you in the sense that it will help calm you down and give you frequency of that of love, which is a very good tool.
    Do you think Christianity is 100% accurate, LOL. It is not.
    Have a great day and good luck with your chakra healing. I have done it myself and feel a lot better

  3. Chakra meditation, yoga, etc. are Hindu/Buddhist/Dharmic practices. Apparently Christianity isn’t okay with its followers taking part in “pagan” practices found in those spiritual philosophies.

  4. I don’t think that it is, but then again I’m not a Christian so I’m probably not the best person to answer this question. But I learned about chakra meditation in the Christian church I grew up in. But it was kind of a Christian/New Age combination. It was different.

  5. There are a lot of lost people, And i am not superized. Yes It is a form or worship God is a God who wants to be 1st so back out the practice

  6. It seems to me that the idea of the chakra system is more or less a blueprint of the spiritual body, a system like the circulatory system is for the physical body. There is no doubt that the state of the mind and spirit affect the body, and the chakra system seeks to understand this connection. Having said that, I don’t think It is incompatible with any religion, it just depends in how you use it. If you realize that all the energy you are manipulating comes from God, and the spirit you are energizing is the Holy Spirit of God within you, I don’t see a problem.


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