so i'm an energy vampire. what does that mean?!?






by somethingcompletelyrandom:

i took this quiz on this website:
and apparently i’m “definately an energy vampire”
what the hell does that mean? i don’t suck people’s energy! or at least i’m not doing it on purpose! how do i stop?
i feel guilty for my “victims”
and a little nerdy as well lol

Answer by Samiii


  1. you just feed off the energy of other people. Say you are at a club and its a high energy situation then that gives you energy, thats all no biggy.

  2. you’re probably just “normal” – you’d have to drive a smart car, live on solar energy, bike to work(or school) and eat vegan to pass their test…

  3. Well, first, I would say you were reading something that is considered “folklore”, or “wives tales”. Its a “new age” thing as the saying goes.
    What they mean is, you get a “charge” out of contact with other living things…..not just people.
    No, you arent sucking the life out of anything or anyone. You take what you need and go on.
    For a good example, I had a friend who was an “energy vampire”. No, its just a term, not a name….he wasnt really any kind of vampire.
    Anyway….he got his “energy” from tree’s. When he felt slow, or run down, or even sick, he would go hug a tree for a few minutes. He said the energy from trees made him feel better.
    Basically, this just means you are a people person…you like to be surrounded by people, you are a “touchy-feely” person.
    Nothing bad. Dont worry about it.

  4. Vampires only exist as South American Bats. People are not vampires. If you think you are, then I suggest you go see a shrink

  5. Do you really think this new age thing exists, that only until now with the LEAST amount of people putting their faith in the hidden would discover these things? Such as energy vampires, therianthropy and all that hasn’t been mentioned in old dusty tomes? l would say this is another mere attempt at people trying to give themselves a unique and ‘cool’ title, wouldn’t you?

  6. Look being a psychic vampire isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply that you are low on energy and a dominate person. You use your dominate personality to restore your energy reserves by “feeding” off other people’s emotions. No one is hurt, it’s like being the wet blanket. Psychic vampire are annoyances not a danger to anyone. But if you would like to stop being one, then I have an energy filled regime I’m certain will keep your reserves full.
    1. Meditate — reduces stress and can be used to fill you with energy from the earth.
    2. Be Healthy– get plenty of sleep, eat, and exercise–being healthy reduces the taxing we do on our energy.
    3. De-stress–worry, anxiety, pressure all of these drain natural reserves plus letting go of stress is an easy way to allow everyone around you to do the same.
    My equation is very simple the less you tax your reserves the less you need energy, you can actually acquire energy through eating raw fruits and vegetables, exercise and meditation. By finding balance you no longer need others to provide the energy you lack.

  7. if you’re an energy vampire, then you like to make people feel bad so you feel superior. Or you have no energy in you so you need it from another source.
    when people is with you or after they’ve been with you, they feel drained of energy and kind of tired.
    My brother is one…:(

  8. Energy Vampires are very real, not like the vampires in folklore. Energy Vampires dont suck the blood of their victims, they suck the energy out of them. They manipulate a situation to their best advantage. Energy vampires want to be the center of attention an get all the credit. Despite what they say, they do not feel remorse for their behavior and they know exactly what they are doing.

  9. Well, I’m guessing you use a lot of electricity, water, air, food, energy sources, and the works. Either that, or you use your viciously long fangs to suck the life force of people around you…

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