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So, if matter and energy cannot exist without a creator, why would god exist without a creator?

God according to religions are more complex than anything we know, so why wouldn’t he need a creator?
If god is eternal, why can matter and energy not be?
Ok, so i realize that this has been asked a thousand times, but there has still not been a good answer for this.


  1. God is spiritually eternal, and is thus validated spiritually.
    Matter and energy are physical things. Thus, the only way to validate if they are eternal is by physical, empirical means. This hasn’t been done.

    • Acutualy I agree that Matter is a physical thing but energy is not physical. energy can be seen working through matter ( i.e., heat, electricity, light….) however there is also spiritual energy that is realy unexplainable, because we try to explain it with things that are familar to us (that is matter). However if you talk to anyone who is religous they will tell you about the spirit and how they know it is there, I agree with them. So it could be argued that GOD is “energy” and is in everything. This would explain how “he” is all knowing, because “he” is everywhere. If you look at energy it is never destroyed, it only changes and moves from one thing to another.

  2. Just because in our sphere stuff has to be created it doesnt mean God had to be created. He’s larger than that. But if you follow him now, when He comes, you can ask Him.

  3. “Because he lives outside the rules of common logic and sense…” blah blah blah
    This is the one basic reason why there will always be believers (and also why people can make up whatever silly religion they want and get people to buy into it…)
    It is a circular argument… like trying to disprove the Invisible Pink Unicorn that lives on the dark side of the moon…

  4. If energy needs a creator, where did all of the stuff around us come from
    Think before you embarrass evolutionists
    Chris T

  5. you are stating that God is simply matter and energy
    even you and I are more than simply matter and energy
    even more so is God, the bible states that God is Spirit

  6. if god is needed to create something as complex as the universe, then clearly something infinitely more complex had to create an eternal god witht he knowledge and power to create this universe…
    it’s circular logic…
    lets just stop it where we KNOW it starts…the universe is complex, but there is no evidence that it is ordered, so no creator is necessary.

  7. Because God is not matter and energy–He is the Creator of matter and energy. Besides, how can you expect the finite creation to fully comprehend the infinite Creator? It’s like expecting your play-dough sculpture to be as smart as you are.

  8. well he’s basically always been there. when i asked this question when i was a little girl on how he was created when there was nothing to create him, i was always told that our brains can’t fully understand things like that; that we only understand things about our world. all we can do is have faith that he exists. i no it may sound stupid and i no u want a real answer, but we have no proof that he is real, nor do we no how he was created. all we can do is just trust in him and believe.

  9. “I AM WHO I AM”
    Exodus 3:14 (New King James Version)
    14 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”
    God is not confined by your way of thinking.

  10. Energy and matter can change and replaces each other.
    But God not a energy and not a matter.
    you can’t be imagine him via your mind cause mind have limit. there is one way only that you get light of God via recite by your heart beat and more day by day,In one day your soul become fill with light of God.
    then you can ask with God directly.They can satisfied you for your every question.
    Its not only advise ,what i told you its really can happen

  11. Someone on here posted the most excellent video yesterday that blows the mind when it comes to how simplistic our earths religions are. It’s called something like trip through reality or something. If I find it warrior I shall share. ((warrior)) to warrior.


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