Home Discussion Forum so i went to a tai chi class and accidently farted?

so i went to a tai chi class and accidently farted?

i admit it was my first tai chi class the experience was amazing peaceful blissful enchanting relaxing angelic but i shudnt have eaten fried chicken b4 the class and i swear i was so relaxed that i didnt even realised i was farting but the cool thing was everyone was so in the zone that they didnt notice..how cool was that?who wants to do tai chi?


  1. Okay it was not as bad as my fart, I had been dating this girl I liked a few times but we never had the right moment to kiss so when I finally got up my nerve I Farted, I was utterly terrified but we just laughed it off, and se decoded to try again, and guess what I did it again, we said our good byes and she went inside and almost died of laughter while I was almost dieing of embarrassment. Happy to say things worked out we have been married for two years now. You have to have a sense of humor about the things you can’t control.

  2. They probably noticed but didnt want there Chi to fould neither there concentration lol so they ignored it. The least you couldve done was said Excuse me lol.

  3. I’m sure it was no big deal to the other people in the class.
    While moving and bending slowly your body does relax and
    if you squat you will release gas. Just like moving a baby’s legs
    up towards the shoulder’s…they fart!

  4. so what was the result of “flatulance vs inner peace”? (if no one heard it or smelt it, did it actually happen?)
    or was the amusement a product of your own mind?
    (LOL-I think it’s funny as hell!(

  5. LMAO!
    I love Tai Chi, and I wish that my fellow class members were as “dedicated” as yours! The last time I farted in a class everybody fell out of their “Golden Pheasant” (also known as Golden Cock) onto the floor laughing! How embarrassing!!


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