Home Discussion Forum So how would you see this total consciousness?

So how would you see this total consciousness?

This question has the same error as the general interpretation of the Descartes line. “You” or “I” could not see a total consciousness if it truly is the natural state of the mind because the individual does would not exist. This can be likened to the idea of Nirvana or enlightenment which many people are trapped trying to “Let go” of their ego in order to achieve enlightenment. However these people don’t realize the act of trying to achieve enlightenment is the act of the ego, so as long as they try to achieve enlightenment they have ego and can’t let it go to achieve enlightenment.


  1. you don’t try and let go, you simply let go. Not as an action, as a non-action. To not think. How does one do it, anything that pops in your mind ignore.

  2. You logic is impressive, however, there are living masters who can take us beyond the ego by giving the experience of God.
    This is far beyond the mind you spoke of, though individuality is not lost in the experience of God.
    You become a “drop in the ocean” totally conscious of every-thing to the level of your ability to merge therein.
    We never actually become God, but we are given the experience of God’s consciousness. We then become God-man.
    All the best to you.

  3. I’m currently in the process of trying to forget myself.
    I don’t see it as a task for the enlightenment of my ego, though.
    Due to my beliefs, I feel as if I have to do this.
    There are many angles to this thought.


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