Home Discussion Forum So how does someone learn telepathy or ESP?

So how does someone learn telepathy or ESP?


  1. As I understand current theory, it is not something you can learn. Either you have it or you don’t. It is a genetic thing.
    However, science marches forwards.
    A few years ago there was the Human Genome project which tried to map out all the Genes we have, and what each of them do. It would stand to reason that some of those genes have something to do with what you are asking about.
    Here is a starting page for info about that project.
    A conspiracy theorist might say that the fact they can’t find anything in there about ESP must mean the government has made that part of it a military secret, and transferred the work to “area 51.”
    Here is info on area 51 in case you were not familiar with that.
    I think the next natural follow-on to the Human Genome Project is a Himan Brainome Project to map out what all the different parts of the human brain are for, and some of that might be for ESP. I don’t expect to see results from this in my life time.

  2. Go into the city and find a vacant lot, precisely at the stroke of midnight, sit exactly in the center on a mat or rug and chant, “gumma-gumma-boo-koo” two hundred times as loud and as fast as you can.

  3. The closest thing to that…………..
    Buhddist Monks have been known to raise their body temperature through meditation. I would start there.

  4. First, think up some stuff, then wait and see if it happens. If it does, then do it again the same way. If it doesn’t , then try thinkin’ of somethin’ else. Just repeat this exercise till you have it down. It comes in handy ’cause nobdy ever has to make an appointment with you, you just know they’re coming! Remember, practice makes perfect, but I bet you knew that. WOW, it’s workin’ already! peace

  5. Telepathy is not learned but is just when two souls have
    been through similar detriment moments for long periods
    of time. That in order to survive they must almost read their


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