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So does this say there is a god or at least a soul?

I will spare you of all the interesting history on the pineal gland I do suggest researching it in modern times and back to the great philosophers etc.
1)You pineal gland is what allow you to dream.
2)In the growth of a baby in the womb for the first 50 days the pineal gland is most active.
4)Upon death your penal gland empties all that interesting fluid(DMT) out in your brain.
Now if you have any idea about the pineal gland and DMT or even not that should say something as an entry and exit point. What do you think?


  1. What does your pineal gland have to do with the soul? So what if it empties out when you die we also excrete any left over waste so whats your point?

  2. Sounds feasible ! Thanks for the info. I will read more on this subject . If you ever get a chance watch a documentary on Quantum Physics It’s called ” What the bleep do we know ?” You will be amazed !

  3. The fluid moves to my Pineal gland when I see a hott woman. It has nothing to do with your sole. Just your sex drive. After you get into your old age your Pineal gland will no longer fill with fluid and just stays limp.
    Funny one.. I love it.. And to think so many really thought you was talking about something spirityality.. lol
    Stupid people in this world and you proved it.


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