So…Do you believe in telepathy, esp, and/or telekinesis?





Telepathy-mind Communication/talking with thoughts
Esp-Extrasensory perception
Telekinesis-ability to move objects with your mind
Which ones do you believe in, and why?


  1. I do have the telepathy ability, it is ESP one of a few abilities I do have. If I see a person or a spirit, unwillingly their personal thought will pop in my head. I think it happens when I think of them the same time they are of me. I once communicated with a spirit telepathy, Sometimes when I am a sleep and if a spirit comes near, my third eye opens to see them, and their thoughts pop in my head, and that one time we communicated back and forth, because she the woman spirit knew what I wanted to do, because she came to me at that time for 21/2 years, and I couldn’t make out her details of her face, so she allow me to put my hands on her face, and I did to feel what she looks like, she felt so real, skin and bones, and I felt all her features of her face, she has the same facial features as Cate Blanched. She also speaks out loud and in a whisper. But this happens to me with people too, at work, at church, it can happen any time, but with humans, I don’t think they feel my thoughts like I do them.
    Telekinesis…not to many people can do this….actually it happens more in people that have Kinetic energy, except it’s unwilled. The movement of objects spontaneously, unwilled and without mundane means. This usually happens as they are unconscious.

  2. Telepathy is a form of ESP, and yes, I do believe. I have heard enough stories and had enough personal experiences to believe. I have “known” when people were about to enter the room. I’ve been called weird on many occasions because of this. Have you ever picked up the phone “knowing” who was calling you? I heard about a study in England where test subjects were given a list of people who might call, and tried to predict who was calling when the phone rang. The results were far greater than random chance.
    ESP does exist. Some imaginative researchers are adapting the scientific method to study these phenomena.

  3. honesty, it could be possible COULD BE, the evidence against it says its not but it has not been proven wrong in the cort of law but in the US army, navy, and Airfoce it is conceited a mental instability and they are not allowed into the armed forces. This is because people who “have it” rely on it too much but when they actually need it it does not happen. Its possible, but very unlikely. People are also very similar, and without knowing it you could be on the same though process and when you say ” hey are you thinking of _______” you think you have it, telekinesis is often blamed for adrenalin, i know from experience that the adrenalin can cause you to do things that you never thought possible, i had my adrenalin running and i held back a 200 pound log for a couple min, its not much for many but its something for someone built like me, the adrenalin however can mess with the mind causing you to forget things, and you could have forgotten that you did that and all you remember is it happening

  4. Sure! Why not! No, but really though! I do! I beleive in both! I have telepathic connections sometimes! I’ve never experienced Telekineses though! Is that basically the same thing as PK? Cause I beleive in that too!

  5. No, is no good reason believe they exist, is no genuine proof of that, some people want believe nonsense, are no scientific mechanisms achieve such fictional powers.

  6. If it is factual, why would belief be required? No one has ever proved such abilities. Ever.
    There is a million dollars waiting for the first person to do so. See the link.
    “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” ? Christopher Hitchens

  7. AS soon as I see a demonstration of any of those abilities that cannot be reasonably explained by coincidence or stage magic-type trickery, I’ll have an open mind,
    but I travel a LOT, I’ve met a lot of people who claimed these abilities (among others) and to my great disappointment all I’ve ever seen were people who had shaky grasps on Reality.
    I wasn’t even out to “debunk” them. My best idea is that if such things did exist, the practitioners know it’s best to keep it a secret. Everyone else is a con artist or insane.

  8. Telekinesis, as far as I am concerned has not been proven to me!
    Telepathy? I must say, many many years ago, I was watching something in a park. I can’t remember what I was watching. Suddenly, without looking back, I felt something that caused me to move my hands from in front of me to just behind my back and caught a pair of tiny hands, all without looking back! I was shocked but not as scared as the little boy whose wrists I caught. He was shouting “let me go, let me go”! He was really scared.
    The interesting thing is, I did not know that boy before then and never met him since. He was being mischievous and was teasing me, thinking to approached me from behind to scare me, that was why he was so scared when I caught him without looking back!
    To this day, I have no idea why I move my hands like that and managed to grab his wrists perfectly like that!

  9. I believe in all of them…lol Most people probably don’t though. Why do I believe it? I’ve seen too much weird stuff in life not to.

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