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So Atheists: Why does your leader say God bless you after *every* speech? What is the *subliminal* message?


  1. Wait… what leader? There’s an atheist leader? How come I wasn’t informed of this! Who keeps stealing the MEMOS OFF OF MY DESK, GODDAMN!T!!11

  2. If we are talking about Presiden Obama, its because he happens to be Christian. If he was Muslim he would say Praise Allah after every speech, and if he was Atheist he would just say “well have a nice day”.

  3. Obama’s “yes we can” is “thank you satan” backwards. While I don’t believe in that either, nor do I believe in the Illuminati, It’s about as valid as your claim.

  4. You seem to be a bit confused…we don’t have a leader.
    If you’re referring to who I think you’re referring to, he’s a christian.

  5. Well first I have to figure out what leader you mean. After I figure that out I’ll tell what the subliminal message is.

  6. It’s just a manner of speaking. Like when you call someone a muthaf*****. Or when you say to someone you are a Capricorn. It doesn’t mean you believe in astrology

  7. LOL…probably because the leader wants and KNOWS the Lord HAS to “bless” them in order to save their souls from fire and brimstone.

  8. If by “leader” you mean political representatives such as the President of the U.S., then I suppose the subliminal message is “It’s a silly tradition and habit, but I’ll get more complaints if I DON’T include it.”

  9. We have no leader. People who make speeches and say God bless you probably believe in God. The subliminal message is “Hate Ann Coulter!”


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