Small question and I cannot get a straight answer about magick.?

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For a while now I have been researching about ancient magick. Now I am not gonna say whether it’s right or wrong. But I want to get this out in the open. Is it possible and can it be done,(sorry for my crappy grammar) to influence elements and elementals in one word actions. I know a wand is of air. And an athame is of fire. But if I took an athame and used a one word could I influence a element to light a fire. Now I’m just asking this out of pure curiosity. I know in fiction it can be done, but can it be done in real life? With a flick of a wand make the wind subside or go faster. or with an athame could a light something on fire. Now I am not interested in a dark and light debate. I just want a straight answer. Is it possible to do this? I know i read in mythology of Ancient Egyptians and ancient rune sorcerers doing something similar. I know most magick spells is patience, but Is it possible to say a spell and it manipulate an elemental immediately.
ok I got my answer… Now I have one more question, are there any spells that are instantaneous? If the ancient wizards/witches/magicians could do it why was that information lost?

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Sorry, kiddo, you have your answer. You asked if you could and the answer is no.


I have stated in many answers that a large part of any spell is the environment. In the days of Egyptian power even Hebrews Believed in Magick. In today’s environment you must defeat the disbelief with intense work and study before you can take a spell through the barriers of unbelief put up by many religions.

nicole s

not now..a LONG TIME AGO yes but it was lost.

Melissa R

Please stop watching ‘ charmed’ and go to the library or bookstore. The elements need much more manipulation and coaxing than that. No is the answer.


Yes, it can be done, I have seen people do it with my own eyes, but it takes so much work, asides from patience, that only a few can do it.

Angie N

You cannot manipulate the Elementals, you can only make requests to them.

kymm r

First of all manipulating the elements should not be done as ther are too many negative issues associated with it, moreover you should address what it is you would like to change in your life. An athame is not required for fire,nor a wand for for the wind to subside, you need a lot of study before you practise to fully understand what you are doing, many things are possible . On the note of spells working immediately yes of course they can.


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