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slef hypnotism for pain relief?

I have to take a lot of pain killers because of arthritis, but the amount of painkillers i have to take is making me feel like a zombie. I heard that hypnotism can be used to relieve pain, I’ve been trying to find a site on the internet with basic instructions for how it works and how to do it. All the site i have found are basically just selling books/CDs that help you stop smoking. Does anyone know of any useful site.
I meant self not slef


  1. not really.
    (7 years hypnotherapy)
    how about a change of diet first of all? maybe you’re intaking too much processed junk.
    and those sites, programs are scams.

  2. You may have more success looking for Relaxation techniques – self-hypnosis is really an extension of this.
    I’m what is called a Neuro-linguistic Programmer (maybe you can find something about that which will help) which incorporates trance as a therapy.
    My dentist says that I am his only patient who can tolerate root canal work without an anaesthetic! I can self-hypnotise as a result of my NLP training.

  3. I’m a big fan of going to a nutritionist to find out what your body needs, but you can just check the internet to find natural ways to address the condition.
    For Pain relief on an immediate basis without using drugs, I’ve had good results from using the Pain Relief Formula. It is a spray. You can read about it at http://www.realfoodnutrients.com/prf/home.htm.
    Hope this helps.

  4. EDITED VERSION: As I said before the following site by Gerald Kein is one of the best. You can find DVDs on self-hypnosis as well as pain relief. I don’t recall seeing a DVD specifcally for arthritis though. The value of the DVDs is it starts with a lot of theory on pain relief, in your example. Most of the DVDs then go on to real-life demonstrations of using the techniques. The site is http://www.omnihypnosis.com/
    Aonther site I recommend is wendi.com. Wendi Friesen has a pain relief CD (or possibly a DVD). Wendi gives a one-year money back guarantee on her products.
    Pain is obviously a message that something is wrong with your body. So I would check with a doctor first to make sure he or she agrees with your use of hypnosis.
    I don’t know where you live, but my personal hypnotherapist is Jennifer B. near New York City at jennifer@theharwoodcenter.com. Also if you want a referral, write to Kevin Hogan at meta@ix.netcom.com. If you write to him, put “To Kevin re hypnoanalysis'” in the subject line. Otherwise he might not write back, since he gets a ton of email everyday. Write back to me if you have any questions.


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