sleep/dream paralysis?

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Has anyone ever suffered or experienced this? I have, (this has gone on for over 40 years) it used to be scary to wake up in the night and not be able to move. I would hear voices talking from far away but I always felt like something was holding me down so I couldn’t move. I finally started fighting back and that has put a stop to the dream paralysis for now.

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Yes I get it sometimes couple times a yr. It’s very scary. It usually happens either as ur falling a sleep or as ur waking up. Ur brain wakes up before ur body and ur body is still sleeping and u can’t move it. Sometimes trying to move ur fingers, toes and head can wake the rest of u up. Also having healthy diet can help, sleeping at the right times to and try not to allow ur self to get to stressed.

GreatCaesars G

I absolutely have. As far as I know, it’s perfectly normal. Your body paralyzes itself when you sleep so that you don’t act out your dreams and hurt yourself. But for some reason some of us wake up before the paralysis goes away. People also call this “mind awake/body asleep,” I think. You’re right, though, it can be really scary, but anything you see/hear/experience during the paralysis is all in your imagination, and that’s the important thing to remember. One time I was paralyzed and I saw a flock of doves in front of me; another time I heard a train whistle; you get the idea.


i read that when your mind enter into deep sleep, your body becomes paralyzed..only your extremities twitch, its for dreaming.
so perhaps you are waking up in the middle of you deep sleep..this could be insomnia, and maybe you need medication to help you sleep the entire night through so you would not have to experience this frightening event over and over..see a docter perhaps>good luck

Don H

You are asleep but your mind is awake. This is not something to fear or to fight. I suggest you read the three books by Robert Monroe. They are the classic works on this .


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