Sleep Question. What is it called when you are stuck between sleep and consciousness?





I get this sometimes when I am very tired and sleep deprived. Its almost like you are paralyzed.


  1. my name is mike and this happends to me all the time i dont know what is called but i need to find out what i think this might be is three things one i think i could be your spirit or an outter body expirment dew to being able to see with your eyes close or you looking through your third eye or what sicentist say now dont get me wrong i believe that scientist can measure this but my the spirit world is deeper than that for example in avatar they when to sleep and woke up in a new body from a person looking at the one asleep he would never think that his dream i controlling another reality because he can see him sleep like today we can monitor them one sleeping and brain waves and all but to know what that person is really doing is impossible right now another example people who hear voices to the docter this is a disorder but to the one it is happening to whether it is a disorder or not is a reality for him please anyone with a thought and idea or anything email me

  2. I believe its sleep paralysis,I get that and I hate it,its a very scary feeling
    when you can’t awake and your conscious at the same time,but can’t even move a finger.

  3. not sure but i hate that feeling, i know people tend to get this sleeping on their backs, stressed out, worried, or not getting enough sleep. if your body shuts off first then your mind, its a sign for you that your body is exhausted and time for you to be sleeping more!

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