Sleep Paralysis– When you try to go to sleep but you get paralyised and cant move, can be scary?

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Tell me all about your stories concerning this. Here’s mine.
I used to get this for like a year straight. During many occurences I really thought that a demon was trying to possess me or something because they really felt that bad. Somtimes it would keep me for whole nights (gosh I hated that). Somtimes it would be accompanied by an out of body experience type of feeling. During my last set of paralysis I got over the fear although it could get annoying.
I have been paralysis free for about a year althought I got a mini attack last night. no big deal though.
Most of my occurences are short, about 30 seconds long but they would occur many times in the same night usually.
I put this in R&S because alot of people use this part of Y!A and it kinda feels spiritual when your body feels like its floating during a paralysis
Ive never hallucinated dark figures thank God but wow that sounds scary.
Emmy that is exacly how I felt sometimes. ” When will this stop happening” is something I told myself many times.
and lol, were all probably gonna get sleep paralyis tongiht from reading and writing all this
Forgot to meantion that some of these could be physically painful

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Emmy [Redux]

Yeah, it’s happened a bunch of times. I don’t remember it that well, but I’m pretty sure didn’t feel out of body, I just had a general ominous feeling but I couldn’t move or scream no matter how much I would try.
I think one or two nights I hallucinated/dreamed some dark figure was coming towards me and I was essentially stuck to my bed and every time the figure was just close enough to hurt me or whatever, I would jerk out of it.

Oh, and mine were also at really short intervals, several times a night, which absolutely sucked– I always felt so horrible the next morning.

It was really, really scary at first, but after a while I began to recognize it for what it was and the figure began looking more and more amorphous, almost just like darkness moving towards me, and less like a figure. It wasn’t as scary by that time, just really miserable and frustrating. I would just be desperately thinking, “when is this going to stop happening, why can’t I just go to sleep?”
It’s kind of crazy how vividly it’s coming back to me, now that I’m really trying to remember it. It hasn’t happened in over a year now– and really only happened during one of the most stressful years of my life.

Haha, I was JUST thinking about that. I was like “oh no, brain, screw you– don’t get any ideas and start doing this to me again.”
I so feel like mine were physically painful, but in a strained, exhausting sort of way. Like, I feel like I remember my neck felt sore from trying desperately to lift it up. I can’t remember if it actually was sore, though, or if I was just exhausted.

Just Call Me Apple

I had this happen to me often as a child. There have been isolated episodes as an adult. I still feel there is a spiritual quality about it. When I was a kid, it didn’t scare me, but as an adult, knowing it wasn’t normal, it terrified me.


When it happens to me I always end up making really embarrassing vocal sounds as I shake out of it.
I have been the source of much laughter for a couple of girlfriends.

Buddha is gooda

I try to use those instances to have lucid dreaming. Everything feels and smells and sounds so real. The topics of the dreams aren’t scary, but being trapped is terrifying. I also play relaxing music or nature sounds all night long as a touchstone. If I can hear them, I know I’m dreaming and it helps me wake up. Sometimes.

Rene S. tough like a ukelele

It occasionally happens to me. It is very disorientating, but when you understand what it is it’s not so bad.
Nothing to do with ‘Old Hags’ or demons or anything, it’s just immobility of the body that occurs in the transition from sleep to wakefulness


I had this for all of my life until I became a Christian at age 26 and I believe that the Lord delivered me of it. Sometimes I would be convinced that it was a demon in the room, and sometimes I thought it was someone breaking into my house. I do believe that it is something that is spiritual oppression.
There are many legends around the world about this. In Iceland it is called “The Old Hag”. There are even paintings from the medieval era about this. It is usually a person laying there and a demon on his or her chest.
Interestingly, though these stopped for me at age 26, I moved into a house with an old Swedish woman (long story) when I was 30, and she had her first experience with this. She was 93 years old — literally. I have no idea what that’s about.


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