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Sleep Paralysis vs Jinn Possession?

What is your opinion on the above phenomenon?
Do you believe that sleep paralysis is a mere disconnection between the brain and body, or do you choose to believe in the more supernatural aspect of it?
If it is more ghoulish than scientific and if there are any Islamic interpretations of it, could you please elaborate on my understanding? I’ve visited a few Islamic forums but they all talk about an evil spirit, rather than compatibilise the issue with science’s understanding of it.


  1. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis several times and I have read a little about this topic. I think the cause is entirely physiological. It’s really scary when it happens though.

  2. There are no relations nor any correlation. Sleep paralysis is a medical condition and not a dangerous one, though it can scare people. In most cases sleep paralysis happens only once or twice in your life, but can happen more frequently. It is a psychological and physiological phenomena and not considered a result of any serious psychological problems. It is considered a sleep disorder, where you are conscious and yet cannot move for a moment or two due to failure of sleep stages. Jinns on the other hand, live in parallel worlds and have their own problems. They’re like us, but not as resourceful, they live in forests and other abandon places and don’t like to be bothered. They are loners.


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