Sleep paralysis u can't move…I did so what happended to me, Demons, Ghost? Serious Answers only?

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The other night I woke up around 3am my room felt very weird like something was wrong. But I dismissed it, figured it was just late and I was tired so I hopped back in bed. I pulled my blanket over my head and closed my eyes, then suddenly I felt something on top of my blanket it was moving really fast. I assumed I was just having sleep paralysis since I believe I experienced it a few times before. I usually sleep with my blanket over head so this time I told myself I was going to prove that nothing is there and this is just paralysis. I felt like I was being held down…so I was pushing to lift the blanket and I finally moved it enough to see a hand trying to pull the blanket back over me…that hand scared the living crap out of me so I quickly gave up at trying to move the blanket any further. So now Im very confused…sleep paralysis u can’t move ur bodies, sleep. But yet I was able to move my hands to move the blanket…what is this please answers thoughts from a scientific angle or religious, or paranormal…but please be serious

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Pangel - sending you love

with sleep paralysis , it is your torso that is paralysed
your feet , neck upwards , hands and genitals are not
this actually explains ” mens problems ” during sleep
as the blood flow to those areas are greater during REM
along with sleep paralysis there is something called hypnagogic state
this is just like waking dreams and explains things you may see , hear or feel during the paralysis


REPLY TO PANGEL- Your ENTIRE body is paralysed during SP you cant even yell, i know because this happens to me occasionaly. Scientist say by the time you can move the visons should be gone. IN REPLY TO THE PERSON WITH THE QUESTION- as far as something moving your blanket thats really creepy. I would suggest saying a prayer befor you go to bed, not to some saint like the catholics will say but to God, it,s amazing what just saying his name can do in these situations. I hope this is hepful.


It is a very well understood condition. Basically your body locks itself while you are dreaming so you don’t hurt yourself. When you wake up sometimes it takes a few seconds for that to wear off…and that’s all it was.

Please read this article it will help you understand how the demons work and what to do about it.

Lot in his cave

I get sleep paralysis all the time and similar things happen to me. However, because you are so close to sleep it is easy to hallucinate and see (and feel) things that aren’t there. Sometimes you only think you are moving, others times perhaps you can a little,
If it’s demons or ghosts how come they waited till you were so tired to make a (non) appearance. What was the point?

Tiedye D

You had a nightmare or you are simply a nut job.

Allie Q

One of the big side-effects of sleep-paralysis is hallucination. Also, if it were really sleep paralysis, I doubt you would have been able to move your arms – the paralysis affects your whole body, not just parts of it. It happens when your mind comes out of a sleep state, but your body does not. You probably just dreamed/hallucinated moving the blanket and seeing a hand.
Sleep paralysis gets me every once in a while, usually while starting new medications or when I’m stressed. The dreams/hallucinations can seem VERY real, and are usually frightening. But if you recognize that it isn’t real and all a product of your mind, it’s much easier to deal with.

Shaken Not Stirred

Very little is still known about sleep paralysis. There may be many types of phasis of this sleep disorder. I have suffered it, myself, so I know how real it can seem.
It is also possible that you only thought you were moving your hand.
If you were, again, we have no idea the power of the human brain. Maybe your brain did allow you to “solve a problem” by moving the blanket, but still had the vivid visions assocaited with the disorder.
I say, if there is something “supernatural” going on, tell the “ghost to prove itself in daylight while you are awake.
I am a religious person, and the occurances I have had are based on my religion and the fears that stem from it. That’s pretty natural.


sound like something ration of this.
maybe ur brain trick you sleeping but awake state or awake but dream like state. had it once or twice.
overtired stress?


I have had similar experiences that were very vivid and I have no doubt in my case I was experiencing the presence of a demon. I recall vividly something breathing on my neck, and in my spirit (not from my mind, because it came from within my chest area) I called the name Jesus, and immediately whatever it was departed, and I heard it as it disappeared into what seemed a mist behind the bed I was lying on. All the time my mind was alert but my body seemed to be paralyzed.
Since then I have become acquainted with the Word of God and teaching on spiritual warfare, and I have very seldom been troubled by demons.
Nowadays I trouble the demons more than they trouble me.
For good teaching try:


Yeah that used to happen to me all the time when I was younger. It is very scary because it feels like there is a malicious entity sitting on top of you, and it has you paralyzed with fear.
I learned how to beat it the first time it happened to me. I filled myself with anger to the point of it exploding out of me which would force me to jump out of bed and check to see if my brothers, and parents where all safe.
There is a ton of information on the web about it. It is also called being ridden by the hag. Or having a witch ride your back.
I am giving a link that has a picture in it. This picture used to give me the chills a few years ago. The reason it gave me the chills is that is pretty much what my mind perceived it to be.
There is a lot of science information on it, and doctors studies. It is just like religion in that it is elusive, and no one can prove what exactly is happening here.
Gazoo’s explanation is sound and valid. It is true to a certain extent, but it does not explain every situation. It could be that I have a defect in my mind, but anger always won for me.
I haven’t had this happen to me in about 12-14 years, and the last time it happened it was about 2 years. It used to happen to me on a regular basis only in summer when it was to humid for me to fall asleep easily. It did always seem to happen around 3:00 AM also.
I don’t know what it is it could be the Illuminati trying to steal your Khunalindi or something


I have had very similar things happen to me many times. I believe that it is a demon and the moment you are able to speak the Name of Jesus you should.
First, I am usually only able to think the Name, but in a few seconds (which feels like hours) I can usually at least start to whisper it. Pretty soon I am able to say “Devil I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus!” There is power in that Name!

Witchy Mel

I agree with Jenna’s answer. I have gotten very angry and have been able to come out of it by doing that. I have also called my shields up and popped out of it. I think that sleep paralysis is more of a mystery than those who try to explain it let on. I feel that it is a form of spiritual attack by non physical entities. Otherwise, no prayer, shields, calling on Angels or Jesus etc. would work. That being said, it doesn’t sound like that is what you experienced. Since you were actually awake, got out of bed and got back in, it doesn’t really sound like sleep paralysis to me.
For the last…almost 4 years, I have been waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes I have the feeling that something really strange is going on. Sometimes it is a creepy feeling and sometimes it is just a strange feeling. Sometimes I will look around the room and I will see weird shadows, squiggly shapes on the walls, sometimes lights and I will watch them slowly fade and then disappear. I thought that there was something wrong with my eyes but the experience always comes along with a strong feeling that something is up, or not right in my room. Also, I only see these things when I wake up in the middle of the night, never when I wake up in the morning.
If I were you, the next time you feel that way, call on Archangel Michael and ask him to remove all negative entities and energies from yourself, your room and your home. Whether you are right or wrong about there something there really doesn’t matter. If you are right then it will be gotten rid of. If you are wrong, then Archangel Michael will send you energy to calm your fears. Either way, it will help you.
I am under the impression that there is a whole lot of activity in the spiritual realm right now and the veil between our world and the spiritual world is very thin. We are living in strange times right now.
Oh and BTW, the entity that bothered you probably had no ability to hurt you, most don’t. They just like to scare the crap out of you because they can feed off the energy of fear. Keep in mind that fear is everyone’s worst enemy. Always seek out a different emotion when you start feeling fearful or call on a spiritual being for help.

George S

You experienced a spirit, and they can often induce sleep paralysis. It is their way of getting a person’s attention in a big way. It will not hurt you.


How do you know it is a spirit.? I was not paralyst . I had a hard pulling on my blanket by my feet. It was so real and I could move. I was frozen with fear. Stayed awake for a long time . It was real,like a child tucking on your sleeve. I am still scared. I could move and was aware of everything .


Last night I was completely petrified. I was dreaming about me laying in bed just like I went to sleep, and I felt my comforter being pulled.At first I thought it was my son but because of the presence that I felt I was too afraid for it to be my son. The pulling got stronger and i began to pull the covers back up to me. Then, I placed my hand by my stomach and felt a grown up sized hand. I looked down and it was a big grey hand. I turned to my side and began to pull the covers over me but before I did, there was a word that appeared in front of me in thin air. It was a word that I didn’t understand, in a weird language and it was spelled with bones… in thin air… like floating bones that spelled something. I woke up on my side screaming out JESUS… I rebuked the dream and became calm and went back to sleep… this isnt the first time something like this has happened to me. Two other times i was laying in the bed awake and suddenly I could not move my body at all. It was like something took over me… Then, I began to make a humming noise but could not speak or move. My arms began to cross my chest and my face smiled… then i snapped out of it…. I need answers because this stuff is CRAZY.


I have had these type of experiences pretty much all my life. I know it can be scary, especially at night when there are no lights on..this really can let the imagination go wild. Sometimes I move and arm or my hand, but nothing concrete enough to call movement. I’ve always believed in mind over matter so after a while I started to play with the experience. First I should say that as a child I would have plenty of nightmares as we all do. No matter how scared I was I seemed to snap at some point in the dream..and attack whatever was chasing me. I’ve learned to accept this as an ability. Basically after this realization, truly I do not worry about nightmares and don’t have this issue anymore. Oh, I still have scary dreams, but I know I’m gonna win and just deal with them. They are more a nuisance then anything, like hearing depressing news or something. I’d much rather be dreaming of flying or naked women honestly.
So back to the paralysis. This is different then bad dreams since I can see the real world around me only I can’t move. In the dark the mind can create stuff, this is the same with dreaming and being awake at the same time. Creative madness in the seemingly real world is double scary. I use that ability I spoke of earlier to cope. Something changed one night when this paralysis happened to me. It’s quite marvelous actually. There I was, totally relaxed on the floor with my wife and roomate, who was on the couch. We had watched a movie and feel asleep in the living room..all the lights were on, and the fireplace was cozy. A very positive scene with no fear involved. At some point my eyes had opened, and I was aware of my surroundings..paralized once again. I could see my wife, my roomate, and my whole living room brightly lit. No phantoms or such..just me and the ceiling as I tried to move. I wasn’t worried, just experimenting with the experience. It wasn’t working until I tried a different approach. I tried moving with my mind. I imagined the movement..what it should feel like. Suddenly I came up off the floor and it felt almost like floating in a pool but with no water on the skin. Also my control was gone and i felt my person go this way and that. Then mentally, and with a little strain, I had the basic directional flow mastered. I floated around the living room and through the dinning area over to the front door. Looking around i saw my companions sleeping, although I cannot say I remember seeing myself, but I was quite happy and really didn’t think to look. There were windows on our door, not clear or anything but I could see lights indicating a car had pulled up to the house. Next a shadowy form come towards the door and as I hovered there at the door, quite close as if nose to door..I remember that vividly, a pounding series of knocks sounding right in my face, then a feeling of being very startled. Next I felt a vibrational feeling along with a feeling of being pulled backwards very quickly, and suddenly I was looking up at the ceiling. The loud knocks were still sounding only not as close since I was no longer directly in front of the door. I knew it was Sean, my other roomate, who had the irritating habit of knocking like a madman, and had misplaced his keys. I opened the door for him excitedly saying, “Dude I saw you get dropped of and I saw you walk up to the door!” He looked at me funny, and even funnier when I said, “Man I was floating at the door, while my body was asleep in the living room!”
Anyway..nobody believes me, but I’m not stupid and I know what was happening since all dreamy, lost in this shit feeling was gone…i was practically a damn scientist exploring the whole thing minute by minute. I don’t know what it means but this did happen, and it does mean something…

Donna Watts

you were astral projecting, and yes I believe you because I have studied it for 23 yrs.


i have these dreams all the time expericened all of the stuff that has been said on here…and it scares the crap outa me honestly…i started having them maybe three to four years ago and it started out once in the blue moon but recently it has been at least twice a week…the last one i had i had waken up on the couch where i was sleeping, and i couldnt move and since i knew it was one of the dreams i was struggling to wake up…i was trying to sit up but i couldnt so i screamed and there was this voice usaully its a very deep mans vioce but this time it sounded like a womens saying i will not see this dream and then i couldnt see anymore and i started feeling hands on me and it started to grabb my leg and try to pull me off the couch but i held on to the couch…all the while i was yelling at the top of my lungs finally i ended up jerking up and then i awake…the strange this is right before i have thses dreams i feel odd like there is something there right behind me watching me…so somebody tell me how thats normal…it seems whenever i have these dreams it something like that…the first one i had i will never forget because it was trying to do the nasty with me and i could feel everything…so if anyone gots an answer…please let me know

Donna Watts

You were astral projecting, I have studied it for years thats how I know what you were doing.

Tristan Wilson

I just had this happen to me again for the fourth time last night. So i started researching it. I would really like to know whats going on. If i do have an evil spirit in me or if my mind is just playing tricks on me. A lot of you say if you pray it should go away and one night in my dream i started praying and it made it worse! so i stopped and i finally could wake up. last night it wasnt all that bad .. i went to sleep around 6 pm & woke up at 3 and went to bed finally at like 5 am or around there and when i tried to wake up my back arched and it seemed like a bear was growling but it was an evil spirit, and also whenever i have these i try to wake up and i cant for nothing for a white. i also cant move. it was me and my boyfriend and i tried to wake him up while it was happening but my hand wouldnt move and when i finally woke up i was crying my eyes out and its so hard to return to sleep because it scares the crap out of me. i really am interested in how to stop it. ive prayed and usually that works but last night it didnt.


I have experienced sleep paralysis three times in my lifetime. The first two times were incredibly scary, I could not move my body at all; the only thing I could do was move my eyes slightly and breathe in and out. Both times I felt a demon-like entity come up to me and sit on my chest and try to strangle me. I also heard very loud buzzing sounds from all around.
The third time was while I was staying at a church camp, however during this episode I did not experience any demonic hallucinations. I was simply paralysed for about 5 minutes, and I couldn’t move any part of my body. Towards the middle of the sleep paralysis, I started to try and move my body with more strength. It kind of felt like I could move my arms and legs in my mind, for example I moved my hand up to my face, but I could not see it. I could feel it next to my face but it was still by my side. Also, if I banged my “arm” against the bed frame, I heard the thump of wood, as if I had really banged my arm on it.
What I am wondering is, did the fact that I was at a church camp & surrounded by God and other christians prevent the demon?
And if not, is there a scientific explanation for why you might not actually see any hallucinations? I am 100% sure I wasn’t dreaming. I know it was SP


Hey man my names Andrew. Well first off I’d like to tell you if you wake up at 3 a.m. That is the devils hour when he comes out of hell and tortues people and scares them to death for an hour. I really think you should visit a Christian church and ask a pastor to pray for you. Tell him about you waking up at 3am and seeing things in your room moving around and things holding you down. Also that you see hands trying to cover you. That has nothing to fo with paralysis. That is the devil’s demons attacking you themselves man. Call into Jesus’ name and He will come at protect you ask Him to be your Savior, go to church, pray, and read the bible you’ll find out about what demons are capable of. I will keep you in my prayers man. God Bless You Brother 🙂


You’re so correct. Just happened to me last night..woke up finally at 3am. Scary. Been attacked once previously. In my sleep it dragged me across house. I said in the name of lord jesus christ and it stopped. It dragged me under my computer (that time, in the dream) computer portal to hell? My gf was watching American horror stories that night. I told her to turn that crap off there’s demons attacking me. Anyways. It usually drawls me to the same bedroom or happens in this bedroom.


I woke up, or at least thought I was awake and there was a tugging, or pulling at the sheets on my bed. There was also a feeling like how it is when a cat or dog has been on your lap for a while. I couldn’t move so I began to pray to Christ and slowly my body began to lighten, and the tugging stopped. At this point I was awake. I’m guessing this was paralysis as I have read on these pages. The good thing is I was not afraid, I just instinctively knew what to do.


Praying for you. Jesus is King


I just had this happen to me to wake up on my back with the covers over my head i also cant move. i felt something walking around me in the bed,, but nothing on top of me could this be the same thing the other guys are talking about. when i finally woke up i was crying my eyes out and its so hard to return to sleep because it scares the crap out of me. i really am interested in how to stop it. I prayed and started asking God what was going on is it the way that i’m living my life. I was so scared I was even thinking about killing my self I don’t want to go back to sleep……………..


I see black shadows in my room I know it’s real once I heard a crow also evreytime my bedroom door is closed n it’s late in the night things get crazy it’s like I’m being taken advantage of but there also telling me things. It’s to creapy and happens a lot I feel some power flowing threw my veins n almost feels like I’m chooseing between good n evil n as fast as I put god in my mind it almost disappears rapidly but it feels like I’m getting rapped


Warning this is not SP we are in the spirit realm. This is a demon or a bad spirit that is haunting you. It happens to me so offend and I give up myself to it and now it’s not only just make me can’t love and scream it actually hurting me now. First it scratch my chest and I can feel it’s five finger on me second it squeezed my left ball and the last time my shoulder. Do not let yourself to it or it will take control over. I’ve been slept on the coach every since then and still now for two years now its the only place I feel safe and release. It’s a warning from me to all of those who is effected. Don’t make a mistake like I did. Take care and good luck.


I had the same thing happen to me. I was asleep in my bedroom early hours, i was half awake, half asleep feeling uncomfortable. I wanted to move my covers to get more comfortable when i realised that i couldn’t for some reason. Feeling more uncomfortable i started to feel what i thought was a cat on my chest. It moved slowly over my chest and started to feel heavier then I remembered that we didn’t have a cat. I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. I started to panic and then noticed that i couldn’t move. It felt like something else was trying to get control. i was terrified. I also prayed in my mind and decided with will power to get control and it worked. I didn’t return to the room for two weeks. The experience repeated itself in the same house one afternoon when i fell asleep on the couch. The real punchline to this story is that over 20 years later (I’m now in my 40’s) i heard a friend of mine talking to others about a strange experience she’d had staying at the same house years later. She didn’t know about mine. When she separated from her husband my parents gave her somewhere to stay and she slept in my old bedroom. She had exactly the same experiences as me in that bedroom save for the fact that they repeated each night that she was there. she hasn’t had that experience anywhere else. this information seems to confirm that there is something paranormal going on there


on several occasions this has happened to me I cant move or speak and can hardly breathe, I can see the blankets being pulled off of me or over my head, I have heard whispering in another language on one occasion, on another my hair was being pulled, not hard but a slight tug… I had an experience in Georgia also where my body came up off the bed completely.. never has this occurred in just one location. it feels as though a presence is following me.. Idk why. but in all honesty it scares me. im 8 months pregnant and a good friend of mine was murdered and his body dumped less than 200ft from my house just this past September and I think maybe this entity is visiting me because im vulnerable in my faith at the moment. but is it possible that Im haunted? what explains this temporary paralysis while being wide awake? why does it follow me?


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