Sleep paralysis to induce astral projection?

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Could somebody explain to me if it is more beneficial for me to be well rested or extremely tired when attempting to induce sleep paralysis? What I’m asking is, if I’m tired, would that help speed up the process of sleep paralysis? Or does it take at least 2 hours no matter what?
That’s what I’m trying to do. I want to lose my way and stay out of my body.

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Astral projection? You believe that, call me. I’ve got some great swamp land to sell you.


It always hits me when I am tired. When I am well rested, no sleep paralysis at all. When I am tired, it is almost guaranteed.


Sounds like you’re trying to force your body to do something it’s not supposed to do.
Do you really think that’s smart?

Loki Spákona Dóttir, Myrkr

I’d say it doesn’t matter. If you’re awake, it may take longer, but you’re in control. Tired, you might just doze off, and that’s the end of it.
– 16 yo Pagan

chris j

why use the sleep paralysis technique, it is hard to get right and not always effective.
i would reccoment one of the many meditation techniques.
but to answer your question fairly. sleep paralysis seems to happen when woken up durring REM sleep. so i would suggest that you sleep as normal but work on a trigger to wake you when you ahve reached a dream like state.
a red light rigged to a slow strobe set to a certain time should do the trick.
have you studied Astral Projection and are you familiar with the ways to get back to your body if you become lost? if not please think about it and gain all the info that you can first.

Gothic Shadow

I think being tired is better because the body is easier to relax.


Relaxed would be a better term.As before you try this you need to be able to give your mind and soul specific directions as to what you want to accomplish while traveling.Sleep Paralysis is not needed . regular sleep works just as well as we all Astral Travel when our physical bodies go to sleep, but just floats around randomly . how long it takes depends on you and how long it takes you to clear your mind of everyday problems and stress.Practice is what makes the induction easier and faster.


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