Sleep paralysis & spirits?

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Anyone who has had sleep paralysis will know that it is definitely not a figment of your imagination. I get it bad sometimes and feel presences around me, it’s very frightening. I went to the local church today and they are coming to bless my house but I am just wondering why on Earth a spirit would want to bother a human, what do they get out of it or are they just curious?? What do they want? If it to upset people then why, why are they like this??

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Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ

Spirits don’t both humans.
Sleep paralysis has to do with your brain and being halfway between awake and asleep, not spirits. The presences you feel are constructs of your own mind. As real as they might feel, they represent nothing outside of that.

Atheistic Heart

Um…sleep paralysis is a product of your mind….it isn’t spirits or aliens or anything else that people can think of, it’s just that, sleep paralysis.


Ok I am very religious,
Even I know that that there is a scientific explanation for sleep paralysis. It has got nothing to do with spirits. What you see is only hallucinations. I’ve experienced it.


Sleep paralysis has nothing to do with the “spiritual” or “supernatural”. I’ve had sleep paralysis my entire life — in fact, I get it on an almost nightly basis. When it happens, I see, hear and experience all sorts of crazy things, but none of it is real. It took me a long time to realize this, because I know how real the experiences can seem, but it really is all in your head.


I get sleep paralysis too. Spirits aren’t really there, it just might seem like they are. I think sleep paralysis might be what makes people think they’ve been abducted by aliens.


Everybody has sleep paralysis, whether they know it or not. Plain and simple, its a scientific fact, that your body is paralized when you sleep. I believe in ghosts, but thats not what is going on here. If you feel you need a blessing, do it. It won’t hurt nothing.

Frederick Flugelhorn

They are succubus and incubus who are wanting to steal your energy from you by having sex with you. They have no life energy of their own so must steal it. Sleep paralysis is where you wake up and they are doing this, when they become aware that you are awake which takes a few seconds they fly away enabling you to move again


That’s how they breed. A succubus will take your sperm, pass it on to an incubus and use it to impregnate women. The child is a cambion. Plus the demon gets off and can kill you via exhaustion. On the other hand what a way to die.


You wake up semi sleeping and a shadow becomes your dream because you’re not quite lucid, you may feel or see it move, but you can’t move and can’t talk, and after a few seconds you wake up.
Sleep paralysis is common in teenagers or young adults, when you’re exhausted, and if you have narcolepsy.


Sleep paralysis does not involve spirits. It’s a normal thing that keeps our bodies from copying the movements we make in our dreams. Sometimes if REM sleep is disrupted, the paralytic state lasts a while after you’re technically awake – this is also sometimes accompanied by hallucinations that are part of the dream state.
There are various factors that increase the likelihood of having sleep paralysis:
* Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position (the few times I’ve had it I was lying on my back)
* Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation (ditto)
* Increased stress
* Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes
* A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.
The only effect having your house blessed may have on this is if it makes you feel more secure and less stressed. You’re better off regularizing your sleep pattern, finding out how to relieve the stress you’re under, and sleeping on your side. Taking melatonin as a sleep aid may help.
eta: I cannot believe people seriously believe in succubi/incubi.


Not in any world is this a spirit, a demon, monster etc etc
All that sleep paralysis is in fact a wild imagination which occurs when your brain is half awake, which allows you to feel emotions and imagine. The other half of your brain is fast asleep, not allowing you to move any part of your body, basically your’e in your imagination and can’t control your body.
What i summarise sleep paralysis in my own sense is that it is your brain forming images from past memories,,,you don’t see the room around yourself through your eyes,,,its an image from your memories….


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