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Sleep paralysis or paranormal attack?

Being paralyzed upon waking, being visited by the hooded man, dark figure, aliens. Many names, The witch riding your back, the hag…or can it be scientifically explained? Many stories, some think its an evil spirit, demon…
Has it happened to you? Opinion?
Sensation of being held down, feeling a presence in the room with you, if lying on your stomach someone sitting on your back. experience of mine and stories from other people.
Sensation of being held down, feeling a presence in the room with you, if lying on your stomach someone sitting on your back. experience of mine and stories from other people.


  1. Happened to me maybe 20 times during the past 4 years.
    It’s just your brain forgetting to stop dreaming after awakening the mind.. Or something similar.
    We can’t understand the mind yet, so no scientific explanation, even though several theories exist.
    First experience I had:
    I awoke, and couldn’t move.. I tried so so hard.. It was hard to breathe, I put up my arm really heavy.. And saw crystalline powder falling from it.
    Second experience:
    Awaking, paralyzed, with a person next to me, I try to tell them that I can’t breathe, and I try so hard to make a twitch or move or something.. Then finally I give up and close my eyes.
    Another experience:
    Being paralyzed, awake, looking at the door to my room, feeling something evil outside the door, can almost hear it walking up the stairs and being just outside.. The fear intensifies and as I think they are reaching for the door handle, I shut my eyes, and sleep again.

  2. some say its sleep paralasis but as far as im concerened its a paranormal experience there called night terrors and ppl see them maybe because their haunted or their house is haunted but you can get rid of them 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

  3. incubus or succubuc but i am told th esuccubus is a female and will nto attack me so it has to have been the incubus that attacked me and shut my mouth and was on top of me when I was attacked, it also attacked my voo doo housekeeper and she took abroow mand turned it upside down, but still got attacked.
    I mainly get attacked because i was sexually abused and the incubus is attracked ot me becaus eof it.

  4. Possible but it is a natural phenomenon that happens at night the brain induces paralysis in the body during REM sleep to keep you from sleep walking and similar ocurances. So if you wake up really fast from a vary deep sleep you may experience a full body paralysis for a few minutes while the brain boots your motor control back up. I hope this makes you feel a bit more confident but if not a case of bad dreams I would suggest picking up a protective talisman like a cross or pentacle something you believe in. I think some stones repel psychic attackers but I dont know enough about them to really recommend anything. Try a local metaphysical book store or such that sells stones they often have insight into the stones or perhaps picking up a book on it.

  5. U know what? Same thing happens to me and up till now I still wonder what was all that about. But, that only happened to me when I was a teenager after I played the ouija board.

  6. Wow i never thought i run into this question. I never really knew what it was called. But anyway i have had a few experiences like this.
    Once i was in my room asleep, then all of a sudden i felt like if something had taken ccontrol of my sleep and i felt terrified scared.
    All of a sudden i tried to move but couldnt, my body felt numb and i couldn’t talk just breathe. All of a sudden i don’t know if this was real or not by i actually opened my eyes to see this hooded figure it was white, it was stanging in the corner of my room. When i saw it i was horrified then i don’t know but it had control over me, it wouldn’t let me move or speak as hard as i tried. Then i heard all around my ears really loud this hissing sound or it was going like ahhhhhhh! but really loud……..
    Then when i tried to close my eyes and opened them back up it was on my bed side screaming really loud so loud that it terrified me alot, i don’t know what it was doing just scaring me and doing something with its hands. Inside me i prayed and prayed until my sleep paralysis went away. I woke up with my heart beating as fast, and sweating a little. I also felt really scared and i just wondered what it was.
    My second experience was the same, i tried to go to sleep and the more i went into a deep sleep something kept me pulling back into this paralasys. I fought back by waking up a few times but then i let myself into the sleep, i had my eyes closed, then i felt numb and i couldnt move when this happened it felt really horrible. Then i opened my eyes and saw everything dark in my room how it was but i felt a bad bad presence.
    Email me if you know anything about this.

  7. This is a true stroy and the people who told me this were female members of staff at a childrens home were I lived.
    When I was younger I lived in a house run by a nun and other staff. I used to dream of a hooded figure flying up and into my window. It would come toawards me I would become frozen could not move in any. I would dream I woke only to find I was still asleep sometimes 2 or three times. I knew I was asleep when the figure was still visibly in the room.
    The dream lasted for many years I also used to see cars moving slowly on the floor with bright head lights but moving with no life at all. I was scared to go on the floor at night so used the bed to get to the door.
    The hooded figure would use a power to bring my sheets down to the chest my arm would raise and IT woulld in a lifeless dead way tiggle me under my arms. I would scream out trying to move but couldnt move at all. I began to develope ways to wake myself like trying really hard with all the energy and going into a full on scream. I am now a full grown adult and I often think about it , what it was , what it represented was it my father who I did not know. Some aspect of me. I went to a reunion for the house about 3 years ago and I was told that MONKS USED TO LIVE ON THAT LAND many years before. I was also told that I used to scream out in the niight ; I tingled all over when I was told that . I was shocked to hear that monks lived at the house about 100 years before.
    The sensation of the dream was as if I was being controlled, held in place by the hooded person ghost (whatever) as a game for fun to frighten. At the time Dracual films were very big and it had that type of feel , but still it was very real. I still ask myself and the intelligent universe what that was all about. I get scared sometimes that I will see that figure again. I wish I could go back in time and try to communicate with that thing even if it was only a part of my own mind.

  8. I’ve been sleeping and all of a sudden i couldnt move, something was holding me down and i could barely breathe, before i was released I heard a bloody murder scream in my ear and then I saw a flash of red and when i came to, i was holding onto the side of my bed and i was breathing like i had just ran two miles. I’m pretty sure my house is haunted…or atleast that room.

  9. Pray to GOD Every Day pray when you are in those dreams i have the least 3 times a week i pray and when i pray the lord relase me from those dreams try saying these words the blood of Jesus i drink the blood of Jesus IT WILL HELP

  10. I saw shadow creatures (also hooded) about 3-4 ft tall whilst paralysed and could not scream. They would run at me, subsequently after my mum had heard a one-off poltergeist encounter of heavy running footsteps up the stairs when I was a baby, and I remember having these encounters until I was about 8-9 years of age. They then abruptly stopped. They say it could be connected to haunted geomagnetic locations ( we had a guy die of old age in our dining room), trauma, stress etc.

  11. I’ve had two experiences now, the first one i didn’t read into too much, but after last night i can’t deny something was going on.
    My first experience: Home alone for ten days or so. sleeping in my room, when i start to wake im paralyzed, and i hear footsteps coming up my stairs. i hear the door open and i hear footsteps. I try to move my arm that is covering my eyes to get a good look at who is in my room. I hear the footsteps leave and i regain control of my body. The door was left open when i know i closed it the night before.
    Second experience:
    I moved out to Arizona and am living in the so called Haunted 6th floor of Palo Verde Dorms. My friend claims he saw the ghost here once, but he was intoxicated so i don’t know if i believe it. However last night i had strange feeling and was woken by the sound of a scream and a feeling of evil (as crazy as that sounds), i tried to move, but realized i was in sleep paralysis again. next thing i know i hear the scream again and my bed begins to shake violently and i try to scream, but all that comes out is a wheezing moan. I can’t move my body and my bed shakes harder and harder for about 6 seconds. The sound of my moan/scream and the bed shaking wakes up my roommate, after about 3 seconds i regain control of myself. I ask my roommate what he saw and he said it was dark but it sounded like my bed was going to collapse it was shaking so hard. I was not drunk or on drugs, i was properly hydrated, well rested, i don’t understand, but this was way too real to just be a bad dream.


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