Sleep paralysis or other explanations?

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Sometimes I get really bad nightmares. I’m aware I’m dreaming and I try to wake myself up but I can’t. I hear strange voices, and see things in the room that are trying to attack me.
Once I was looking down on my own body from the ceiling and watching myself sleeping in the bed.
It usually happens when I’m extremely tired due to lack of sleep and then go in to a very deep sleep.
I’m interested to hear peoples views on this.
Thank you for all your answers.
There are a few I want to vote as best answer so I will let it go to the voters to decide.

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They are just bad dreams. Once your life stables out you will stop having them.

Anne : No approval needed

There is a kind of epilepsy that causes these and similiar symptoms, as well as sleep conditions. A sleep study and neurological make up just might be in order. It may be something as simple as seizure disorder.


“It usually happens when I’m extremely tired due to lack of sleep and then go in to a very deep sleep”
Thats the way the brain works, it does strange things when its not rested or shutting down, like seeing bright lights and feeling really good and tapping into old memories by seeing visions of people from the past

Sarah k

uhm maybe u have Insomnia or Paranoia. I dont want to offend u so if those suggestions do, Im srry! Maybe go to a docter? They should beable to help u. I feel really bad.
ur cute tho 😉


Hi, I get “sleep paralysis” very frequently and it is very similar to what you are experiencing.
The studies that have been done have determined that it is the mind being awake before the body.
This makes sense but the “evil presence” feeling cannot be explained (at least to me) with these studies.
Bottom line is that there is still more than we know about the cause surrounding this as well as what is actually “is” because it falls into the eerie phenomena category in my my book akin to the supernatural.
*edit* I’ve also had OBE’s (as a child) which I feel is sleep paralysis taken to Level 2. I’ve always thought they were related and finally had corroboration by a recent study done on the two that cemented my initial belief of their relation.
*edit* Duke, he’ll make up his own mind as to what’s supernatual or not, you don’t have evidence as to disprove otherwise…..please don’t listen to Duke


It sounds like you experienced an OBE (out of body experience) or you had a dream that was almost like an obe. There are tons of information on this if you google astral projection, but I find it really difficult to project when i try to. Most of my projection experiences are accidental.


It’s not uncommon. In fact the human body is paralysed when asleep and occasionally you can be aware of sounds etc while your body is still in this paralysed state. It can be very scary, but it’s nothing to worry about.
It’s happened to me by the way.


i sometimes get sleep paralysis/bad nightmares, espeically when i take long naps during the middle of the day.
it’s unpleasant, but not really a big deal. both those things just mean you woke up during a REM stage.
edit: please don’t listen to these people who are saying it’s anything supernatural. it’s merely an uncomfortable natural experience.


You are having a lucid dream my friend. I have the exact same dreams you are describing. I know I am asleep but I feel awake. I can’t move, can’t talk, nothing. The dreams always seem very dark maybe even sinister. I used to get them a lot when I was younger and it would really scare me because they are so life like. But when I did a little research and realized I was having lucid dreams I was able to control them. In a lucid dream you do actually have control. The next time this happens remind yourself that you are dreaming. You can make yourself get up and walk around (in your lucid dream). Once you get those dreams under control you can enhance the experience. You can fly, you can have sex, you can be a cop, whatever you want you can achieve through lucid dreaming. I know it seems crazy but look it up on the web. Do a little research on lucid dreaming. It really is pretty amazing once you realize that you are having a lucid dream then when you learn how to control it.
If you ever want to wake up from sleep paralysis start with your fingers and toes. Try moving them. Eventually you will be able to move your hand, then your arm, and so on until you wake up.
If you want more info shoot me an email. I find your question so interesting because we really are having the same dream.


In Islam, it is believed that when we truly sleep, our soul wanders around… So it is possible that you saw your own body when you were ‘sleeping’… It happens… Some people say it is scientific, but i say its both…. Once in a while at night,i felt like i was awake but the scary thing my whole body is frozen and it felt suffocating. The only thing that i remember is i can only move my legs.. 😮
Some of the religious people believes it was evil spirit or commonly known as Jinns which try to hurt us, humans… It may seem unreasonable, but i for one believe its true after having that scary incident….


I have had literally hundreds of these OBEs growing up. I never liked them and always found them quite scary. They started when I was as young as 3 years old and worsened in my teen years. The experience was painful at first but once I was out of my body, the pain stopped. I would wake up and not be able to move at all. Finally when I was able to move, I wasn’t in my body!!
My room would become distorted. Once there was wall paper on my walls and in reality I have painted walls. I was able to feel things like the light switch, but the light would not go on. There were also strange people or beings in these experiences. Sometimes the beings would take form of someone I knew like my mom and then the face would change and get horrible. I have floated many times and even learned how fly. I can say that the spirit is very fast and not knowing how to control the speed of flight is also very scary.
As long as I was afraid, I would get these. Finally as I got into my early 20s, I started to finally get used to having these experiences and decided to make the best out of them. Once I was no longer afraid of these experiences, they started to stop. I no longer get them really. Once in awhile I will feel like one is coming on, but they fade now.
The best advice I can give is to not be afraid of them. It’s the only way to stop them from coming on. Plan things you will do next time you are out of your body like flying and stuff. That takes the edge off and in time they will go away. But mine lasted over 20 years. Good luck.
PS. Intrigue is right about the evil presence. I always felt that too. Very scary. I would say that was the worst part of the OBE.


Nightmares and being attacked by malevolent spirits arise from negative karma in the mind, are not uncommon experiences, and are a more subtle aspect of reality. To think the waking appearances to our faulty sense awarenesses are the only reality is extremely naive and not very well thought out. The fact that many people believe the main cause of their happiness is external circumstances and objects shows how dense ignorance can be in relation to sense consciousness. Happiness is pleasant feelings – they are part of mind. Although external conditions are contributory factors, the main determinant is mind. That’s why people who train the mind can remain happy and content with very little, or in circumstances that usually cause anger.
Spirit attacks while asleep are often accompanied by the inability to wake up or re-enter the body, and the inability move the body once we’ve re-entered. In Buddhist practices there are a variety of things that can be done to pacify spirit interference. In my experience, the most powerful are the minds of love and compassion. Seriously! By genuinely wishing that the spirits have happiness and freedom from negativity and suffering, our mind develops power, spaciousness, and stronger coscious control in subtle states. Also, by actually telling the spirits how you feel, and conjuring up some kind of gift for them, their attitudes will often change. They will actually change by telepathically picking up that your intention is good, and the more powerful our good heart is, the more power you will have in pacifying them. In some cases, the spirits may be too powerful, so relying upon Dharma Protectors is 100% effective. However, in my experience, the Protectors will allow certain spirits to still do their thing so that we can train our mind.
The reason you can be above your body looking down at it is that the mind and body are not the same continuum. They share a very complex relationship with one another but they are not the same. Our actual body is a subtle body that is made up of subtle energy wind. Until we attain the deathless vajra body through training, our subtle body does not maintain specific shapes for very long. Hence the different aspects we take in dream, many of which are past lives, some of which are potential future ones. The deathless vajra body is the result of gaining full conscious control and purification of the very subtle energy wind through advanced completion stage practices.
I always say that it boils down to this: those who believe and train correctly and consistently definitely experience the benefits, while those who don’t, don’t. Many people disbelieve or disagree. More often than not it isn’t because they have good or valid reasons, but this isn’t what it really boils down to – a debate of views. What it comes down to is that nobody can refute the direct personal experience of those who gain access to high realizations through correct practice. You can’t refute it, and skepticism simply blocks you from gaining such freedom.
It is definitely possible to maintain full conscious control of the entire sleep, dream, and waking process. In dream, it is definitely possible to travel to other realms and universes, interact with all sorts of creatures, receive teachings from holy beings, multiply your body into many and be conscious from the pov of each bodies eyes and ears and so forth. Many practitioners gain experience of this. They are able to do many things that ordinary people think isn’t possible or is only possible in Hollywood films. They think its not possible simply because they themselves haven’t applied the effor to access such things. Their skepticism blocks them from the real magic and freedom. Highly realized practitioners can even consciously control the process of death, intermediate dream-like state, and rebirth. Some Masters have left detailed instructions regarding their next incarnation, then when their assistance go to the house in the named place, they meet the named parents, the named child, and the child proves they know many things they’ve never been told before. Masters sometimes even stay sitting up in meditation for anywherefrom 3 days to 3 months after their breath and heart have stopped. Their body doesn’t decay until they have ended their meditation, and this has been witnessed by many people including scientific researchers. Buddhists know what happens at death and afterwards, and have many reasons to establish it that are very practical. For me, what it comes down to is that I’ve been told I can attain a deathless body the nature of great bliss free from suffering, and I’ve been given precise methods and examples of it being the truth. In experience, we see for ourself.
One thing that I found impressive is that Buddhist teachings do not deny that people can take rebirth in a heaven. They do not deny Christians going to heaven. Where they differ is in their explanation of how such a rebirth is taken.
Buddhist understanding is that accepting Jesus into the heart is the main connection for taking rebirth in Jesus’ pureland. However, if the last gross mind at death is not faith, but rather grasping at the things of this life, or if it is negative such as fear or anger, the karma that ripens will not be a heaven rebirth. Faith is the pathway.
Ordinary beings generally don’t die with conscious control. Some people say we choose our next life, but if you can’t even maintain conscious awareness as you fall asleep or in dream, how is it that you will maintain conscious peaceful composure as your consciousness becomes more subtle, leaves the body, enters a fantastical dream world in which you cannot control the appearances arising, and into your next life? You won’t.
I have written this response to show the bigger context and use of such experiences as the questioner has had. I wish you well, and will do some recitations to pacify your spirit interference.
warm regards,


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