Sleep Paralysis or Being Attacked by a Ghost/Spirt?

Sleep Paralysis
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In the realm of the esoteric and occult, there exists a phenomenon that has perplexed and intrigued practitioners for centuries: sleep paralysis. Is it a mere scientific occurrence or a spiritual encounter with the ethereal realm? Join us on a captivating exploration as we delve into the depths of this enigmatic experience and unravel its mysteries, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern research.

Unveiling the Science

Sleep paralysis, at its core, is a natural state that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Exploring the scientific aspects behind this occurrence enhances our understanding of its foundations. Researchers have discovered that during sleep paralysis, the body experiences a temporary paralysis, effectively safeguarding us from acting out our dreams and potentially causing harm to ourselves. This state is believed to result from a disrupted sleep cycle, irregular sleep patterns, or underlying sleep disorders.

The Supernatural Encounter

While science provides a rational explanation for sleep paralysis, it often fails to capture the extraordinary experiences reported by those who have endured it. Many practitioners believe that sleep paralysis can serve as a gateway to the spirit realm, allowing encounters with ethereal beings and astral entities. Countless ancient texts, such as the grimoires and sacred books, shed light on rituals and spells that can be employed to navigate and protect oneself during these encounters.

Mystical Practices for Transcendence

Drawing from the wisdom of witches, shamans, and meditation practitioners throughout history, there are several array of practices to empower individuals when facing sleep paralysis or supernatural encounters. These rituals may include:

  1. Protection Spells: Tap into the energy of the Earth and invoke ancient incantations to create a protective shield against malevolent forces.
  2. Astral Projection Techniques: Delve into the mystical art of astral projection to explore the astral plane consciously and with intention, transforming sleep paralysis into a spiritual journey.

Shamanic Rituals

Shamans, with their deep connection to the spiritual realm, possess invaluable knowledge and rituals to assist individuals in navigating the realm of sleep paralysis. Incorporating these practices into your spiritual toolkit can provide a sense of empowerment and protection:

  1. Dreamcatcher Ceremony: Create and utilize a sacred dreamcatcher infused with intention to filter out negative energies and promote peaceful and lucid dreaming.
  2. Spirit Animal Invocation: Call upon your spirit animal during sleep paralysis to guide and protect you through the encounter. Connect with their energy and wisdom to navigate the ethereal realms.

Balancing Science and Supernatural

While it’s important to honor both scientific and supernatural perspectives, finding a balance between the two can provide a more holistic understanding. Recognize that sleep paralysis is a scientifically acknowledged phenomenon, while also acknowledging the spiritual significance it holds for many practitioners.

Bridging the Gap

In recent years, researchers have begun to explore the connection between sleep paralysis and the mystical experiences reported by practitioners. Studies have suggested that certain neurological conditions and states can induce hallucinations during sleep paralysis, blurring the line between scientific and supernatural explanations.

Sleep paralysis remains an intriguing and multi-faceted phenomenon, weaving together elements of science, spirituality, and the unknown. By embracing both scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom, we can navigate these ethereal encounters with greater clarity and empowerment. Remember to approach sleep paralysis with an open mind and a respect for the mystical realm, allowing it to unveil its secrets and offer profound insights into the nature of our consciousness.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

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This has happened to me 2 or 3 times over the course of a year, and it’s honestly scared the living shit out of me.
I was completely sound asleep, and then I was awoken by this horrible presence. I just felt like there was a very evil presence looming right over me. I was awake, but I could not open my eyes, and I could not move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I started to panic, and I remember telling my limbs to physically move, but I could not move any part of my body to save my life. Then I felt something pushing me down further into my bed. Whatever the presence was, it felt very evil. I just felt overwhelmed with fear. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.
Now, I’m Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. But I’m not one of those extremely religious people. So I’m not just some crazy person making up a story here. I don’t really go to church, but I pray sometimes when I feel the need to. And when this episode was happening to me, I desperately felt the need to pray to God. I was afraid that I was being possessed or something. So I started saying Hail Mary’s in my head because I could not speak. I prayed in God and I asked him to make this evil presence go away. Literally as soon as I did that, I felt something lift off me. I could move again, and I woke up, shaken. I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom for a couple of nights. I was seriously disturbed. That was about a year ago, and just a couple of nights ago, it happened to me again.
I just dont know what this is. I remember in my psychology class that I read something about sleep paralysis, but it was something that scientists could not fully understand what causes it. Was this just sleep paralysis that I was feeling, or was it what I really think it was…an evil spirt that forced itself onto me, and restrained me? It was the most scary, unusual thing that’s ever happened to me. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Does anyone have a logical explanation, or any information regarding this phenomenon?

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So I just moved in a new house and alone at that so my scare level is at a 5 outta 10….but since ive experienced this spirit trying to do what ever its trying to my scare level is at 10….I dont know what to do or who to talk to….but it all started when I was 15. Thats when I had my first inbody spiritual episode and it scared the shit outta me…ever since then every few years It happens some not so scary and then 2 so far that I prob should have had a heart attack…but anyway I been here in the new place for a month and about a week…now I been experienceing some stuff back to back all in this last week….I noticed when I closed doors shut walk off come back there wide open again…my tv had a small child size complete hand print on the front of the screen..I have no kids I live alone….no visitors since I moved in…..then I always hear someone talking low in my hallway…my dog barks and growls at the entrance of my bedroom door out into the hallway……then lastnight I fell asleep and right in front of my face I c a face of a young gyrl coming clear and clear then I felt weight on top of my back by this time im trying everything to move but I cant….I felt her in my body cause she tried using my hands to push me up off the floor I was so scared I just keep trying to move. Then I felt like the weight was slowly lifting and I jumped up scared . I was still sleepy but I could still feel her and it seem like she was still holding onto me cause everytime I took long blinds falling back to sleep I could feel the weight again so I got up and never went back to sleep….now I still havent been sleep and tonight I closed my eyes and I felt it again starting to happen so Im scared and fighting not to fall asleep….someone tell me something what helps you guys to sleep??


heres my story I was at work one day I went to the club the night before so I went to this hotel in the french quarters new orleans I asked my friend can he give me a room for two hours I went to the room when I sleep I sleep on my stomach I woke up in two hours I was on my back never sleep on my back I.went to get up I couldnt I tried to talk I couldnt I rember my grandmother wnt thru it I removed the broom from under her bed she screamed get the broom I went got it put it u.der her bed she was able to get up she told me the witch neex a broom to ride if its .ot there it will ride her


It Happens to me about 3 times a month….since age 5….now I’m 36…’s demonic….believe it.

Kasper Kirkegaard

This phenomena is called “lucid dreaming” it is very common, I have tried it my self a few times. If you are aware what is happening when it happens you can actually do allot of cool stuff, controlling the dream totally. But mostly, though, its just lying in bed and hallucinating. Once in this state I thought my father was knocking on my door and I couldn’t move to open it. then when I woke I remembered he lives 200 kilometers away.


Hey pple it also happened to me i was sound asleep round 3am till i hear something gettin on my back i tried moving but i was being pressed down then i started shouting the name of Jesus and it left


At 9 I was left over my grandmothers house to sleep over everybody turned lights off to sleep I slept on the couch I was sleeping on my back. It was evil a old lady white peppered hair was looking inside the window looking into my eyes I couldn’t move scream I told my self move your legs and hands I couldn’t I was telling myself why is this happening to my voice and body I just was paralyzed. Evilness i told myself years later why was this evil why couldn’t it be a good experience it’s either it was evil, or god send me a message saying we’re not In controll ..I never want to have this experience again..


This happened to me tonight. I cant sleep, nor do I intend to try. I was sleeping (I think), whenI heard my father come in the door asking me about something related to money. He then sat on the side of the bed, but suddenly went away. (I had my eyes locked). Then, I felt like a ..very blurry/dizzy feeling inside me, and someone sat theirself on the end of the bed. I opened my eyes, but I was unable to move or talk. It felt like I was too..Weak to move, to tired. And I was to say a few words, I was trying to call for my brother, but he didnt replay. Then I suddenly managed to get up, and I stumbled and felt around the room before going to my brother, holding his hand. Then it ended.


this also happened to me as well once when i was pregnant and the second time when my daughter in between 9 mons and a year old , and i beleive without a doubt why this has happened to use! first of all you must remeber all what happened and pay attention to this message or it will happened repeatedly to you intil you get it right!Now here it goes are you guys ready for the truth we’ve been wanting to know to stop this?!!!!!!!!! well here it is ! THE REASON THIS HAPPENED TO US IS BECAUSE THIS AN MESSAGE FROM GOD THAT WITHOUT HIM NOTHING IS POSSIBLE! THERE IT IS AND DON’T 4GET IT ! YOU MUST PRAY TO GOD YOU NEVER KNOW THAT ONE PRAYER MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE BEFORE YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TO GO TO SLEEP! SO TAKE COMMUNICATION WITH GOD SERIOUS! THIS IS NOT A THREAT IT’S AN REMINDER OF HAVING AN PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAT’S ALL! GOD BLESS YALL AND GOOD NIGHT!!!


The same thing is happening to me. When i was 6 or 7 year old. It is happening to me now i am 22. The same thing is happening to me every time. But i notice some points. When i am sleeping. During dream i can see any thing scary some time i see my little brother or some time dog cat. Coming toward me. I feel very scary. When i wake up. I feel some thing is on me. And pushing me down. Some time he push my chest or head or its may any part of my body i feel very bad pain in this part of my body. I feel very bad pain and i can not cry or even can not shake my finger or eyebrow. I feel just like i am dead. Some time i hear the sound of my little brothers play games. I feel that it is day time. But when i wake up. The situation is completly opposit or some time a little bit same which i saw in dream. Tonight the same thing happened to me. My grand mother is calling for me wake up. I can hear her voice but i can’t move she is saying to me wake up what is happening to you. Why are you crying. When i wake up. I feel easy i told her the same thing is happening to me just like befor. She think this is some kind of demon. But i don’t belive that it is demon. I also done a research on it.


that used to happen to me a lot for a year or two. So one night I decided to fight it. So I went to lay down then felt that shadow entered the room and jump on top of me. So I told myself to just fight it. So in me sleep I felt like I had put that shadow in a head lock and started punching the shadow in the head. I can feel myself punching something on the bed then it went away, so I went back to sleep and it happen again. I did the something again put the shadow in a head lock and keep punching it and again the shadow went away. I woke up shaking and scared and went to another room. I was scared to close my eyes. Within 20 min feel asleep. The best sleep I had in years. Since that beat down I put on the shadow I problem never happen to me again. From that time I haven’t been scared of anything or had any nightmares. So fight your fears and win the battle and you’ll never be scared again…its been three years since that happened or had any nightmares that I can remember. And I also go to church more often.
remember fight the shadow fight the spirit and it shall set you FREE


Bro same shit I woke up I could move my eyes fine I saw a shadow moving around me than I hear a high pitch noise and I couldn’t move at all my dog started barking and I snapped out of it


Last night was one of my worst night ever , I was not a sleep but watching tv I looked at the clock and it was 3;11 , all of a sudden i heard someone say hello i thought it was my daughter who was not home but then i could not move talk , and my eyes just started to cry and shadows all over my walls . I started to pray to Jah to remove this from my sight and it was gone . My dogs started to growl and would not leave my room . I got up and took my bible and opened it up a placed it under my bed , WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THIS NOT HAPPEN AGAIN ….. PLEASE HELP I DONT WANT TO GO HOME ,


I have a question..and I hope I will get a respond from someone.
I’m dealing with presents since I can remember .
Lately my health has went down hill..
I wake up in the middle of the night mostly always at three and I feel like I’m on the egde of dieing.
It feels like something is always waiting and surrounding me.
I always feel this ice cold feeling on it would lay on me.
In the beginning I thought I have heart attacks..due to lots of test all came back normal
Tho the attacks I experience feel like heartattacks
But they aren’t.
Is it possible that it could take ur life..?
That it would enter ..??
I truly mean my question.
I have not felt sercure anymore when I go to sleep..


I was just awakened by what I thought was an earthquake at 357am. And while I’m asleep and feeling this supposed earthquake, I hear someone calling out my name 3 times. I tried waking up and couldn’t. Finally opened my eyes and first researched if there were any earthquakes….nothing! I’m freaking out right now.


I’ve been going through this as a child am now 28. It started in my early teens 13/14, was scared out my mind slept with a cross every night because i thought it would help, i went as as far as tattoing a cross on my left arm but that didnt work. Its a horibble feeling. Sometimes when i tell people about my experience, they think am crazy. I go through this at least 3 times weekly,by now i’ve gotton use to it. I sleep with my bible all the time even when am taking my afternoon nap it helps alot. I decided to do my research because it happened today and its the worst i’ve had in a long really really long time(Came across this post and found it interesting). Normally i would beable to fight it off but today i felt helpless, what ever it is, it was really strong. I dont know what it is or what causes it but to me it feels like someone is actually choking me, holding me down, can’t breath, cant scream, can’t move, can’t hear myself. Sometimes i feel like am beeing lifted, floating or someone is moving me back and forth. I don’t drink i don’t do drugs, i say this to say everytime i tell someone about it, the first question or questions is do you drink or do drugs. I don’t like talking about it because it makes me feel crazy. I don’t go to church but i do pray everyday. Praying also helps me when am going though it, immediately after i start praying it stops. This is extremely dangerous. I remember this one time i almost choked to death in my sleep,while this was happening to me some 8 or 9 years ago. Was in the caribbean and it was hot we had to use a standing fan, which i left on full blast and it was also right next to the bed set in one direction. And my face happened to be right close to the fan while it happened.Omg this is the worst ever to this day. It sucked the life out of me, with the fan directly in my face on full blast plus being choked. Am normally a strong person and dont complain but this i had to thank God for. I felt death. I’ve noticed that it doesnt happen as often if ever, when i sleep next to someone. Sorry for the long reply. Just feel happy that i could finally tell my story. You guys are not alone.


The same thing use to happen to me, till I became more.closer with God and became Christian.. I had a friend who’s son was possesed about 6 or 7 months ago, he also had the same things happening to him. So on the night he became possessed he telling his mom that he kept hearing voices. He took a shower because he said he felt dirty, when he was out looking in the mirror his eyes were bloodshot and pupils were big.(BEFORE I GO MORE INTO THIS, AT THE TIME OF THIS HAPPENING HER FAMILY INCLUDING HER DID NOT BELIEVE, THE ONLY ONE WHO ARE CHRISTIANS ARE HER MOM AND DAD) So he told his mom and she yelled at him to go to bed this was around midnight.. then she said around 3am something woke her up and she saw her saw her son in the middle of the living with a blanket over his head looking at the wall. She Soured his name “JUNIOR!!!” he turned around and said mom I just seen the devil!!… She said “WHAT DO YOU MEAN U SEEN THE DEVIL!?!?!” Then she felt him and he felt extremely hot so she told her daughter to give him some ice, when she did the ice melted.quickly in his mouth. Next he started chocking and she seen red marks on his throat so she told her daughter to go wake up her dad, (the dad woke up very angery thinking junior was doing it for attention) so when she got her dad up and said ” JUNIOR WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING, STOP PLAYING AROUND”. junior is still choking and she tell him to call 911. While he’s on the phone with the dispatcher Juniors body goes limp then he starts making all the weird body movements and doing a upside down cross and speaking in Latin, in a evil voice he told his dad “YOUR MINE B****, I WANT YOU!!!!”.( THE DAD IS ATHEIST) the dad.not knowing whats wrong then challenges his son. Finally a police officer walked in asking if there was a problem holding his hand on his gun. Junior Ur then turned around saying” YOUR MINE TOO, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” AND HAD.A EVIL LAUGH… At the time of this happening my friend calls her mom and put her on speaker and she hears what’s going on and immediately she knows he’s possessed so she starts speaking in tounges and praying… Selena( juniors mom) didn’t knw wht to do so she got a bible n put it to his chest n rosary but without the cross he snatched it off his neck… The the fire department and paramedics came and tested him for drugs n he was clean!!! He was licking his own blood… Then he snapped out of it and said” MOM PLEASE HELP ME, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!!!” She then dropped to her knees and started praying to.God asking him to forgive her sins and to help her son junior and at that moment she felt relieved. Then moments later junior slipt back into it, so she had them take him in to the hospital to be observed., while he was on a stretcher he snapped out again AMD was crying to his mom for help so she told him baby pray to God tell him to forgive you for your sins… Then he started crying to God and asking him for forgiveness and to help him then he felt the most beautiful feeling ever and heard a voice on his right ear saying ” MY NAME IS JOSEPH, I’M AN ANGEL YOUR GOING TO BE OK!!” Junior looked around to see.if anyone was talking to him but no one was. Finally he was at the hospital being observed and then he said the most beautiful feeling came over him again, more beautiful than when the Angel talked to him he said Jesus was talking threw him, he was talking to the the nurses saying “I LOVE YOU MY CHILD, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!. PLEASE PRAY I WILL BE RETURNING SOON!! the nurses started laughing at him because they thought junior was acting crazy..JUNIOR FELT JESUS’S SADDNESS AS IF HE WAS CRYING BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T BELIVE HIM… So Jesus talks to him and tells him he will graduate and the thing that junior will do I life. Finally 2 days later junior was released from the hospital. He told his parents what happened l his mom was in aww. He wanted to stay at his grandmas house because was afraid to go back home, so he stayed with his grandma who is very much Christian and sooo devoted and loyal to god… Then after a few days of being with his grandma it happened again he was possessed so his grandma with the power of God casted 3 demons out of him, it was easy and not everyone can do it!! Now selena, junior and his sister are now baptized Christians!!!:D the dad is still atheist… U GUYS NEE TO PRAY PRAY PRAY BECAUSE THERES A ONGOING BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL AND I DKNT IF YOU HEARD THIS SAYING FOR EVER 1 PERSON GOING TO HEAVEN THERE’S 1,000 GOING TO HELL. I’VE GAVE MY LIFE TO GOD JULY,22,2012!!!:) IF U REALLY QUESTION GOD GO TO SPIRITLESSONS.COM AND READ THE TESTIMONIES THERES!!! IF YOU WERE TO DIE TO DAY DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WOULD GO??


That sleep parylisis is a bunch of bullshit anyone who has experinced this will tell you its not..the feeling of being pushed into your bed and being choked, and not being able to speak in my opinion is an evil spirit,and it only let me go after i called out to god three times, after the third time it released me..i was wide awake and completly sober when it happened and the force i felt no man on this planet could inflict, all i can say is pray before you sleep and when you wake up for yourself and those around you. its not the spirit we should be scared of i look it this way if that spirit has the power to choke me and hold me down till i cant move a single muscle in my body and cant use my vocal cords to scream out,and in a split second god can make it go away.its god we should be scared of,,we all commit sins its nearly impossible not to in this day and age,,all we can do is try and be better people and follow the path he layed out for us to salvation and eternal life.

chris m gods warrior

Iam 38 years old and now born again i have been bad and now good in my life for those who no evil there must be a god and i belive in he ! last night i was woken to go to restroom about 5 am and when i got back into bed it was hard to fall back to sleep i first felt a move or somthing down my leg kept moving as i laid there i heard my spouse dreaming and moaning in her sleep i moved her and tryied to wake her from the dream she stoped .I then layed over on my belly eyes closed all of a suden a strong sound nosie in my ears and i was pressed down into the bed with a over wellming force i knew or felt my self screaming out loud for my wife my eyes and body could not move i new this was some sort of attack when i got control again of my arms and legs then opend my eyes i started to cry my wife was starring at me and saying whats wrong you had a bad dream i knew it was not .I think they come when we get weak or close to being a sleep them being deamons i started to pray knowing this in my mind and soul i felt a lot safer .FOR those brothers and sisters who read this give your life and soul to god because if u are having these only god can stop them nothing is by chance and you are reading this now god bless in your life.

chris m gods warrior

god is very much real as these attacks are i have been good and bad in my life now at this time i am born again and fath in god is stonger then ever .Those that no evil must have faith in my lord so i ask you were are you now in this life were are u going ?last night i woke up about 5am to go to bathroom when i climbed back into bed i tried to get relaxed could not i heird my spouse dreaming and moning in here sleep i pushed on here to wake or move her she did not thoe the moning stoped when i turned to lay on my belly i felt i heavy wait and rumbling nose in my ears i tryed to yell and open my eyes call out to my wife she was woken by me moning and yelling i new i was awake my eyes were watering and could not move .ME being now close to god i felt this was a demon of some sort .I ask all who read this ask good to be your soul saveuer and to except him into your life for we know nothing happends by chance and those who read this must make the choice god bless u my brother or sister reading this!


Yall are lucky it’s only happened every once in a while for most of you. There was a time in my life that this used to happen to me every day more than once a day for months. It scared the hell out of me I saw shadows heard voices couldn’t move or talk it was scary
I would be so afraid and pray to god for help and it would stop. But one day I realized you can’t be afraid or it has power over you. Since I stopped being afraid and stood up to it I haven’t felt the evil presence but I still have sleep paralysis but its not evil just more bizzare I believe it happens when our body astral projects but when it does that our physical bodies our acceptable to attacks from negative spirits.


How do/did u control it?


This just started happening a couple nights ago. I was lying on my back and awoke to something pushing me into the bed. I could still move, make noise and just thougt it was the cat standing on me. I started growling and it went away. Last night as I was falling asleep on my side I felt something trying to push me out of my bed from behind. My wife has been dead for 5 years now and she did die in our bedroom due to cancer. I did see the,”Shadow People,” during the last days of her life. I have also witnessed other events in the past that make me a believer in the after life, but there has never been physical contact. I’m not afraid. I’m certainly not happy about it and hope it stops. I have been very happy not seeing anything for the last five years.


This use to happen to me when I was a little girl and my mom would tell me the devil’s riding my back and to plead the blood of Jesus, as I got grown it happen few, until about 8years ago when I met my husband and moved in the same city where he lived. I then begin to have those moments were I would here someone walking, or feel someone climb in my bed, I even was lifted out my body and seen people or love ones in my home while this episode was happening to me, I too research what was going on and although I was brought up in religion I said that it could be sleep paralysis, until one day I went to sleep and I could not move my body, something was pushing down on my chest, I couldn’t breath I look up and I saw what would appear to be demons they had eyes was black and had a grin on their face pushing down on my chest. Since that day everytime I went through that I could always see them rather in my bed on top of me, in my room and hear them in my house. And yes as long as I pray they would go away but would always come back stronger. I am now 30 and no I am not afraid same as we believe in Angels know that their are falling angels as well, same as we believe in good know that evil is always present and the same as we believe in God know that the devil does exist and always working to steal, kill, and destroy as many as he could. I’m not afraid anymore because I know nothing is greater than God and the devil must know that all and each and everyone of you has unique personalities because he continue to send his angels/demons to attack. On some days notice after these events on those days/nights when you felt they have taking over or defented you in the battle do you feel angry at your spouse, children, family, or love ones, do you feel depress and don’t know why have you every felt like you wanted to commit suicide, or was having a nervous break down, or maybe it did something wrong or hurtful when you know that’s just not the person you are. Those are spirits trying to take over our mind, our body, and change our hearts. So to all of you continue to pray let that evil spirit know you are not afraid because they come to bring fear and for those of you who goes through this often, don’t be afraid to fall asleep be ready and know that I’m gonna defeat you with a pray, a word of God, or a praise a song of praise or worship, the devil is not greater than God remember he was cast out of heaven and put where God wanted him.


I am only 13 years old and this same thing happens to me like how i sleep thats how im in my dream i cant move speak or just do anything! And i told my mom and shes kinda religious and she told me to pray the our father prayer so everytime thai happens that is almost everyday i pray but when i start praying it starts squeezing the back of my neck because while im paralyzed its always like hugging me and like touching me around my body and sometimes i can move but like super slowly like in slow motion and when i start turning around it starts squezzing mu neck harder and then when im about to see the face its like i dont wake ip but i do and im not paralized anymore and i start felling very dizzy and barely less than a week ago it happend like it happened everyday but this time it satrted chocking me and i was about to well die but then my dogs started barking and it stoped and i woke up gasping for air and like i said i am 13 and im scared and dont know what to do.


Today when i went to bed over my stomach, i felt as if a dark robe covered entity jumped over me, before that entity could complete that leap, i moved and looked around. Yesterday unfortunately my roof ripped off due to leaking of kitchen pipe in flat over mine and i escaped narrowly from falling slabs over my head………strange thing is i felt the presence of an entity in room right in front of me………….same dark entity covered in robe.
Not sure if that entity is evil or good however why it will jump over me ..??? Really need to get to bottom of this cannot afford to go to bed every night with this stress…………don’t think have done so wrong to anyone to deserve this.