Sleep Paralysis or Being Attacked by a Ghost/Spirt?

Sleep Paralysis
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In the realm of the esoteric and occult, there exists a phenomenon that has perplexed and intrigued practitioners for centuries: sleep paralysis. Is it a mere scientific occurrence or a spiritual encounter with the ethereal realm? Join us on a captivating exploration as we delve into the depths of this enigmatic experience and unravel its mysteries, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern research.

Unveiling the Science

Sleep paralysis, at its core, is a natural state that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Exploring the scientific aspects behind this occurrence enhances our understanding of its foundations. Researchers have discovered that during sleep paralysis, the body experiences a temporary paralysis, effectively safeguarding us from acting out our dreams and potentially causing harm to ourselves. This state is believed to result from a disrupted sleep cycle, irregular sleep patterns, or underlying sleep disorders.

The Supernatural Encounter

While science provides a rational explanation for sleep paralysis, it often fails to capture the extraordinary experiences reported by those who have endured it. Many practitioners believe that sleep paralysis can serve as a gateway to the spirit realm, allowing encounters with ethereal beings and astral entities. Countless ancient texts, such as the grimoires and sacred books, shed light on rituals and spells that can be employed to navigate and protect oneself during these encounters.

Mystical Practices for Transcendence

Drawing from the wisdom of witches, shamans, and meditation practitioners throughout history, there are several array of practices to empower individuals when facing sleep paralysis or supernatural encounters. These rituals may include:

  1. Protection Spells: Tap into the energy of the Earth and invoke ancient incantations to create a protective shield against malevolent forces.
  2. Astral Projection Techniques: Delve into the mystical art of astral projection to explore the astral plane consciously and with intention, transforming sleep paralysis into a spiritual journey.

Shamanic Rituals

Shamans, with their deep connection to the spiritual realm, possess invaluable knowledge and rituals to assist individuals in navigating the realm of sleep paralysis. Incorporating these practices into your spiritual toolkit can provide a sense of empowerment and protection:

  1. Dreamcatcher Ceremony: Create and utilize a sacred dreamcatcher infused with intention to filter out negative energies and promote peaceful and lucid dreaming.
  2. Spirit Animal Invocation: Call upon your spirit animal during sleep paralysis to guide and protect you through the encounter. Connect with their energy and wisdom to navigate the ethereal realms.

Balancing Science and Supernatural

While it’s important to honor both scientific and supernatural perspectives, finding a balance between the two can provide a more holistic understanding. Recognize that sleep paralysis is a scientifically acknowledged phenomenon, while also acknowledging the spiritual significance it holds for many practitioners.

Bridging the Gap

In recent years, researchers have begun to explore the connection between sleep paralysis and the mystical experiences reported by practitioners. Studies have suggested that certain neurological conditions and states can induce hallucinations during sleep paralysis, blurring the line between scientific and supernatural explanations.

Sleep paralysis remains an intriguing and multi-faceted phenomenon, weaving together elements of science, spirituality, and the unknown. By embracing both scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom, we can navigate these ethereal encounters with greater clarity and empowerment. Remember to approach sleep paralysis with an open mind and a respect for the mystical realm, allowing it to unveil its secrets and offer profound insights into the nature of our consciousness.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

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This has happened to me 2 or 3 times over the course of a year, and it’s honestly scared the living shit out of me.
I was completely sound asleep, and then I was awoken by this horrible presence. I just felt like there was a very evil presence looming right over me. I was awake, but I could not open my eyes, and I could not move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I started to panic, and I remember telling my limbs to physically move, but I could not move any part of my body to save my life. Then I felt something pushing me down further into my bed. Whatever the presence was, it felt very evil. I just felt overwhelmed with fear. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.
Now, I’m Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. But I’m not one of those extremely religious people. So I’m not just some crazy person making up a story here. I don’t really go to church, but I pray sometimes when I feel the need to. And when this episode was happening to me, I desperately felt the need to pray to God. I was afraid that I was being possessed or something. So I started saying Hail Mary’s in my head because I could not speak. I prayed in God and I asked him to make this evil presence go away. Literally as soon as I did that, I felt something lift off me. I could move again, and I woke up, shaken. I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom for a couple of nights. I was seriously disturbed. That was about a year ago, and just a couple of nights ago, it happened to me again.
I just dont know what this is. I remember in my psychology class that I read something about sleep paralysis, but it was something that scientists could not fully understand what causes it. Was this just sleep paralysis that I was feeling, or was it what I really think it was…an evil spirt that forced itself onto me, and restrained me? It was the most scary, unusual thing that’s ever happened to me. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Does anyone have a logical explanation, or any information regarding this phenomenon?

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This happend to me at more or less 3:50am on the 07 December 2012. It started happening to me also when I was abit younger. I always just prayed to The King of Kings and Lord of Lord, His name is Jesus, who came from heaven to earth to show us the way. Then it goes away. Mysteriously for the 3rd time in this year, I dreamt of being in a certain place and always alone, but this time in this dream there was an church event going on. And when it was finished I mysteriously locked the doors of this building. As I was walking and locking the doors, I came across this one wooded room that was some how connected to this building and when I entered the room in reality I was being paralyzed, I was fighting so hard to move and make a sound, but this time the stronghold was stronger then ever. I eventually got out saying that the BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST satan and his demons. A word of advise for the peeps. The Bible clearly states in 1 Peter 5;8 the devil your enemy prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone too devour. Ephesians 6:12 but your fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and rules and powers of this world. Remember if your are in Christ or born again you are a new creature, and Jesus gave us the power to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome the powers of the enemy. I would recommend the people that participated in sharing this testimonies. To get involved in God’s WORD. This should actually encourage us to know more about our saviour and Lord. I read some people were scared, remember God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of Power, Love and Sound Mind. So yes its freaky when these things happen, but don’t panic and don’t be afraid. I don’t think it will stop, but if the devil and His demons is after us, they are not afraid of what we are, they are afraid what we will be come if they just gonna leave us to fulfill our destinies without them trying to interfere. People we serve a God of Excellence, Deliverance, Power and much more. Move closer to the Jesus get to know Him as your personal Savor and you’ll see, things won’t always go your way but life will start to make sence.


It’s my opinion that these night terrors are the result of a demonic presence. They seem to have the ability to project a twisted reality that is accepted by our minds as vision, sound, touch, taste, smell… What they do seems to always fall right on the line between what’s believable and what isn’t. I’ve been terrorized my entire life, but as I have come to the faith, I finally have a means of protection. Happens much less frequently now, and when it does, I say the Hail Mary in my head for it to stop. Never once has the prayer failed to deliver me from my experience.
I wear a scapular, and keep several statures of saints by my bedside. Have a few medals too. Yeah, my experiences are similar to people here. These beings are far more powerful than we are in every respect by such a wide margin there’s no way for us to even begin to handle dealing with them without help. One thing for certain… Once you use the power of prayer (especially the Hail Mary) and see how well it works (even if you just say it in your head) you start to realize the truth of the situation.
I’ve learned to realize in these strange waking moments, where I may not be awake, but I’m certainly aware as if I was in a waking state… When I realize it… Sometimes I feel it on my back and shoulders choking me from behind…. Sometimes it shows me things… Sometimes I’m just running around in the dark trying to find even a glimmer of light… I’ve had such real things happen to me, I can’t be certain what’s being stuck in my head and what’s really happening. Again, right on the line between what’s believable and what isn’t. When I realize what’s happening, I start to pray and the torment ends abruptly.


Im 27 and this is the third time this has happened to me over the last two years. The worst was early hours of this morning, pinned down with someone speaking in my ear, but not understanding what they saying.
I would like to know if you are all experiencing difficult times, stressed, arguing with family members, etc? As this seems to happen to people I know when in my opinion are taking things for granted in their personal life!?


I get that to I just got it last night I fell asleep reading my book(p.s I am 13) and my dad woke me up to do dishes around 9 pm and I was mad I don’t like people waking me up when I am sleeping everyone went to bed cuzz I guess they were tired around 9:40 pm I went to my room and suddenly felt scared then I tried to sleep I kept feeling more scared then I fell half asleep then I felt like I was falling a bit then I couldn’t open my eyes nor move or talk I felt like I was being pushed down but after struggling for about maybe 30 seconds to a minute I could open them again I was scared but every time I tried to sleep it would happen I kept feeling more an more scared so I just got up and continued reading my book but then I looked at time it was about 1 am so I put the book down and turned my lamp off and I felt scared again then it kept happening over and over again till like about 6 am so I had no sleep I was scared shitless and I am scared right now(right now t is 7:51 am (yes I have school XD) I been getting these since I was 5 and I now get them at-least 3-4 times a month and now researching it and stuff I am scared cuzz I am terrified of haunted stuff. (p.s the book I am reading is The mortal instruments: vol .1 city of bones ;3 just for anyone that wanted to know not that it matters ….)


u just need to be more close to god..pray to overcome this.i also have experinced this and is experiencing…that;s a sort of satans troubles eventhough scientificaly it is sleep paralysis..we chrictians,,when it is time for us to be more involved with god,ths happens..i am praying for myself too to overcome is scary..


This has happened to me twice. And with prayer everything went away. But check this out. I remerember waking up around 5pm from a nap, I went to go use the bathroom and I came back to my room and as soon as I opened my door I saw my bed being lifted up from the ground. I dont know why this is happening but I do know that its something precious that most people dont see everything. The laws of nature were broken in front of me.


This has happened to me twice. And with prayer everything went away. But check this out. I remerember waking up around 5pm from a nap, I went to go use the bathroom and I came back to my room and as soon as I opened my door I saw my bed being lifted up from the ground. I dont know why this is happening but I do know that its something precious that most people dont see everything. The laws of nature were broken in front of me.


This has happened to me twice. And with prayer everything went away. But check this out. I remerember waking up around 5pm from a nap, I went to go use the bathroom and I came back to my room and as soon as I opened my door I saw my bed being lifted up from the ground. I dont know why this is happening but I do know that its something precious that most people dont see everything. The laws of nature were broken in front of me.


i felt somthing in my room then it pulled me an dragged me around the wall i couldnt breath or call out! i just remember waking up and my bed was ok it wasnt all messed up like in the night! about 10 years later i was asleep at my dads house he was in the other bedroom with his girlfriend and again i could feel somthing! i tried to move but couldnt it was like this energy was pulling me across the bed but i never fell out! i tried to call my dads girlfriend but no words could come out! slowly it wore off! its like both times i cant distinguish between it happening and ending! its just over and im out of it! i put it down to stress and night terrors! iv also had people close to me call my name when im like half asleep but they either asleep or not even there! fukin crazy shit hey!! its good to hear other people had similar expieriences


I remember having something like these about a year ago, i was really tired and sick on day so decided to take a quick nap on the sofa, next thing i know im laying belly down on the sofa, my eyes are closed but i could see *blurry* but still see and hear, i heard footsteps walking from the stairs to the kitchen and back, i think it was my mum but i cant be sure, i start to feel my leg rise in the air, i start screaming but no sound came out, i could hear the sound in my own head but i could hear nothing come out of my mouth, my foot suddenly drops and i start banging on the ground to try and get my mums attention, still nothing, suddenely my eyes start to open and im nackerd and sore, i ask mum did she walk through living room or hear me scream or hear my foot banging and she said she heard nothing, this only what i can remeber, when i try to tell people they dont believe me i dont think its happened since but im scared every night to go to sleep incase it happens again, theres been other happenings in my last house, i woke up on morning with a perfect circle of wet beneath me, i was completely dry, no scent or nothing coming from the damp circle, it happened twice, other one is i was laying in my bed about to go to sleep felt something on my legs, thought it was my dog so paid no attention to it, it started to get higher up and stronger, i looked and there was nothing there i just started to cry uncontrolably, as you can tell im am terrified of this kind of stuff and dread the thought of it happening again, im am catholic but occansionally pray, i did not pray on any of these occasions, any tips on what i should do??


The same thing happened to me last night. I was in a deep sleep and all of a sudden, I open my eyes I can hear everything around me. I can see my dog laying beside me in bed. Then i start hearing buzzing noises I try to move and yell but no matter how hard I try I just can’t do anything. It only happened for about ten seconds tho. Does anyone else no what’s happening or have an explanation?


About half an hour ago I woke up from a weird “dream.” Okay so usually I can tell if I’m dreaming, so when I’m having a nightmare I just will my eyes opened. So around 3:30 am I could hear myself saying offensive things to God. I start freaking out, wondering why I’m saying horrible things, and my heart starts pounding. I pray that I’m just having a nightmare, but everytime I tried to will my eyes opened, it felt as of they were already opened, like I was awake! I couldn’t move, or yell. I barely could scream& I called for my brother. He gets up, and looms over me. I can’t see him, just his outline and shadow. Then he starts choking me! I start struggling and trying to get up but I can’t! I try to recite a Psalms but I kept forgetting or messing up the words. Then my eyelids start opening and closing rapidly and randomly. And when the rapid eye movement stopped, everything was gone. The shadow, my brother, my paralysis. Everything. I’m sitting in the dark, terrified. I keep hearing random noises and seeing things at the corner of my eye..

beau brown

I have been dealing with this for 2 years or so. It stated of every so often, but now it has been very frequent in the past few months. Today an evil entity grabbed my spirit from my body, took me across the room and grappled me. I fought back and he left. I know this sounds crazy. I hope someone believes me. If anyone can help, i would rly appreciate. I dnt know who to ask for help.


I had many dreams close to these and I know it’s a horrible experience I always feel like something is holding me back or strangling me I can’t move, scream the only thing that helps is me thinking in Jesus Christ name let me wake up about three time s always and I wake up. Some times I wake up I’n my own dream and feel it all over again until I repeat the same in Jesus Christ name let me wake up. I have to pray before going back to sleep because I’ve had it happen twice in one night if I don’t pray!


This has been happening to me for about the past several months here and there. But I’ve been stidying it and it tends to happen when you think about it or even when you feel vulnerable. Well a couple of days ago I fell asleep on my left side. And I woke up but I could open my eyes so I know it was happening. I forced my eyes to at least open slightly and at that moment I saw this black ball sphere shape go by from left to right and I closed my eyes to start to pray but I couldn’t pray it didn’t let me. Then I felt this hand on my back it was a scary grip it was just a hand on my back but no one was awake. Then following it I had a dream of an exorcism being made in my house. Then I woke up . That was the most depth thing That has happened to me so far.


Wow! The exact same thing you described happened to me. I felt a horrible spirit and I kept trying to wake up and move my body but could not. I remember when I finally started praying Hail Marys I finally awoke. I was not able to sleep in my room forever and I still get freaked out. That was such a scary experience .

Carole Reeves

This used to happen to me a couple of times a year. Then once or twi e a week and now evrytime i lay down. Not at night but during the day. I can hear everytbing that is going on around me. Several times i have gotten up, olened the doot and looked out at my son amd daughter. Then i went back into the room. Returned to my body. This time i couldnt move or call out….nothing. It wasnt that someo.e was holdong me down or anything like that. I do have something touch me or grabbed my foot. I try and open my eyes but i cant. Several timez i felt my body lifting up to the ceiling and spinning. When i awoke from that i was dizzy. The time j saw my son and daughter…when i woke uo and went out to them, my daughter was wearing and doing what i saw her doing when i was asleep. I asked her if she/they saw me or heard the bedroom door open and they said no that i didnt come out. How do i explain that and the dizziness. Mind you..i hadnt seen her at all that day. As i said…this happens everytime i lay down now. Most times im afraid. I see black shadows watching me and hovering over me. Yesterday…when i had this “episode” when i awoke i hurried to leave tbe bedroom and when i turned on the light i saw a black shadow walking past the closet door then disappear. Dont know whats happening, why is it happening to me and why all the time now? Nothing has changed in my life. So why everyday now?

lost prophet

My names Andre. I have been held down in my bed. Couldnt move muscle .i tried to scream for my father but my voice got cut out very quickly, then i saw someone in the corner of my room i closed my eyes and then. I prayed deeply to god and fell asleep some how. Woke up and i was fine. Until we moved into a new house and it happend again. SLEEP PARAlYSIS? HAHA no -___- NO SUCH THING! for those of you who dont know what it is i will tel the truth. DEMON aka FALLEN ANGEL as i like to call them. Theres reasons it happens. My reason is……. my dad killed people a long time ago and the demonds chose me as target for it! Very selfish of him. I still have dreams about my death and the death of family members that are still alive, i never sleep much and its been years … after it happend i told my father and he sighed then lit a very tall candle with sistee mary on it. Ever since i was never harmed again but him and his sister are into witch craft and i will never trust them….. but as for you guys theres a number of reasons. Look up ur family history!! Or the history of the house!! Do NOTt wait any longer OK?! By the way i was sadly born with a curse on my family name. Im only 18 and i want to die and get it over with but i will keep pushing in the name of the lord . ….P.S ( i am my father, he lives in me)


Yesterday as I was sleeping I had a dream that someone said to me in the room that the Devil will test me. Then I woke up during that dream at 3 20. put Holy water and prayed.
I took my medicines and when back to bed
Next, I dreamt that I was moving a car, that I caught a bee with red wings. The body was black with thick bushy yellow stripes. I think there were 3 stripes. I was grabbing it to drown it in water but it stung me before I could. I felt the sting all over my body and I heard someone say or was it me in my head, feel what it feels like.
Then I woke up. Shortly after I felt the pressure on my eyes, like they were getting heavy and I was trying to fight it but I couldn’t. I was awake and I was looking at the window. I started to feel pressure all over my body and then I feel like an evil spirit was holding me down, pushing me further into the bed. I tried to scream or move my body but he was holding me down and my mouth. I heard 3 bell rings. Then I started praying saying the Our Father. Then it went away.
I woke up, put Holy Water over the room again, prayed and quickly ran to mom and dad. We prayed. I tried to call u. u dont pick up. u dont call back. i am so scared. I slept there. Then I went back to the room in the morning. ate bkfast, cleaned and now I am searching on the internet to try to understand.
I remember I had this a couple years ago. I dream about a witch on my bunk bed. She held my my mouth and kept me from screaming for help. I was horrible


Today i felt apreasure like any other i knew it was going to happen but it was too late it always seems to happen wen going to sleep facing up…it got me by surprice i start saying bad words so it can get of n worked but then i got cocky n kept insulting i felt a heavyer n hotter preasure diferent from the test in this preasure i actualy felt legs on to of me it started to get really hot iwas cuzin n cuzin til out of nowere i saw a shadow of like alitte kid get close to me i felt n hot the chills n it was hot..i ztarted to pray but didnt know any left but i stillcuz it out because it scared me..i thnk im doing bad by cuzinh out..i think i should stop but man its scary ..its like i know wen its gonna happen


I dream a Lot and this am I remember trying to scream in my dream but couldn’t. I feel very fatigued today. I find this very fascinating. I’m not scared bc God is always with me.


pray for you not be afraid, wrapped up in white light. and know that these spirits are not there to harm you, they are looking for guidance because they are lost. tell them it is ok to move on.
this happens to me on a nightly basis, and ever since I prayed for white light , understanding and to take away the fear, it has been an enlightening experience


This happens to me quite often. Sometimes worse than other times. Sometimes i hear whispers in my ears and otber times i feel as im being lifted with out control. or other times i feel completely paralize and as if im floating above myself staring down watching myself sleep. Im 22 now and its happened to me about a hundred toes so.ce i was about 13 years old. In my opinion i think its a spirit that your bpdhasnt let go of. The spirit fallows you and its up to you to find out if its a good spirit with good intentions, or if its a bad spirit who is angry a themselves and is trying to drag you down with them.


A similar event happened to me last night while i was sleeping. I felt this sinking helpless feeling followed by a sence of fallinga chill came over me. Then I felt hands big hands around my neck choking me. I tried with everything I am to open my eyes but I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I said in my head I can’t breath u r choking me it suddenly stopped I immed woke. This happens to me on occasion most of the time I can feel as if someone just sat on my bed but no one is there again I will feel a cool sence come over me at those times. I can’t explain this and it freaks me out. Any ideas??


this happened to me this morning. I was sooooo scared. it happened at around 5:14am. I dreamt that a man jumped out from behind my door and told me to remember he was watching me and i laughed cause in my dream, i was familiar with him. I don’t know him though. He then restrained my arms and dragged me to my bed. It was like inception, a dream within a dream cause shortly after that happened, i felt like i was being restrained. I tried to say let me go but the words couldnt come out of my mouth. I began to chant,’the blood of Jesus is against you’ in my mind until i opened my eyes. I was soooo scared. it’s 5:34pm and i dont thinnk i can sleep tonight