Sleep Paralysis or Being Attacked by a Ghost/Spirt?

Sleep Paralysis
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In the realm of the esoteric and occult, there exists a phenomenon that has perplexed and intrigued practitioners for centuries: sleep paralysis. Is it a mere scientific occurrence or a spiritual encounter with the ethereal realm? Join us on a captivating exploration as we delve into the depths of this enigmatic experience and unravel its mysteries, drawing from ancient wisdom and modern research.

Unveiling the Science

Sleep paralysis, at its core, is a natural state that occurs during the transition between wakefulness and sleep. Exploring the scientific aspects behind this occurrence enhances our understanding of its foundations. Researchers have discovered that during sleep paralysis, the body experiences a temporary paralysis, effectively safeguarding us from acting out our dreams and potentially causing harm to ourselves. This state is believed to result from a disrupted sleep cycle, irregular sleep patterns, or underlying sleep disorders.

The Supernatural Encounter

While science provides a rational explanation for sleep paralysis, it often fails to capture the extraordinary experiences reported by those who have endured it. Many practitioners believe that sleep paralysis can serve as a gateway to the spirit realm, allowing encounters with ethereal beings and astral entities. Countless ancient texts, such as the grimoires and sacred books, shed light on rituals and spells that can be employed to navigate and protect oneself during these encounters.

Mystical Practices for Transcendence

Drawing from the wisdom of witches, shamans, and meditation practitioners throughout history, there are several array of practices to empower individuals when facing sleep paralysis or supernatural encounters. These rituals may include:

  1. Protection Spells: Tap into the energy of the Earth and invoke ancient incantations to create a protective shield against malevolent forces.
  2. Astral Projection Techniques: Delve into the mystical art of astral projection to explore the astral plane consciously and with intention, transforming sleep paralysis into a spiritual journey.

Shamanic Rituals

Shamans, with their deep connection to the spiritual realm, possess invaluable knowledge and rituals to assist individuals in navigating the realm of sleep paralysis. Incorporating these practices into your spiritual toolkit can provide a sense of empowerment and protection:

  1. Dreamcatcher Ceremony: Create and utilize a sacred dreamcatcher infused with intention to filter out negative energies and promote peaceful and lucid dreaming.
  2. Spirit Animal Invocation: Call upon your spirit animal during sleep paralysis to guide and protect you through the encounter. Connect with their energy and wisdom to navigate the ethereal realms.

Balancing Science and Supernatural

While it’s important to honor both scientific and supernatural perspectives, finding a balance between the two can provide a more holistic understanding. Recognize that sleep paralysis is a scientifically acknowledged phenomenon, while also acknowledging the spiritual significance it holds for many practitioners.

Bridging the Gap

In recent years, researchers have begun to explore the connection between sleep paralysis and the mystical experiences reported by practitioners. Studies have suggested that certain neurological conditions and states can induce hallucinations during sleep paralysis, blurring the line between scientific and supernatural explanations.

Sleep paralysis remains an intriguing and multi-faceted phenomenon, weaving together elements of science, spirituality, and the unknown. By embracing both scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom, we can navigate these ethereal encounters with greater clarity and empowerment. Remember to approach sleep paralysis with an open mind and a respect for the mystical realm, allowing it to unveil its secrets and offer profound insights into the nature of our consciousness.


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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your health, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

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This has happened to me 2 or 3 times over the course of a year, and it’s honestly scared the living shit out of me.
I was completely sound asleep, and then I was awoken by this horrible presence. I just felt like there was a very evil presence looming right over me. I was awake, but I could not open my eyes, and I could not move a muscle no matter how hard I tried. I started to panic, and I remember telling my limbs to physically move, but I could not move any part of my body to save my life. Then I felt something pushing me down further into my bed. Whatever the presence was, it felt very evil. I just felt overwhelmed with fear. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.
Now, I’m Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe in Jesus. But I’m not one of those extremely religious people. So I’m not just some crazy person making up a story here. I don’t really go to church, but I pray sometimes when I feel the need to. And when this episode was happening to me, I desperately felt the need to pray to God. I was afraid that I was being possessed or something. So I started saying Hail Mary’s in my head because I could not speak. I prayed in God and I asked him to make this evil presence go away. Literally as soon as I did that, I felt something lift off me. I could move again, and I woke up, shaken. I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom for a couple of nights. I was seriously disturbed. That was about a year ago, and just a couple of nights ago, it happened to me again.
I just dont know what this is. I remember in my psychology class that I read something about sleep paralysis, but it was something that scientists could not fully understand what causes it. Was this just sleep paralysis that I was feeling, or was it what I really think it was…an evil spirt that forced itself onto me, and restrained me? It was the most scary, unusual thing that’s ever happened to me. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Does anyone have a logical explanation, or any information regarding this phenomenon?

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I thought it was some kind of psychological things, but now i can say that it is not. This thing used to happen to me but i stopped and now it is doing me again. As soon as i start sleeping and feel like going into deep sleep, my body paralyzes, i can’t move it nor can i scream or make any noise of the kind ; since i am a christian catholic and believe in God , i call on him and the things that make me paralyze live me every time i pray. Can somebody please explain this to me. i want to know what it is really that happen to me. i am so scared sometimes that i think i am going to die.


after all this can we please get a spiritual guidance because this is a spiritual attack and i don’t think it because of sin.i myself am a born again christian,I’ve also experienced the baptism in the holy spirit but i also get this bad experiences.just to encourage,i know our God is more than able.




This is a response to the original post. Your description is exactly just what happened to me last night. It really scared me and the overwhelming feeling of an evil presence made me have no sleep at all last night. also am catholic and felt the need to pray, and did so in my head. Does anyone have any rational explanation to this?


I felt something hold me down while I was asleep as well but its force has became stronger its been with me since age 5 every time I move it seems to follow last month something jump in me and shook and I started and praying and it left me after 2 seconds… What is it?


Yes, this is evil attacking you. Satan does this mostly when you are sleeping because that is when you are your weakest and most vulnerable. Why does he do this? I don’t know for sure but he is an enemy to every child of God. He does this, I believe, because he is cruel. I am a very religious person and when this happens to me, I have done as others have done. I have prayed to God in my mind and the evil has to leave. One thing I can say, is that when this happens and I know there is a devil I also know, without a doubt there is a God who loves me. I believe we lived with God as spirits before we came to earth. Satan rebelled against God and took many followers with him. But more followed Jesus and came to the earth to receive a body. Those who followed Satan were cast out of heaven and denied receiving a body. Therefore, they are evil spirits who want to torment man/woman to get back at God and are envious of us because we have something they don’t–a body. Every person on the earth has a body and has more power than a spirit that doesn’t. So call on God and ask for help if this happens again.


Something similar happened to me a few years back. I was in my bed but it was like I was awake. I could like feel the pillows and see the light from outside lighting my walls up slightly. I like felt something weighing me down and then starting to violently shake me and lift me and I was trying to scream and knock on the wall to wake up others on the wall but it was like I was paralysed and couldn’t move so I was just willing it to stop and freaking out. It was horrible, I was certain it wasn’t a dream because it was so real!


I am 34 now n im still having this problem.the date is 08/11/2012 and it has happened 2 me again.i am still shaking as i dont knw how 2 cope with this anymore.i sent the kids 2 school n thot i wud hav a nap 4 a bit,at 1st i cud hear things then as soon as i nearly dozed off i felt something whoosh in my room n actualy sat on top of me to sit next to me but it felt light n i think it was a child coz it wasnt heavy.i could feel n sense something sitting next to me but i cudnt move or open my eyes.all i did was kept saying no no wake up wake up plz n suddenly i woke up n had a tear in my eye.ive experienced thngs before but this was somat new.i heard of sleeping paralysis disorder but i still dont knw why it happens.maybe im not sleeping enough or too tired n worn out but its affecting me socialy now as the only way i can sleep durinf day 2 even hav a nap is wen my kids r actualy in the housecoz it dosnt happen when their here only wen i am alone.


I get these only if i sleep on my back i dont know why! I guess im receptive when im on my back? Thats why i love to sleep on my belly lol. But seriosuly , its sleep paralysis mixed with a scary feeling and presence, yesterday I had it and i swore i saw a black figure crawling on me. It was scary. Hate that! I can see myself but not move. It feels like a possesion is about to happen.


I get these only if i sleep on my back i dont know why! I guess im receptive when im on my back? Thats why i love to sleep on my belly lol. But seriosuly , its sleep paralysis mixed with a scary feeling and presence, yesterday I had it and i swore i saw a black figure crawling on me. It was scary. Hate that! I can see myself but not move.

Esmie A

I had the same exact experience, you described exactly what i said, did and felt. i have only had it happen once.


I’ve experienced this, too. Since I was little my sibling and I have experienced all kind of weird things, we’ve seen shadows, heard weird noises, felt animals or people near or on our beds. When I was in college I started to experience these dreams or whatever they are. I was and still am afraid everytime it happens. I can’t explain it well, it’s like your experiences but in my case, something or someone takes my hands and tries to pull me out, they laugh and whisper or call my name. Every time it happend, they achieved their purpose, after taking me out I felt a pressure on my belly button and I feel like flying all around my room and sometimes they tried to take me out of my bedroom. One time I tried to take hold of the window. Nowadays, I still have this kind of Events. They don’t pull me out anymore, but I feel sharpened objects in my body, like someone stabbing me or something; I just can’t explain it well. I read about sleep paralysis and I learnt that if I tried to move my fist and immediatily stand up, it will stop. Now, I’m 36, I still have these episodes, they don’t happen so often, but what I found weird or abnormal is that it always always happens at 3 am. Even now, I rather stay awake till 4 am if I don’t get sleep before 3 am. Sorry about my writing, my native language is spanish, if you have any suggestions or answers, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

cody moser

had a dreakm about this girl telling me that this girl i know cant be there, and im frantically asking why not and shes franticlly telling me for some policy and then wat freaked me out was that she told me to read my wall when i woke up as she was righting something on the wall then i opened my eyes felt really heavy and the more i tried to move the more pressure i felt on my whole body… i felt my arms and legs lifting off my body but i couldnt move them they were limp… i felt my body sinking into my bed,,,, i tried to scream but could only get out a little squeek,. after 3 or 4 minutes i could move again and felt my body lifting up off the bed and my arms and legs lay back down and i immediatly got up out of my bed and smoked a ciggeret and was going over that dream then i looked up at the wall and theres blue maker on my wall saying stuff about resisting temptation and to phisically run away from it … i cant sleep now..


It is Oct 31st and I just Ben awaken by this abnormal presence. My room feels colder then normal a lot colder at that. It is now 1 oclock. I have had this experience more then 4 occasions in this house but never as strong as it was today. It literally felt as of something tried to jump into my body and hold me down this time. I’m very scared my wife seems to brush this off. I don’t think she understands the full trite that I’m in. She should be being that its happen t her about around 5 times. I tried cicking and yelling but the presence was too strong, my body felt as if it was zorbing. Like vibrating in a low frequency to medium then high and over again. It seems to have left but I feel its still around. Please someone answer this……


I call these happenings night terrors. Ive been having them since i was about 6yrs old. It amazed me to find out that my father has them too but he describes them as a witch being on his back. Sometimes the demonic ora would drag me away into darkness and ide try to scream or call for help but nothing comes out or my mouth barely moves at all. Other times the ora or figure would be standing over me leaving me yet again motionless and speechless. Now that i am about 17yrs old they have actually changed. Now its eigther footsteps or someone saying things to me in my ear. I find it strange that each time it always seems as if im awake, my same surroundings are there and nothing it unchanged. I wakw crying everytime. SMH


This happened to me one time, thank God. I was in my 20’s. I was trying to go to sleep and all of the sudden it felt like someone had jumped on my chest, holding me down and chiking me. I too could not move or speak. It lasted about a minute. Finally it lifted off of me and I was gasping to breathe. My tougne was swollen and my mouth was extremely dry. I have never had another one and I am grately for that! It sounds funny but, I am so glad that I am not the only one that this has happened too. Good luck to all of you that this happens to!


This just happened to me, I was laying in my bed around 3pm, and could hear what i thought was my daughter walking thru the house, then when i tried to open my eyes i couldnt, my heart was racing, and I tried to scream, but I couldnt. I called a friend and she said she had never heard of anything before. its a very scary feeling. I felt like someone was holding me down… What happened to me???

kyle reynolds

this happens to me a few times a yr. and last nite it happend to me at 12:00 am. it freaks me out ive been doing research on dreams like this and came up with alot of the same answer. witch kinda makes sence in my life right now but as well im no very religious but i believe in evil and good spirits and god. at one time last yr i got them 3 days in a row. its scared the crap out of me and still does. i try to scream and wake up but it just feels like something is choking me or that they are controling me. the info i have found on this explains that “To dream that you are being attacked by someone indicates your character is being questioned. You feel the need to defend yourself. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be facing difficult changes in your waking life. Dreaming of an attack provides a way for you to confront these situations that you may be avoiding in real life.” and this was found on a few sites. even then i would like to know whats really going on.


The same thing has happened to me more times than I can count. I can only remember this happening at my mom’s house, not in any other place that I’ve slept or lived. I moved back in with my mom almost a year ago and happen to be living in the room that my grandmother died in, and many of her belongings are still in there. I’ve only had this experience where I feel pinned to my bed and can’t speak or move once since I moved back home, but while it was happening I felt someone grab my hand in a sympathetic way and stroke it as if to console me. That freaked me out just as much as the initial event, because when my grandmother was dying before she came home from the hospital, I spent a few nights sleeping next to her hospital bed. She would sometimes wake up suddenly and ask me to hold her hands. I think she felt that she was about to die. Several nights I wake up thinking I hear someone call my name when I know there is no one there or those who are there are sleeping. My boyfriend just moved in and he also says he sometimes hears his name being called. The voice is a woman and sometimes sounds like my mother. I don’t think the voice is my grandmother’s because she never called me by my first name when she was alive. I’ve had other experiences in that house that usually occur at bed time. I’m not sure what I should do. I’m moving soon, but I don’t think that will stop the name calling. I’ve heard it other places too. I really want to speak to a medium but I’m afraid of what they may say. Suggestions?


Something Very similar happened to me about three weeks ago I was in a deep sleep then all of a sudden I woke up lying on my back I just looked around the room then tried to sit up but I couldn’t it felt like something was holding me down so I tried to shout my girlfriends name who was lying beside me after about a minute of this I just felt what ever this was lift of me still freak out by it and would like to know what it was !!!


This happened to me at least 3 times. My eyes were opened and I was feeling pinned down and choked by strongs hands. I couldn’t move, speak/scream..


This morning I was sleeping and I can hear my boyfriend crying in his sleep shaking I thought I was dreaming and I watch him for a minute then I woke him and I ask what was wrong and he said nothing so I turn my back and layed down and suddenly I was unable to move and something was whispering in my ear but I called on yah and it went a way in seconds. I told my boyfriend what I just experience he said that what was happening to him that he was calling my name. I ask when I said what was wrong you said nothing until it happen to me this can not be sleep disorder not for it happen in seconds apart then to her it whisper to me


Same thing happened to me .. after I left the eye doctor (my eyes were dilated) I went home and fell asleep I couldn’t move or open my eyes I woke up at 2am and tried falling back to sleep I couldn’t until 3 I guess and I had woke up again but this time I couldn’t move but I fought it! I moved and flipped my self and kept trying to move my self and God had let my alarm clock go off that’s when I woke up and got ready for school and all this happened today .. for all u people pray to God and ask for help cause he will


Hi! This has happened to me since I was a little girl, I’m 29 now and it continues to happen. I don’t understand why and I’ve wondered if I have a disorder of some kind. Scientist always seem to have an explanation for everything so, why is it that when we pray it goes away? Also, it is very difficult to speak about this with others because they think you are crazy and tell you to go see a neurologist. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. It’s scary because through out all this time, I’ve only sensed and heard this presence and now I can physically feel it touching me and worst bitting me which was one of the worst pains i’ve felt. I will continue to pray and ask God to deliver me from this and probably go see a Neuro just to make sure everything is okay also. God bless…


This morning around @1:00 A.M on October 17, 2012. I was laying in my bed. Trying to go to sleep. As I was laying on my side in my bed. I felt I heard someone or something walk in my room. Which I was thinking was a family member. Checking to see if I was sleep. As Im laying there. I can still hear my tv. I can see the light from my tv. I just couldnt move. No matter how hard I tried. Im trying to speak. To no avail. Eventually, I get a instant message on my phone. Which was under my body. I felt it and heard it. Then, I was able to move. In which I thought I heard that something say something as it left. I used to have the feeling of not being able to move as a child. But, now as a adult. I never would’ve thought something would be over me. My grandfather used to tell me that the Devil riding your back. It would make me feel like I’m not closer to God as I should. This particular time. I didn’t pray tho? As it was happening. Maybe I need to continue to pray before I close my eyes to sleep.